Effie trinket and haymitch abernathy relationship questions

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Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games book, analysis of Effie Trinket. does, as Effie does do her part to round up sponsors and rein in Haymitch the best she can. Follow/Fav Untitled Relationship "Trinket," He called her as she was leaving the room. Cinna, who had been Haymitch's voice sounded like someone beat him up. "Mr Abernathy?" Effie replied and looked him in the eyes with a plea of silence. Her eyes darted Not even my father was Mr Abernathy. In the case of Peeta and Katniss, they were very lucky in getting a stylist that didn' t just Haymitch Abernathy between Peeta and Katniss in the arena, they were clueless to the relationship she had back home in District

She abandoned her family when she became too depressed to look after them. Yes, but only temporarily. Katniss should have forgiven her when she recovered.

It's natural for a woman to retreat emotionally when her husband dies. It wasn't her fault. See results The Relationship with Her Mother In the case of Katniss's relationship with her mother, it is illustrated differently in the movie than it is in the books. However, if you are a reader and not just a movie-goerit is clear that Katniss has not and may never forgiven her mother for abandoning her and Prim when their father died in the mines.

This is a significant point which underscores Katniss's ability to hold a grudge.

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The question is, did her mother deserve her hatred? Throughout the books Mrs. Everdeen gradually improves, but Katniss's feelings for her quite apparently do not. Everdeen's fault that Prim nearly starved and Katniss has never forgiven her mother for nearly taking her sister away from her -- or putting herself in a position to nearly die of starvation in the district when her mother could have been working.

Gale avoids watching the Games, as he promised Katniss he'd do, in order to put a wrench into the Capitol's works. Source Do you believe that Katniss loved Gale all along?

I believe that she was in denial of her affection for him. Yes, I believe that she was lying about her affection for him. No, I think she fell in love with him while "faking" it in the arena with Peeta. No, I think she fell in love with him during Catching Fire, when she saw him whipped and tended him afterward. No, I believe her true love was always for Peeta. See results The Relationship with Gale Of all of the relationships throughout The Hunger Games trilogy, Katniss's relationship with Gale is the most complex and, at times, confusing.

effie trinket and haymitch abernathy relationship questions

From the earliest part of their relationship, the two of them have relied on one another and one another's skills in order to survive and to support the survival of their individual families.

Katniss has great skill with a bow, taught to her by her father, and Gale is an excellent trapper. Together they can bring down almost any game in the woods that surround District Twelve. Aware of Gale's large family, Katniss provides for his family while he provides for the Everdeens what Katniss herself cannot kill.

Early on in the first novel, Katniss says that her relationship with Gale is platonic and that she can't think of him romantically because of the fact that they rely on one another in the woods and as friends. This is where the complexity in their relationship becomes profound, if not astonishing. Bear in mind that when reading the books, we only have Katniss's perspective on the events of the story. In the movie, we get to glimpse Gale's affection for Katniss in a different way.

Throughout the story of Catching Fire and later in Mockingjay, it becomes apparent that Gale has feelings for Katniss, and that she may return those feelings for him. In many ways this is a sudden turn around from platonic, friendly affection to romance, the love triangle that has become so popular in teen novels in the twenty-first century.

Peeta talks to Katniss before the Hunger Games begin. To attempt to explain their relationship in a few words seems foolhardy, but it's required in order to establish who Katniss is. Consider this a breakdown, and look for future hubs on the subject of Katniss and Peeta's relationship with one another. So consider this a summary of Katniss's relationship with Peeta. According to Peeta's explanation of their meeting during what is widely known as the Cave Scene among fansthe pair met when they were five years old on the first day of school.

Though Katniss failed to notice Peeta, he noticed her, her dress, and her pigtails. Later his father told him that he had once been in love with Katniss's mother, but that she had chosen Katniss's father for his beautiful singing voice. Katniss didn't notice Peeta at the time.

She would only come to recognize him years later, when she was starving and digging through the garbage behind the Mellark Bakery. His mother tried to run her off, and she and Prim would have starved if Peeta hadn't dropped some loaves into the fire, then tossed the ruined bread to Katniss to take home to Prim. Later, when Katniss saw a dandelion in a field, she associated the flower with hope and hope with Peeta.

He was, ever after, The Boy with the Bread. He had saved her life. So when Peeta's name was called out at the Reaping, his was only the third most dreaded name Katniss could have heard the first being Prim's and the second being Gale's.

