Eddie murphy and whitney houston relationship

eddie murphy and whitney houston relationship

As Whitney Houston has painfully discovered, the price of fame is high. her sexual preferences; the next week they say she is pregnant by Eddie Murphy, "I don't make it my business to expose my relationships; it's hard enough just to keep. Exposed: Clive Davis Says Whitney Houston Was Getting Freaky With Eddie Murphy And Jermaine Jackson But NOT A Down-Low Lesbian!. 20 Things You May Not Know About Whitney Houston Whitney was dating Eddie Murphy when she met rapper Bobby Brown at the

Tragically, Bobbi was found unconscious in a bathtub at age 22, in circumstances eerily similar to those of her mother, and died a few months later.

She Broke All Kinds of Records Whitney released seven studio albums, two soundtrack albums, live albums and compilation albums. She's the only artist ever to chart seven consecutive No.

Her debut album, "Whitney Houston"was the first album by a solo female artist to produce three No. Her next LP, "Whitney"was the first by a female artist to debut at No. The soundtrack to "The Bodyguard" became the best-selling soundtrack of all time, and the soundtrack to "The Preacher's Wife" is the best-selling gospel album in history.

She Wore Many Hats In addition to acting and singing, Whitney served as an executive producer on "Sparkle," having acquired the rights to remake the film.

She also produced 's "The Princess Diaries" and its sequel.

20 Things You May Not Know About Whitney Houston

And yet many in the black community called her "White-ney" and chided her for forsaking her roots. I've been trying to figure this out since I've been in the business," Whitney said. I know how to sing. Music is not a color to me.

Purple at Whitney's wedding, her bridesmaids wore purple dresses, and groomsmen wore purple tuxedos. Favorite subject in school: The original "Sparkle" that's why she remade the film. Favorite kind of housework: Vacuuming because she liked immediate results. When Whitney got her own apartment, Robyn was her roommate. Robyn left a college basketball scholarship to become Whitney's executive assistant, and she tried to keep Whitney off drugs.

Rumors swirled that Robyn and Whitney were more than friends. Then Whitney married Bobby. He and Robyn hated each other, and Cissy openly disliked Robyn.

eddie murphy and whitney houston relationship

Inafter 20 years together, Robyn walked out. After Whitney's death, Bobby admitted that Whitney and Robyn had been lovers. The drugs took a toll: Whitney's extraordinary mezzo-soprano voice grew raspy and hoarse. She often showed up late at rehearsals, photos shoots and interviews—or missed her appointments altogether. She forgot lyrics and cancelled concerts. In and out of rehab, Whitney denied she was using.

After her death, Sharon Osbourne tweeted: They were addicts… Don't mock them, just help them. She was later found submerged in her Beverly Hills hotel bathtub. How could I come from where I've come [from] and be rhythmless? I was raised in a Black community with Black people, so that has never been a thing with me. Yet, I've gotten flak about being a pop success, but that doesn't mean that I'm White Pop music has never been all-White.

It was felt that I was making myself more accessible to Whites, but I wasn't. No, it does not make you feel good," she adds.

Clive Davis Tells All About Whitney Houston’s Past Relationships | Bossip

So I figured that since people didn't know who I was sleeping with, they just assumed I was sleeping with Robyn. They [other girls] always wanted to whip me for no reason. So once Robyn became my big sister, all that ended.

Whitney Houston Jermaine Jackson affair?

But I've never been one to have five relationships at the same time. I get no enjoyment out of that. You know, I was raised as a Christian, and my mother was very strict with me as far as boys were concerned. She told me that the way to a man's heart is not by opening your legs. You let him get to know you first.

To the media she declares: So how can you say that this is what I am or what I do?

Whitney Houston talks about the men in her life -and the rumors, lies & insults

Among the many celebrity guests was Eddie Murphy, long rumored to be her heartthrob. When asked if the rather large diamond ring 5. The baguette diamonds sparkle in the sunlight. Because of my career and his career - I'm here and he's there; I'm there and he's here - it's hard to establish a relationship.

eddie murphy and whitney houston relationship

Even when you have two people who have the money, the fame and the same kind of status. It's the time factor - having the time to establish a relationship and to try to keep it. We have a different kind of closeness than Eddie and I.

eddie murphy and whitney houston relationship

He's still just a man! You put Eddie Murphy aside, you'll find a man.

eddie murphy and whitney houston relationship

You put Arsenio aside, you'll find a man. All that other stuff is just the gravy' we have become. But before we were this, we were humans. That's the bottom line. I have a lot of respect for him, because it's very hard to get out there and bang heads, and get banged. He's somebody I can talk to. He's a good person.