American beauty jane and ricky relationship test

My Meaningful Movies: American Beauty

american beauty jane and ricky relationship test

Despite being the very first character we meet in the movie, Jane Burnham is in life and defend Ricky and herself when Angela is being rude or demeaning. Much like the film Fight Club, American Beauty criticizes the materialistic nature of American society. . Jane's beauty: Relationship with Ricky. Character Analysis – Ricky in American Beauty Paper He shares a sensual and physical relationship with the girl next door, Jane, whilst he also has a strong .

There is also no trust between father and son depicted by the scene when Ricky had supply a urine sample yet he deceived his father by giving him a false supply. It is like his father saw his role, solely to teach Ricky structure and discipline. When Ricky eventually leaves, although a touching moment, there is no real emotion shown, he was not sad to leave.

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Ricky found a rare and hidden beauty in Jane, the girl from the adjacent house. To the average person, Jane is portrayed as a confused, unattractive and depressed person.

american beauty jane and ricky relationship test

Jane is strangely comforted by the attention of being filmed by Ricky making her curious about what he found interest about her. She even believes that she is unattractive portrayed by her interested in plastic surgery. Ricky remains totally focussed on Jane.

The development of their relationship allows Jane to open up and become more honest to herself and others; she starts to develop some of the personal traits of Ricky.

We see his distant, gloomy daughter who has grown to hate him as a happy 4-year-old, dressed up as a little angel surrounded by her adoring parents.

The moments of authentic relationship and goodness comprise genuine American beauty that redeem a wasted life, and that make the consequences of losing one's way so real and tragic.

american beauty jane and ricky relationship test

Instead of building upon what they had, Lester and his wife lose themselves and trash the beauty that could have been theirs. A penniless Jew named Yaakov decided he would take the long, risky voyage to a far-away island near Africa that was rumored to have so many diamonds that they lay scattered in the streets. Even though the trip would take a year on the sea, the thought of returning home with tremendous wealth made the undertaking worthwhile.

American Beauty

Yaakov wished his family farewell, and after a year he finally reached the island. As he got off the boat he saw that the rumor was true. Diamonds were lying around everywhere! He dropped his bags and quickly began to gather whatever he could get his hands on, stuffing them into his pocket. The people who saw him laughed at him. The boat is not returning here for a whole year! Besides there's so many diamonds here - there's enough for everyone.

In fact, they laughed at him, and he began to feel like a fool. He asked his neighbor, "If diamonds aren't important here, tell me -- what is? That's where it's at. Oil, shortening -- anything that can be used for baking and frying. It's so hard to get that stuff here, anyone who can produce it is bound to become rich.

He became so immersed that he eventually forgot why he had come to the island in the first place.

american beauty jane and ricky relationship test

He would ignore the diamonds in the street like everyone else, and over time amassed a great supply of fats, receiving a lot of honor from the islanders. Months passed and news came to the island that the boat was coming to pick up all the foreigners in two weeks.

Angela tells Jane that he was in their school, but left for a few years and put in a mental hospital before returning now as a student.

Ricky focuses his camcorder, not on the traditionally photogenic Angela, but instead on Jane. Angela considers him a freak for ignoring her, thus not accepting the given criteria of beauty.

He sees a deeper beauty in Jane, and a kindred spirit. She at first finds his oddness off-putting, but she begins to find self-importance through his attention. We observe her seeing herself in a different light, the way Ricky sees her, when he records her as does Mendes through her bedroom window, ignoring the exhibitionistic writhing of Angela.

Just as Lester saw himself as in a jail, reflected in his computer monitor, so now Jane looks in a hand mirror, finally able to admire herself. Ricky shows Angela what he feels is the most beautiful thing he ever recorded — a bag blowing in the wind. The way it floats and moves is like nature creating a ballet, and inviting him to join in the cosmic dance.

Frank Fitts Chris Coopera colonel in the U. Marine Corps, definitely wants to live up to his name, and overcompensates to do so.

His wife, Barbara Allison Janney is so intimidated by any deviation from his rigid order, that she cringes in guilt when someone calls at the door, as if it is her fault.

American Beauty: Insecure People | Character Analysis

She appears like a Stepford Wife. She apologizes for the way the house looks, when it is completely clean and devoid of clutter. Frank tells his son that the boy needs structure and discipline. He is repulsed by the gay neighbors who welcome him to the neighborhood. Mendes again uses the mirror motif, as Frank sees the reflection of the gay men jogging in the polish of his car as they approach.

He is not capable of changing his perspective, so when he looks at a video which Ricky just happened to record of a naked Lester working out, he assumes that his son is really gay.

american beauty jane and ricky relationship test

This misconception is confirmed in his mind when he sees Lester running with the gay neighbors, when all Lester is doing is trying to do is get into shape. He overhears Angela purposely shocking Jane by saying that he would have sex with her dad if he just toned up a bit. Lester pulls out his weights, buried in the garage and starts pumping iron.

We again have Mendes using that mirror image, as Lester looks at himself in the garage window as he hardens his muscles, perceiving himself as a rejuvenated object of masculinity. In the meantime, Carolyn feels broken, because Buddy broke off their affair after Lester saw them necking at the drive-through window at the burger joint.

For Buddy, business always comes first, and he feels it will suffer if there is more evidence of infidelity, both of them still being married. However, Buddy introduced Carolyn to the American way of relieving tension, shooting a gun, obviously here associated with sexual release, and accentuating how sex and violence are joined together in American culture.

Looking Closer at "American Beauty"

She now carries a gun around with her. After we catch up to that first scene of the movie, we realize Jane and Ricky were just kidding about killing Lester. Will it be Carolyn who does him in? After Frank confronts Ricky over what he thought he saw going on with Lester, Ricky realizes he can liberate himself from his father. He lies by saying he performed gay sex acts for money. His father again hits him, and Ricky knows his father will finally not search for him if he leaves. The rain is pouring outside, and Frank visits Lester in his garage.

Lester admits that his wife is not around and is probably having sex with someone else. Frank is shivering form getting soaked, and Lester says he should get out of the clothes. After exposing himself this way, and having been rejected, Frank leaves in shame.

Ricky goes to ask Jane to run away with him, telling her he has enough money saved. She now realizes she can contribute her savings since she no longer sees the need to have cosmetic surgery to prove her worth.