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relationship in Accel World is that of Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime, it is the Accel World only further reinforces Haruyuki's personal problems. Read the topic about [SPOILERS] Why I Hate Accel World on The second reason is because I can't bring myself to like the female lead, Kuroyukihime. when she was caring for Haru even while they (Taku x Chiyuri) were dating. .. but I'll take the time to address your other issues because I like talking. Accel World Stage Awakening of the Silver Wings . Haru is surprised by this and questions her on why she wants to do this as wired When they finished, Megumi and the other students asked what the relationship was between the two.

As you could see, Cyan Pile's color is located somewhere between blue close-range and green defense. Or, to provide a more "verbal" answer - Cyan Pile's colour is cyan, it is just that telling people to draw something "cyan-coloured" without hitting them in the face with a colour chart on a metal plaque is likely to result in them making it "something that looks like cyan" instead of the actual colour taken from the colour charts.

Or, in short, it's because different people see colours differently. According to at least the first five lightnovels, Cyan Pile IS indigo in color; any time his color is described in more detail than "blue", it's always indigo-blue, never greenish.

The Japanese-speaking author might just have been confused about the English words Indigo and Cyan. If this is true, then the author finally realized his mistake by the tenth novel in which the official color wheel was published. Looking at the colors on the wheel, the blue that the anime uses for Pile's armor really does sit between Blue Knight's shade and the shade of purple that Dusk Taker sits at the dark end of. Being indigo-blue also puts Cyan Pile closer to "mid-range direct attacks" Purple than "close-range indirect attacks" Green, which makes sense given the range of the Pile Driver and the Lightning Cyan Spike attack.

So, what exactly is the deal with all the hate on Haruyuki? Can somebody explain this better to me? Supposedly I can't say that for sure because I actually like him as a character, due to the fact that he actually gets a lot of character development in the novels, much more than your average run-of-the-mill protagonists it is because he is fat and weak instead of being just "average".

But really, it is because some people are stubborn idiots and love to complain about shows they don't even care to watch. I just thought that they simply wanted a tall-and-lanky MC which, quite honestly, is getting old. I also like Haruyuki as a character, if only because he's apparently going the Simon path. Simply put, he's ugly and he whines a lot. His Gonk-ness feels rather out of place in the show, especially since everyone else is drawn 'normally'.

He'd be a lot more tolerable if he looked like, say, Taku. First, as a bullying victim like Haru but for a different reasonI could tell you that recovering from bullying is not that easy, even if you have the most awesome support system in existence. It takes time, and you do NOT expect Haru to become super-confident in three seconds flat.

That breaks Willing Suspension of Disbelief. Because the moment you get out of bullying, you tend not to trust people, and you would think that people are kind to you because they want to hurt you later on. That's because Haru was so badly hurt from the bullying that he thinks KYH is just stringing him around. After all, what kind of gorgeous girl would fall for a fat guy like him? The kind that is actually over a hundred years old in mind but still years old in body. Noumi had a moment like that, too, in the final moments of his fight with Haru.

He takes Haru's claim that if Noumi had simply approached them openly and dueled fairly they would gladly have befriended him to mean they'd only let him hang around out of pity. You see, his emotional problems really fit the theme which the author is getting into, which is overcoming your emotional scars and turning them into strengths.

People that are too fat, too thin, or too hideous have unique emotional problems that only they can have, thus in the AW Universe, they gain Duel Avatars with unique abilities depending on what kind of emotional scars they have. If the MC was thin and lanky like Taku, then his emotional problem becomes much easier to solve because they don't have the burden of having problems with personal appearance asides from whatever else they have, and he would get a Boring, but Practical ability, and Accel World simply becomes just another anime fighter.

The plot would then end faster because it would only then deal about defeating the Six Kings with very predictable signs of personal growth not power growth on the MC's part. That sounds like a sick Vicious Cycle to me. Hey, I know a lot of MC's who grew in power and personality despite being thin and lanky, but that's a different story. Also, please bear in mind that Accel World is set in the future, where people worry less about lack of physical activity than we do right now.

I have no idea why no one else mentioned this but I guess I should: Ok, I can accept a guy who's fat and short to be the protagonist for the drama and development. There is also the fact that he seems to be the ONLY character like that, everyone appears average. Then there is the point, besides the bullies, that hardly anyone seems to actually notice his appearance or how "weird" it is. The thing is that he had an… uhum! Quite erotic dream to say the least of not only Kuroyukihime, but Chiyuri as well, and while he may not be dating either, it still felt wrong to do so, specifically it felt almost like he were cheating on Kuruyikihime in doing so.

Even though in the dream she had been more than willing to share him and forthcoming with her emotions, especially when she started to take off her clothes as Chiyu pinned him down… He shook his head vehemently at that No!

