Durrani and shalom relationship

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durrani and shalom relationship

recently joined hearts in a reality TV cross-over relationship with the former Dash Dolls star. golnesa boyfriend shalom, shalom and durrani. On the show, Shalom bought Durrani a hot pink Bentley and her response was, “I feel GG announced their relationship in mid-September. Shalom and Durrani Popal photos, news and gossip. Find out Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your .

So what was the first thing the Dolls did at the famous Versace mansion? Drink champagne and have a pillow fight, of course!

durrani and shalom relationship

Nazy's boyfriend defended her honor: Looks like Josh is a keeper! After a random guy insulted Nazy at the nightclub in Miami by saying he had to "get a hotter girl," Josh stood up for his woman and confronted him for his rude comment.

Oh, and did we mention Josh is tall, brawny and muscular? Yeah, probably not the best move, buddy. Taylor made out with her ex-boyfriend's BFF: Taylor was being super friendly and flirty with Ryan's friend, Derek, at the club in Miami, but she got more than she bargained for when she went in for a hug and he kissed her!

durrani and shalom relationship

Damn, those mixed signals really are a killer. All the girls were thoroughly shocked by the blatant PDA, but Tay just played it off and kept on fist pumping.

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Never stop the party! It looks like you're wearing a fake ring.

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Durrani prematurely started planning her wedding: After hearing news of Jen's engagement, it was basically fate when Durrani pulled up outside a wedding dress boutique with Nazy.

And obviously, she couldn't not go inside and try some on! Khadijah got new tattoos: Shalom told Durrani their relationship isn't going anywhere: Shalom wasn't exactly thrilled when he heard about Durrani's trip to the wedding dress shop. Taylor and her boyfriend Ryan start to experience problems in their one-year-long relationship.

durrani and shalom relationship

After an argument where Ryan grabs Taylor's hair she finally breaks things off with him, calling it a permanent split. Caroline tells the dolls that her parents sent her away to the wilderness as a teenager which made her see her mom in a negative light.

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With Gahl disapproving of Caroline choosing to have a career in music and fashion and not politics like her parents, they clash at one of Caroline's deejaying events. When Gahl refuses to meet Caroline's friend, Ronnie, Caroline realizes she needs to get her mom to understand that she is who she is and has a great circle of friends around her. Gahl later meets Ronnie at a charity event hosted by Caroline, and Gahl agrees to support Caroline.

Malika has been dating a man for around four months but he is still technically married. Kim gives Stephanie a promotion because of her hard work at the store and Nazy later gives Stephanie her first driving lesson. When Derek later asks Taylor for her and the dolls to come to Miami for an event he is involved in, Taylor is overjoyed and invites as many of the dolls as possible.

Derek also promises the girls can stay at the Versace Mansion. Taylor, Nazy, Melody, Durrani and Durrani's boyfriend Shalom all come along for the trip as wall as Nazy's new boyfriend Josh, who she is introducing to the group for the first time.

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When out at a club in Miami, Josh gets into a physical altercation with a fellow clubgoer but Nazy understands the way Josh acted as he was sticking up for her and did it in a gentleman fashion and she agrees to be exclusive to Josh. Also after a few too many drinks Taylor and Derek kiss, with Taylor later explaining to Melody at the beach that she is not ready for any relationship. When Derek throws a yacht party for the group he and Taylor agree to stay as just friends. Durrani realises she wants her relationship with Shalom to go far and when she later tries on wedding dresses, despite not being engaged, Shalom gets concerned over their clashing religions.

However, Durrani proves she is committed by throwing a Jewish dinner for Shalom, his cousin and his cousin's wife.

durrani and shalom relationship

Caroline, Taylor and Melody all head off to NYC for Ronnie's concert and whilst there, Melody gets the opportunity of a lifetime to shoot a high profile fashion shoot which could help further her modelling career. When Melody arrives at the shoot she is excited but when the photographer suggests fully nude shots, Melody is concerned about how her Christian family will react but goes along with the shots anyway which turn out successful.

durrani and shalom relationship

On their final night in New York, the girls hit up the concert and Taylor makes Caroline question where she wants her friendship with Ronnie to go. When back in LA, Caroline opens up to Ronnie and they end up sharing a passionate first kiss. Caroline later meets Ronnie's father when attending another concert in LA with Missy. Stephanie breaks the rules regarding her boyfriend, Colin, and his rehab by meeting up with him.

This leads to Colin being thrown out of rehab and he ends up getting sent to jail in front of Stephanie. Stephanie later visits him in prison and also sees a therapist to discuss her emotions and understand where she was wrong in breaking the rules.

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She organises a camping trip and invites as many of the dolls as possible to come along. When camping Stephanie also clashes with Ronnie over him commenting on her taking too many selfies.

Durrani and Stephanie both tell Caroline that Ronnie is being disrespectful to them and Caroline talks to him about this and Ronnie agrees to try harder.