Anita pallenberg and keith richards relationship

Anita Pallenberg Dead: Actress and Keith Richards Ex-Girlfriend Was 75 – Variety

anita pallenberg and keith richards relationship

Anita Pallenberg, Actress, Model, Keith Richards' Ex-Partner, Dead at 75 She struck up a relationship with then-guitarist Brian Jones, but. Anita Pallenberg – anything but a passenger on the Stones' journey of the film, Mick Jagger, although she was Keith Richards's girlfriend. Keith Richards with Anita Pallenberg and their baby son Marlon in Anita Pallenberg, muse for The Rolling Stones, dead at

But while Richards was recording new music in Paris, his longtime paramour and the mother of three of his children, Anita Pallenberg — who died this past Tuesday at age 75 due to hepatitis C complications — was nearing the bottom of a dark and downward spiral in a sylvan suburb of New York City.

The once-mesmerizing stunner — who stole the hearts of both Richards and his former bandmate Brian Jones, and who supposedly engaged in an affair with Jagger as well — was wooing a year-old high school dropout, Scott Cantrell. While it sounds like a step down for Pallenberg, there are thoughts that she could temper her instinct no more than a black widow spider could dissuade itself from biting.

A Season in Hell with the Rolling Stones. She was crazy and beautiful and crazy beautiful. The 19th-century manse was one of several residences they had around the world. Richards was rarely around. For all intents and purposes, the guitarist had moved on; he even reportedly had a new girlfriend, Swedish model Lil Wenglass Green.

Anita Pallenberg paid a high price for being a rock-star girlfriend

But he was a nasty kid. He used to tell Marlon that he was going to shoot Keith. Yet there he was, a year-old boy with a woman out of shape and raggedy-looking. She referred to him as her boyfriend. Wires attached to each ear sent electronic pulses that reduced the pain of withdrawal.

Monet Mazur played a young Pallenberg in the film Stoneda biographical film about the last year of Brian Jones's life, [13] while the NBC television show Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip included a story arc in which the character Harriet Hayes was hired to play Pallenberg in a film. Pallenberg first met the band in in Munichwhere she was working on a modelling assignment, and before they had made it big. She later recalled that they took a lot of acid during this time, but it caused Jones to have nightmares.

anita pallenberg and keith richards relationship

He died in Richards' lifestyle was not conducive to fatherhood, Pallenberg later explained. She was trying to raise their two young children but Richards was up all night and slept all day. Richards eventually was able to detox himself from drugs and stay clean, but Pallenberg continued to use.

anita pallenberg and keith richards relationship

This was what ended their relationship, according to Richards' autobiography. Jagger respected her opinion enough that tracks on Beggars Banquet were remixed after she criticised them.

Anita Pallenberg, Actress and Longtime Girlfriend of Keith Richards, Dies at 75

She also had a strange mysterious old shaker for holy water which she used for some of her rituals. Her ceremonies became increasingly secret, and she warned me never to interrupt her when she was working on a spell.

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Or the myth of her, anyway. This woman was Anita Pallenberg, who has died at the age of Everett flashes back to when he was 14, masturbating over a 15ft-high image of Anita, on screen in Performance. This film is a portal for him and who he is to be. This film has it all: The movie came out inbut it captures the psychosis of the end of the 60s, where art, crime and sex open up the gates of social mobility but identity becomes fragmented.

Everyone was drawn to her, but everyone was slightly afraid of her.

17 reasons Anita Pallenberg was the coolest girl in the world

Richards is honest about his attraction to her power. He fondly talks of her being the bouncer in their house in the south of France. He has spoken of the respect and love they maintained as they became proud grandparents. Here she is, the original rock chick with her boho style.

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There she goes, with her Aleister Crowley obsession. Kenneth Anger memorably called her more of a bitch than a witch. Her style is everywhere, celebrated as ageless.