He would not think such lecherous thoughts of them, they were his friends after all, sure he liked them but he couldn't just think of them in such a way. I mean - good morning senpai! Plus I did not want Haru near that girl any more than he already is, that was the reason I was calling it off after all.

Could Kuroyukihime really have feelings for him that would really entice jealousy from her? It was just so confusing, why would someone as popular, smart, beautiful, and all around better choose to truly care for someone like him, in a romantic fashion no less! It just didn't make any sense, he had done nothing to be deserving of such feelings.

Why did she degrade herself to his level?

Obsession and repressed feelings in Accel World | illogicalzen

Was it pity like Chiyu and Takumo had shown to him in the past? Was it simply to feel better about herself? Did she hate how perfect she was so much that she decided to find the most imperfect person in the entire school simply to, for lack of a better word, "balance herself out"?

The biggest question of all that haunted him however was "Why him? It was a question that had plagued him ever since she had first come into contact with him and introduced him to the accelerated world So it was with a torrent of emotions and thoughts running through him that he walked out of the school grounds. He vaguely seeing Kuroyukihime from the corner off his eye as he walked through the gate, she apparently having been waiting for him quite a while as school had let out over ten minutes ago.

Maybe he was still angry at what happened this morning, after all she had just apologized for the way she acted the day prior only to act even worse right afterwards by blowing him off like she did.

She hung her head in shame at that, before gaining a determined expression on her face at that and quickly following after him intent on apologizing. After having walked a while in silence Kuroyukihime decided to take the initiative and spoke up. Truthfully her heart hurt to lie to him like this, but it wasn't like she could simply say "It's just that I am jealous of your friend and how close you two are to one another for her to allow you to do a direct link with you like that" yeah that would probably not go over very well, especially since he had known Chiyu for way longer than he had known her In Haru's mind there was nothing to apologize for however so he decided to address the issue at hand "I found out about Kurashima's connection to Cyan Pile" Kuroyukihime could not help but let out a sound of surprise at that, to think Haru had so quickly already established a connection between the two "R-really?

Sure she had been a bit difficult the last few days, what with her rampant jealousy and all, but it had not been on purpose, this all was something new to her. She didn't even know how to feel, let alone act. Deciding not to push the subject further however she decided to get back to the topic at hand, for now… "Do you have any proof?

Connecting to Brain Burst's matching server through a backdoor is unheard of, even to me. Why would he lie to her in the first place? The reason he looked into it in the first place was for her after all, the reason he was doing any of this in fact was for her.

Honestly she was starting to get frustrated at him, why couldn't he just tell her what was wrong so she could fix it, she hated to see him like this, she wanted Haru to act like he always did. You yourself can decide who you trust, the real question is do you trust me? I am just pawn, a tool for you to use. You can throw me away when you're done with me" he said dejectedly, he having come to the conclusion that the only possible reason she could be hanging around him was to use him.

He being nothing more than a mere sacrificial pawn on the road to her ambitions. She could only clench her hands tightly at that 'Why, why was he saying such things about himself. Where did these thoughts of his even come from? Haru was the sole stable point of her life, he was someone that she herself looked up to on a daily basis, someone that she cared about without a shadow of a doubt.

To see him depreciate himself before her like this was heartbreaking for her. She reached out and gripped his shoulder as she span him around to face her, surprising him slightly at the action "You…" "You're angry, right? Especially when it comes to you and Kurashima-kun" she said to him the emotion thick in her voice at this point "What I'm trying to say is-" she said as she attempted to explain her feelings to Haru before he interrupted her "Please…stop" Haru said pleadingly making her look at him in surprise only to find him looking teary eyed at her "I don't know why you go to such lengths for someone as pitiful as me, but it's painful to watch" he said sadly as he looked at her "What are you talking about?

That's why you're trying to degrade yourself by being so nice to someone like me. I don't need a reward, I'm just a pawn, a tool at your disposal for you to use. That's how you should be treating me. So please stop trying so hard to make me happy" he begged her, tears spilling from his eyes at this point. She after all had quickly without a doubt became the most important person in his life, for one simple fact, one of the greatest things he had wanted in his life was direction, a purpose, both which had been provided by serving Kuroyukihime.

She had recognized him as someone useful, important, she had given him purpose, things that not even his own parents had never even recognized in him, she had. Kuroyukihime however simply stood there speechless, not knowing what to do. On one hand she felt like slapping him for what he had said and on the other she simply felt like hugging him and telling him that everything was going to be alright. However one thing had become painfully clear, Haru had as little experience in love as her, and was struggling with his feelings with a lot more difficulty than her due to his insecurities, she was sure of it.

