Asuna and yuuki relationship test

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asuna and yuuki relationship test

In Sword Art Online II episode 21, Yuuki calls Asuna YUUKI 'sis' 2 times' at the to family relations, since Asuna's full name is Asuna YUUKI. Explore Jorge Novoa's board "Asuna and yuki" on Pinterest. | See more ideas " Konno Yuuki" "Yuuki Asuna" I love their sisterly relationship ^^. Jorge Novoa. Yuuki Asuna (結城 明日奈, Yūki Asuna), known as Asuna (アスナ, Asuna) in had looked while recounting the player killing on the 5 Floor in the beta test, and thus .. tournament, with the broadcast stating his connection had been interrupted.

Her ALO avatar is apart of the Imp race. She uses a one handed sword.

asuna and yuuki relationship test

Her appearance looks like this Relationships Yuuki Konno had a strong relationship with her guild, The Sleeping Knights. Most of them are all sick, and dive almost full time in the Virtual World. Yuuki's twin sister, Aiko Konno had a strong bond with Yuuki.

SAO Relationship Goals

They were both sick together. Aiko is now deceased. Yuuki, for the time she knew Asuna, had a strong relationship with her. They met in ALO when Asuna challenged her to a duel. After Yuuki won, she knew Asuna was the one to help her and The Sleeping Knights, clear a boss room on their own, and get their names on the Monument of Swordsmen.

When they accomplished it, Yuuki accidently called Asuna, "sis".

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When Asuna asked about it, Yuuki starting tearing up, and logged out. Asuna was upset, and wanted to go find her. Kirito magically had the place where Yuuki was staying, so Asuna went there. It was a hospital. That's where Asuna found out Yuuki was ill.

Learning is when you intentionally seek out the other person and desire to learn more about them. Often times, learning happens when there is two-way listening, but simply being together will bring about the chance to learn more about the other person. Kirito and Asuna have these moments sprinkled throughout Sword Art Online where one moment they are going through the motions of a normal day and the next they are sobbing in embrace.

Two people in a relationship have to possess this ability, to learn everything about the other person inside and out. The final relationship goal present in Sword Art Online, love, is unlike what most of culture actually believes it is. God is very clear that love is a verb and a choice that a person makes for someone else, whether romantic interest or not; love is not a collection of sexual experiences and love is not passionate emotions.

asuna and yuuki relationship test

And the greatest way to display love for another person is to be willing to lay down your life for them, as what Jesus Christ did on the cross for mankind. Even Kirito and Asuna have the same Christ-like love for each other and this is seen at the end of their virtual world, when the two strongest players are fighting ruthlessly to the death for the freedom of all Sword Art Online players.

Good against evil, Kirito against Akihiko Kaiyaba, the duel that was meant to happen since the very beginning. Clashing back and forth, Kirito locks himself into a series of deadly double-handed sword combos and when his lag starts after his last move, Heathcliff comes in fast with a slash towards his torso, aiming to tear him to pieces.

Yui is one of Kirito's most beloved people.

Yuuki Asuna

In ALO, she takes the form of a navigation fairy who is always seen on either Kirito or Asuna's shoulder, or napping inside Kirito's breast pocket.

Yui tends to misunderstand why humans aren't direct in expressing their feelings, saying if she was the one who did it then she would simply be forward about it she then kisses Kirito on the cheek. He tends to show affection to her pixie form by playfully poking her head, which she finds a little annoying. He is very much a doting father, making sure she stays safe during a battle and doing whatever he can to make her comfortable.

Though Yui loves Kirito dearly, she has disapproved of a few of his shenanigans, like biting Leafa, and scolds his "bad behavior". Yui finds great delight in watching Kirito battle, showing unrestrained glee at his ultraviolence while other members of the party are more concerned about the battle. Kayaba Akihiko Heathcliff Kirito mentioned in the beginning of the series that Kayaba Akihiko was his hero, and he looked up to him. Akihiko is indirectly responsible for numerous tragedies around Kirito, as it was because of him that the players who would die in the game would die in real life as well.

Nonetheless, Kirito and Akihiko are shown to have mutual respect for each other. Pina Pina has a strange attraction to Kirito, as Pina is said to fly off of Silica's shoulder and curl up on Kirito whenever she came across him sleeping [2]. Even when Kirito is not sleeping, Pina is still attracted to him, like when Silica invited Kirito to a restaurant to celebrate her birthday, Pina became interested in Kirito's tart, even though Tamed Monsters are only supposed to be interested in food when fed by their tamer, and then curled up on his head.

Kazuto created distance between them when he found out they weren't real siblings but instead cousins. After clearing SAO, this becomes something he regrets as he tries to reforge their relationship. When Kirito was trapped in SAO, Suguha was conflicted with her feelings for Kirito and eventually realized she loved him.