Cancer and scorpio relationship match

Scorpio and Cancer Love Compatibility -

cancer and scorpio relationship match

Are your signs compatible? Read your Cancer and Scorpio love matcher horoscope by The AstroTwins to learn about your signs in love. Mystical and magical. Old souls. Family orientated. The Bad: They can destroy each other. Scorpio can lash out. Cancer can be a doormat. Compatibility. Cancer and Scorpio compatibility. Our guide to dating, love and sex in Cancer Scorpio relationships. With scores, forums and advice.

Often, they work in the same environment perhaps as University lecturers, Health professional or Artists.

Scorpio Cancer Compatibility In Love, Sex and Marriage Life

Cancer is clingier than Scorpio so there are moments of doubt and occasionally Scorpio becomes suffocated and lashes out. If they flip into destruction — get out of there quick. Try to save the Crab but watch out for an elevated level of co-dependency. Thank goodness this is a rare occurrence! Where they may encounter turbulence… Both can be possessive and jealous creatures — as water signs their darker emotions spill out like tidal waves — full of destruction and pain.

They should try not to squeeze the lifeblood out of the relationship by viewing every external influence as a threat. Scorpio must practice keeping their critical tongue in cheek and avoid withdrawing affection when they are miffed.

Bless with inquisitive minds and a strong sense of aesthetics they visit museums, art Galleries and Heritage towns.

cancer and scorpio relationship match

Cancer cooks with love and Scorpio buys antique baubles for their new partner. They look radiant — pupils are large and wide — although sometimes the latter is due to absinthe.

Gemini and Taurus sexual compatibility… Scorpio is a rather sick bunny when it comes to sex — often with a wild imagination and willingness to experiment.


Cancer is quite conservative — seeking romance and intimacy. Sex together represents a huge learning curve — particularly for shy Cancer. Fundamentally both are about trust — emotional, psychological and physical trust.

cancer and scorpio relationship match

The electricity created between them creates a thirst for pushing boundaries but it must be done with love and respect. Hence, they are both powerful entities coming together to fuse into an unbreakable union. Cancer is extremely intuitive while Scorpio has a strong sixth sense, which makes them relate to each other on a visceral level.


Cancer, on the other hand, is drawn to the resourceful and determined personality that Scorpio possesses. It makes the Crab feel self-assured and confident, as it knows it has a strong personality behind it at all times. Cons of the Cancer Scorpio Relationship: Cancer wants autonomy at home, while Scorpio prefers to function as an independent entity at all times.

Moreover, Cancer is an emotionally expressive and sentimental sign, while Scorpio tends to be reserved with respect to its feelings.

Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

This creates further problems between them. The Crab tends to bottle up negative emotions from time to time, but if the Scorpion pushed it past its edge, things could get ugly between the two. The Cancer man and Scorpio woman and vice-versa connect on an intuitive level and will find refuge in each other from the outset of the relationship. However, they must deal with their differences by exhibiting maturity and understanding.

cancer and scorpio relationship match

Scorpio must learn how to trust Cancer, while the Crab must learn to let the Scorpio be from time to time. If they manage to do that, they will have a strong and blissful bond at their disposal. Cancer - Scorpio Compatibility Meter.