Carol and margaret thatcher relationship

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carol and margaret thatcher relationship

MARGARET THATCHER was 27 when her twins were born six weeks Carol and Mark – the elder twin by two minutes - were put into the care. Carol Jane Thatcher (born 15 August ) is an English journalist, author and media personality. She is the daughter of Margaret Thatcher, the British prime minister from . Thatcher had a relationship with Jonathan Aitken, which ended in As this happened just after the Conservatives won the general election, . Margaret Thatcher with her twins, Carol and Mark Photo: Daily Cabinet minister Jonathan Aitken had a relationship with Carol when he was a.

The extent of her devotion was most publicly shown inafter he reinvented himself as a racing driver, took part in the Paris-Dakar rally, and went missing for six days in his Peugeot His mother was very visibly upset, saying later the scare put her other worries "into perspective".

Thatcher's children: a tale of twins with mixed blessings

Mark's subsequent life can be summarised as amassing money and notoriety in more or less equal measure. He was involved in a series of lucrative deals in the Middle East, amid various claims he was greasing the wheels with his mother's reputation.

In he left the UK, moving to America, where he married Diane Bergdof, the Texan heir to a second-hand car business fortune. The couple, who went on to have a son and daughter, moved to South Africa, where, in he received a four-year suspended jail term for his involvement in allegedly helping to finance a coup led by his friend, Simon Mann, in Equatorial Guinea.

Since then he has lived a peripatetic life, divorced from his wife and at one point being barred from entering the US to see his children. And it didn't matter to a lot of people.

It became a media furore about the pluses and minuses of political correctness, which, by the way, I think is a debate that we will still have to have, because it is unreasonable and in some areas probably stifling freedom of speech.

carol and margaret thatcher relationship

She just says what she thinks. We are here to discuss the paperback publication of A Swim-On Part in the Goldfish Bowl, which, when published last summer, caused controversy when she revealed that her mother was suffering from dementia and often forgot that her husband Denis was dead. Many thought it was undignified, but as with Gollygate, Carol is unapologetic.

carol and margaret thatcher relationship

Today is the first time that she has seen the new edition, and is pleased that the publishers have found a picture of her and her mother together — though with Carol standing behind, as if in a school photo, it is hardly the warmest of family portraits. People think there must be loads, but we just didn't sit around posing for pictures.

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That's not because I didn't have a lot of time on my hands. Don't want to frighten your readers. And the little bit I did on it I worked very hard on. I just wanted to say how it was for me. Because the contrast with my mother is that she was born with a brilliant memory.

So I remember the shock when she asked me the same thing twice, or couldn't remember something.

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I was like, 'hey, snap out of it'. And of course you don't snap out of it. So we both changed.

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Emotion, one senses, is not something that the Thatchers do. We talk about the moment her mother left Downing Street, and cried. I ask if she had ever seen her sob before.


But look, she says, a political upbringing is very useful, "because I remember my mother saying once, 'Thank God you don't know what each day is going to bring'. So when something does happen, you're in it, and you do an immediate readjustment.

Carol Thatcher

In the morning everything could be fine, and by the end of the day a general election might have been called. She admitted to her friend Lord Spicer in But she made the mistake of favouring Mark over Carol.

She was Margaret Roberts when she met paint firm director Denis while contesting the Dartford constituency — which she lost — in They married the following year when she was Throughout her career, Denis was a constant source of discreet support.

But their family life with Carol and Mark was not without its problems. Carol wrote in her memoir, A Swim-on Part in the Goldfish Bowl, that her mother was always preoccupied with work — even at bath and bed times.

Carol grew up feeling less attractive, confident and capable than her brother, who did not excel at Harrow school and managed just three O-levels. He then failed his accountancy exams three times before embarking on a series of doomed business ventures.