Yes, she was sure of it at this point what she felt for Haru was love and she was quite sure he felt similarly for her yet was struggling as much, if not more so than she did with accepting and understanding it. Tears streaming down her eyes at this point she redacted her hand from his shoulder and lifted it up to his face, as she rested it tenderly upon his cheek. This making him flinch momentarily before he re-opened his teary eyes once again and looked at Kuroyukihime, only for his eyes to widen when he found her crying with him.

She reached out and tenderly wiped away his tears with her thumb lovingly as a smile formed on her face, not one of her polite kind smiles that she had offered him before, but a sincere heartfelt smile that seemed to display to him a spectrum of emotion so rich that it left him speechless.

He now knowing without a shadow of a doubt that what she felt for him went deeper than pity, or self-hate. That one action of hers, of how she tenderly wiped away his tears - it was filled with such love and care that it made the things he had suggested that she should treat him as seem like near blasphemy towards the sentiments she apparently possessed for him. The car heading straight for them… Seven Minutes "Burst Link! The car stopping mere feet mid-air away from them The sudden transition blasting Haruyuki backwards into his Teppig avatar.

At this rate, we'll…" he let the statement hang ominously at that, like a guillotine hovering over their heads. He rushing forward in his pig avatar to find out who the driver was as he started climbing the vehicle "With the fully A. Are we being targeted on purpose? Had he targeted them because of what had happened that landed him there, well he seemed pretty happy at trying to run them over with a car that was for sure, if the psychotic smile on his face was any indication.

We should have seen it coming, after all you don't need acceleration powers to attack another person. A knife or a car is more than enough for the job.


You can't do that! If such a power exists, then I'll use it! Protecting you is my responsibility. It was all just happening so fast — their options being taken out of their hands before they even started.

There's a silver lining for me in all of this. Haruyuki for example has a massive inferiority complex, and while he wants to stand besides Kuroyukihime, he believes that he does not deserve this honour. Throughout the series so far we have seen Haruyuki second-guessing himself and also her feelings, questioning whether she can truly love someone like him, or whether she is merely playing with him. And yet he also wants to become strong enough to protect her, believing that by doing so he will perhaps be worthy of that place by her side.

Through all this we see the notion that he has to support her, in effect Haruyuki has not, and cannot accept the idea that someone as beautiful and powerful as Kuroyukihime can possibly be in love with the pathetic person that he sees himself as. Kuroyukihime is a character that is hated and reviled in Accel World, the great betrayer who broke the truce and attempted to gain even more power.

Her sole goal, her drive is that of achieving the mystical level 10 and discovering the truth behind this dark and foreboding world inside the game. She appears to hate and despise herself, suggesting that while she has a beautiful exterior her heart and soul are as black as the knight.

This attitude has worked its way into her avatar, a spectacular, but also fierce looking being with blades for hands and feet, something that was built to kill, to annihilate, to rule. Kuroyukihime views this avatar as the representation of her ugly soul, something that she never wished for Haruyuki to see, something that she still tries to hide away from everyone else. The drive for Kuroyukihime is to discover the truth behind Accel World, uncovering the mysteries of this game and why it exists.

To her this takes president above all else, thus her betrayal of the truce and beheading of the Red King. Her love for Haruyuki is in some respects tainted by this drive, going so far as to suggest that he should turn back, despite being the person to introduce him to the Accelerated World.

She wants him to be her equal, and yet is constantly in fear of her own drive to succeed, worrying that this will force her to betray him and thus make him hate and revile her as a disgusting existence. We are constantly reminded of her guilt at bringing Haruyuki into this sordid world of backstabbing and constant challenge; she worries that he will come to hate her once he has learned of her true nature, as she perceives it.

Kuroyukihime is far from free as her butterfly avatar may suggest, she is in fact chained to the game, constantly pushing forward into the darkness to discover what lies on the other side.

This motif has been used specifically in the ending sequences, with Kuroyukihime literally chained up, unable to move while her butterfly avatar disappears with Haruyuki in her arms.

In this respect the game has consumed her, and the draw of the virtual world has in many respects overridden the life she currently lives, taking over every waking hour and her fear is that the same will happen to Haruyuki, and worse, she will be the person responsible.

There is a sense of helplessness about her character, partly shown through her desperate attempts to conceal certain horrible truths about what she has done from Haruyuki. In many respects Kuroyukihime has become a prisoner of the Accel World, constantly pushing towards achieving her goals or die trying. Her fear therefore is that such a goal will break up her relationship with Haruyuki, and that his goal of supporting her will utterly consume and destroy him as well.

The Accel World and the relationship that Kuroyukihime and Haruyuki share within it greatly affect how they interact in reality as well. While in the Accel World Haruyuki is this beautifully sleek silver avatar with the rare flying ability, an unheard of fighter who is unique and special.