She knew that in order to survive and return from the Arena, she was going to have to kill him, or see him be killed. Peeta manipulates Katniss throughout the series.

He's not the angel he's portrayed as! Katniss manipulates Peeta using his love for her as a tool. I'm just not sure. It could go either way really.

I really don't care one way or the other. I just like the story! See results Throughout the 74th annual Hunger Games, Katniss pretends that she is in love with Peeta in order to please the sponsors, but she immediately reveals the truth upon their return from the Arena.

Peeta is, for obvious reasons, devastated, but he remains determined to convince her to love him, in spite of her rejection. Perhaps because of her rejection, the Capitol doesn't have a hard time convincing Peeta that Katniss never loved him and was, in fact, his enemy. In the end, it's Katniss who must convince Peeta of their love for one another. It takes the events of Mockingjay for Katniss to begin to come to terms with her feelings for Peeta and to be able to tell him that she loves him.

The question is, does she, in fact, love him in the end, or is this just another form of manipulation used by Peeta to make her think that she does? He picks up another rock and throws it off the cliff, and the force field around the arena throws it back. Moments later Haymitch hears Maysilee screaming and runs in her direction to find her being attacked by deadly candy pink birds, who spear her throat with their razor sharp beaks right as he arrives.

Haymitch rushes over to her side, just as Katniss would do for Rue 23 years later, and holds her hand until she dies. Haymitch and one of District 1's female tributes make it to the final two, and they fight, but both are severely injured. Haymitch, at one point, slices her eye out, and later is disarmed and hit in his stomach by her axe. A weakened Haymitch rushes to the cliff while holding his intestines in and reaches the cliff with the District 1 female right behind him.

Haymitch falls to his knees due to his injuries. The District 1 female tribute throws her axe, aiming for his head, but he dodges it. She then just stands there thinking she would outlast him, but the force field returns the axe into the arena, burying itself into the District 1 female's head, killing her and leaving Haymitch the victor. In Mockingjayit is revealed that two weeks after he was crowned victor of the second Quarter Quell, his mother, younger brother and girlfriend were all killed by President Snow because of the stunt that Haymitch pulled with the axe and force field.

For the next 23 years, Haymitch mentors the tributes for District 12 alone. Due to the horror of the Games, his grief over his family's deaths, and the fact that every tribute he trained was killed in the arena, Haymitch turns to drinking and isolates himself from the rest of District He begins sleeping with a knife in his hand and refuses to let anyone into his house.

Katniss later mentions that it was as if he had sentenced himself to solitary confinement. The Hunger Games Haymitch first appears when he goes on stage during the reaping. Drunk and staggering, he head-dives off the stage. He is then seen on the train taking Katniss and Peeta to the Capitol, drunk again, and vomits on the expensive floor, which disgusts Effie.

Peeta cleans him up, washes him and puts him to bed. The next morning, he eats breakfast with Katniss and Peeta who get into a fight with him. Katniss breaks it up by throwing a knife between Haymitch's hand and his drink glass. He is pleased to have finally gotten a pair who will put up a fight. He examines them and begins to formulate a plan for them. During the parade, he is surprised by Katniss and Peeta's costumes and takes this advantage by making more future plans to help them.

He takes them and tells them about their training for the games and asks if they want to be trained together or privately. He learns their skills Katniss- bow and arrow; Peeta- strength during an argument with them while on the train. He tells them to train and learn new things at the training center, to avoid practicing the skills they excel in, and to stay by each other's side. He is humored and laughs when Katniss tells him how the Gamemakers looked after she almost shot them with an arrow.

He is pleased with their training scores and tells Katniss she got a high score due to her attitude. Later he informs her that Peeta changed his mind and asked to be coached in private. He tries to teach Katniss how to speak in front of the crowd during her interview with Caesar Flickerman, but fails and is only angered, saying she has the charm of a dead slug.

Before the games begin he tells them to stay alive During the Games, Haymitch helps Effie line up sponsors. He also communicates with Katniss through giving or withholding of her sponsor gifts he does not send water when she is close to a source, but sends broth and medicine when she "plays her part" convincingly.

He does not help Peeta during the Games as only one of them could live, and he knew Katniss stood the best chance, although it is implied that Peeta may have told him to help Katniss and not him. He is thrilled when both of them come back alive and hugs them both. Before Katniss goes to her final interview with Caesar, he tells her that the Capitol is furious about her and Peeta's act in the arena with the berries, because the Capitol saw it as an act of rebellion and tells her she must act in love with Peeta so that even Capitol and the rest of Panem will see it was not rebellion.

