Dragon and seungri relationship

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dragon and seungri relationship

Our relationship is only built of fondness! In fact people From what aspect? G- Dragon: The inspirations came by just looking at Seungri. Apr 25, No no NOOO nyongtory relationship goals xD g dragon x seungri. He said that once Seungri mistakenly believed that he was dating a girl. He continued to believe that until G-Dragon had a word with her.

If you are married and has children. Please take care your kids and spend time with your husband. Stop focusing on celebrities life okay.

This comment is the best so far. Seungri has the right to talk about his band members on national television. Seungri is the king of variety show and good storyteller. As for G Dragon not confirmed his relationship with Jooyeon. If he confirmed dating a woman. He knew his career will be over for good.

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If G Dragon got girlfriend it will effects his sell and marketing. The fandom will not buy his album because he in a relationship with a woman. Most of G Dragon fandom are women between 10 year old through 50 year old. Woman fandom are jealous when their male idols in a relationship with a woman.

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In their head that their male idols is dating them only inside their head. There are delusional woman fan think their idols are single forever or married them. G Dragon know this and that is why he will never confirm when he is ready.

He absorbs like a sponge. So I think he has a very bright future. And he has that something that makes him improve himself. He has the driving force. I is the youngest in our group but I feel that he is the most like an adult.

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He is really skilled in interactions with people. He can be close to people the first time he meets them and so I think he has the most friends, the member that is most active outside.

dragon and seungri relationship

He has incredible leadership skills and he seems like a veteran in every way. Have you ever read fanfics before? The four of us are always here, standing behind him.

YG said it had a nice feel, and he said I should solo debut with it. I was very grateful and happy. I also wanted to make the song sound sexy by including sounds of breathing mid-way.

dragon and seungri relationship

P had gotten back all worn out around 5 a. It came out really well. To be honest, I am a bit biased towards G-Dragon hyung. Also, G-Dragon hyung is a tough love kind of person.

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After he scolds me, he would take care of me secretly. How does he take care of you? During my first broadcast, he sent me a line long text message. It was my first time receiving such a long text message from G-Dragon. What did the text message say? Very objectively and cold.

dragon and seungri relationship

Why was it so ordinary? Please wait on it.

dragon and seungri relationship

Please prepare good food for him. The weather might be colder so please prepare a jacket for him. So that Seungri can be at his best. Finding out about that would be touching. He write songs so well. We are talking about this among ourselves a lot, he has the concentration and tenacity that we even think he would survive in a deserted island.

dragon and seungri relationship

He has great desires. You might think that many unfortunate things would happen working as a group, but he always deeply thinks about everything. Musically, he has the strong sensibility of a boy. He answered white horse Seungri: I want to be. Serious I want to. I want to run. Seungri wants to be run faster Seungri: TOP chips in to say something.