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OH LA LA7 Girls Charlie Puth Was Rumored to Be Dating Charlie hasn't been in a serious relationship while under the public eye just yet, Emily Luther Ariana Grande Gives Out Advice On Finding An Engagement Ring. Emily Luther · @eluthermusic . CharliePuth got his start on my show. Replying to @eluthermusic @charlieputh @TheEllenShow. He's so. An American singer, songwriter and record producer, Charles Otto "Charlie" Puth, of Adele's Someone Like You by him and his friend Emily Luther went viral.

Sources claim that the video originally came from Charlie Puth's channel, however, when he began to make it big in the music industry, his label forced him to remove his previous videos and create a new image for him.

She isn't even verified on Instagram yet!

#5MinutesWithCharlie Puth

A post shared by Emily Luther emilyluthermusic on Nov 27, at 6: There seems to be no boyfriend in sight for Miss Luther. If anything, she definitely seems to be focusing on pursuing her musical career more than anything else, so good for her!

A boyfriend will come when the time is right for this busy bee. At the same time, both artists were signed to Ellen's label eleveneleven As previously mentioned, when Luther moved to L. Her appearance was not thought of as the typical look that a pop star should have, and this ultimately discouraged her for a long time, from her dreams of being a singer.

It's evident that Emily Luther has been through the ringer of having big dreams, being persuaded to stray from her true passion, and returning back to her old stomping grounds to show the world what she's made of. If there's anything that needs to be said, it's that all the YouTube comments are absolutely right- she needs the recognition she deserves for having a simply stunning voice and not being afraid to be different, despite what others say.

Even after being eliminated from 'The Voice,' she doesn't plan on quitting again anytime soon.

Emily Luther: Age, Net Worth, 'The Voice' & Facts To Know

I actually had a chance to open for Billly Joel, and that was cool I really model my music after him. I'd love to work with James Taylor, a guitar player. And I know you're thinking, "Gee, Charlie, you're a piano player, why would you want to work with a guitar player?

You're only 24, writing songs about love.

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What experiences do you draw from, not necessarily having been through what you write about? I will think of hypotheticals in my head; when I'm writing a record, I sometimes picture the music video even before the song is written. I was listening to them and I paused the music and started composing a song in my head and picturing what the music video would look like. And the song would be based on that visual.

Emily Luther: Age, Net Worth, 'The Voice' & Facts To Know

I want to be in love with a girl and I don't know why I fancy girls, I've dated girls, I love girls. But I've never had a feeling of "I can't live without this person". So, the wanting of that inspires the records.

I'll make things up sometimes, predict the future. You studied jazz and classical piano in Berkeley, so why are you now doing pop music? I hadn't written a pop song till maybe 3 years ago.

But I grew up wit ha pop palate; and I would notice the similarities between melody structures for Mozart and say, Seals and Crofts.