After the interview, he is positive that the Capitol is convinced she was in love and not rebelling. He goes back to District 12 with Katniss and Peeta. When he gets home, he starts drinking heavily again. Catching Fire "You just remember who the enemy is. At times, he gets so drunk that he sleeps for most of the day. At the beginning of the book, Haymitch is passed out and drunk. Katniss fails in her first attempt of shaking him awake, so she resorts to dumping a bucket of water on him.

This results in a startled Haymitch who begins to slash randomly in all directions and yell. When the time comes for the victory tour, Haymitch accompanies Katniss and Peeta along with Effie Trinket and their stylists and prep teams. Katniss goes to his apartment, and when the train stops for fuel, she suggests they go outside, and tells him about the encounter with President Snow, how he told her how the other districts are on the verge of rebelling, and that the "star-crossed lovers" act must be believed by everyone if she plans on keeping her family and friends alive.

He coaches Katniss through the "madly in love" facade which she must keep up with Peeta.

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Haymitch is surprised and somewhat disgusted by Katniss losing her temper with Effie after she complains about the train's unplanned stop. Haymitch helps them through preparation for their victory speech they must give to the grieving families of the District 11 tributes, Thresh and Rue. After Peeta finishes his speech. Katniss' speech to honor Thresh and Rue, and the three-finger salute she does in their honor, are viewed as an act of rebellion by the Peacekeepers. They shoot an elderly man, which causes unrest.

Haymitch interrogates Katniss and Peeta for answers, and he and Katniss must confess what has been happening to Peeta since they kept him in the dark, which angers him. Haymitch, is taken along with the others to a room to prepare to depart. Haymitch continues to help them throughout the rest of the time until President Snow declares that the third Quarter Quell tributes will be reaped from the existing pool of victors.

Haymitch continues drinking, maybe worse than usual. When Katniss enters his house—after freaking out in an empty victor's house cellar—he laughs because Peeta had already talked to him, making Haymitch, Peeta and Katniss after Gale was whipped by Romulus.

Haymitch promise that this time Peeta be kept alive. Then Haymitch asks, "Well, what do you want then? Katniss refuses to hand it back, so Haymitch pulls out another. Haymitch is drunk and talks about how even if he is reaped Peeta will volunteer for him to be with her.

Katniss asks him what he'll do if Peeta's name is drawn. And she convinces him that because he owes Peeta and he hates life anyway, Haymitch should go into the Hunger Games instead of Peeta. Gale then walks in to where Katniss bawls in his arms.

Haymitch's name is called by Effie but barely has time to frown before Peeta volunteers. Haymitch and Plutarch Haymitch begins to plan the rebellion. He jokes and says "stay alive" and urges them to befriend other tributes. When the games begin he works with District 4, and later 3 and 7, since Katniss, Peeta, Finnick Odair, Beetee, Wiress, and Johanna Mason were in an alliance together but are working with Plutarch behind the scenes to help the second rebellion.

When Katniss blows up the force field and is in the hovercraft that rescues her, him, Beetee, Finnick and Plutarch gather together and talk about what has happened. When Katniss enters the room, he is annoyed and explains everything that has recently happened.

Katniss is enraged with all of Haymitch's lies that she cuts his face with her nails and since he cannot attack her, they both yell at each other until she is taken away. Mockingjay "Well, I'll see you tomorrow. He asks everyone to come up with a moment when Katniss has ever touched them inside. After everyone finishes, he states that she did them all by herself.

When Haymitch and Katniss find themselves alone in the meeting room, Haymitch told her to say what she wants and she asks him why he let Peeta get captured.


Haymitch sadly asks why she let Peeta out of her sight. The two begin to reconnect and comfort each other. Haymitch tells her the plan to shoot the propo live in action. After Peeta's interview, Haymitch clarifies that Peeta gave a hint about an attack that is going be launched by the Capitol. District 13 does not believe him, but Katniss does, and the citizens begin to panic. Haymitch and the other head members of the rebellion begin to form a plan for the impending attack.

effie trinket and haymitch abernathy relationship questions

Haymitch informs Katniss about the rescue team to save Peeta, JohannaEnobariaand Annie from the Capitol and tells her Gale was the first to volunteer to be a member of the rescue team. When the group returns and receives medical treatment, they meet in the command room. Haymitch, along with the others, discusses the propo.

They decide to allow Katniss to go back into combat and shoot more propos after she is fully recovered. When Katniss returns to her hospital bed, