A river runs through it paul and normans relationship advice

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a river runs through it paul and normans relationship advice

Sep 14, Eye Piece · Feast for the Eyes · Film School Advice · First Draft · Frame of Mind Norman Maclean taught at the University of Chicago from until , Craig Sheffer, Brad Pitt and Tom Skeritt in A River Runs Through It of fishing and showed up late with a couple of aides—but no fishing license. 58 quotes from A River Runs Through It and Other Stories: 'Eventually, all things merge into The river was cut by the world's great flood and runs over rocks from the basement of time. tags: brothers, family, people, philosophy, relationships. Need help with Part 1 in Norman Maclean's A River Runs Through It? Check out Here, a musical analogy helps us understand the close relationship between Paul never wants help or advice, and ultimately, Norman (speaking from the.

If, though, he pictures the round trip of the line, transparent leader, and fly from the time they leave the water until their return, they are easier to cast.

a river runs through it paul and normans relationship advice

They naturally come off the water heavy line first and in front, and light transparent leader and fly trailing behind. But, as they pass overhead, they have to have a little beat of time so the light, transparent leader and fly can catch up to the heavy line now starting forward and again fall behind it; otherwise, the line starting on its return trip will collide with the leader and fly still on their way up, and the mess will be the bird's nest that splashes into the water ten feet in front of the fisherman.

Almost the moment, however, that the forward order of line, leader, and fly is reestablished, it has to be reversed, because the fly and transparent leader must be ahead of the heavy line when they settle on the water. If what the fish sees is highly visible line, what the fisherman will see are departing black darts, and he might as well start for the next hole. High overhead, then, on the forward cast at about ten o'clock the fisherman checks again.

The four-count rhythm, of course, is functional. Power comes not from power everywhere, but from knowing where to put it on. So my brother and I learned to cast Presbyterian-style, on a metronome.

It was mother's metronome, which father had taken from the top of the piano in town.

A River Runs Through It and Other Stories Quotes by Norman Maclean

She would occasionally peer down to the dock from the front porch of the cabin, wondering nervously whether her metronome could float if it had to. When she became so overwrought that she thumped down the dock to reclaim it, my father would clap out the four-count rhythm with his cupped hands.

a river runs through it paul and normans relationship advice

Eventually, he introduced us to literature on the subject. He tried always to say something stylish as he buttoned the glove on his casting hand.

He was an Episcopalian and a bait fisherman. However, I knew already that he was going to be a master with a rod. Even at this age he liked to bet on himself against anybody who would fish with him, including me, his older brother.

It was sometimes funny and sometimes not so funny, to see a boy always wanting to bet on himself and almost sure to win. Although I was three years older, I did not yet feel old enough to bet.

A River Runs Through It and Other Stories Quotes

Active Themes Related Quotes with Explanations Despite their difference in age, Norman knows even as a young man that Paul will be an expert fly-fisherman. Paul always loves to bet on himself, an interest that Norman never shared. Norman suggests here that he and Paul were already largely themselves from a very young age.

a river runs through it paul and normans relationship advice

Active Themes The brothers already have different personalities before Norman starts working for the U. Forest Service at the age of fifteen, and begins to spend summers away from fishing. Paul had decided that fishing was the main thing worth doing in life, so his summer job is a lifeguard at the pool. He chooses this job so he can find girls for dates during the day and then fish in the early evenings.

a river runs through it paul and normans relationship advice

Norman is portrayed as the responsible older brother here, although through his summers away he begins to depart from the carefully constructed moral framework of his father, one that Paul continues to cling to. Active Themes The Maclean family is very close-knit.

At one point, as a boy, Paul wins a battle of wills with his father about eating oatmeal in the morning. Neither has been able to move past a wounded pride about personal areas of weakness. Active Themes Norman sees a large black shape rising and sinking in the foamy mid-current, which usually is too strong for most fish. He thinks to himself that this fish will now be further downstream than where he saw it, and he wonders where he can cast from.

Norman asks himself questions that seem as much about philosophy as about fishing strategy. Hope and Fear characterize these thoughts, and are in constant tension. Another Fear counters that the fish will escape if he tries to fight it downriver, so he should try to land it closer. The two Fears argue back and forth.

For this family, such emotions are embodied by and developed through the art of fly-fishing.

Norman Maclean, A River Runs Through It, excerpt

Active Themes Norman moves to wondering what the fish is thinking. Active Themes Norman casts his rod and immediately catches the fish and lands it on the sandbar.

a river runs through it paul and normans relationship advice

The fish jerks back and forth until Norman slices its head off with his knife. The fish is too large for the basket and, with its crustacean-like black spots, looks oceanic. When Paul sees it, he tips his hat to Norman in respect. Active Themes Norman watches Paul jump into the river and swim out to a cliff, where he climbs up and steadies himself to cast. Water is sliding off him and seems to make a kind of halo, flickering with the vapor rising from the river.

Active Themes Paul is relatively short, but has developed muscles specifically for fly-fishing: Norman watches the multiple rhythms: Around two in the morning, Norman gets a call from a desk sergeant who tells him to come into the county jail—Paul has been arrested. Active Themes The sergeant says that Paul is behind in the big poker game at Hot Springs, where things can get more serious than mere fist fighting.

The man had said it was just a joke. Norman asks what he does to help him, and the sergeant says he takes him fishing.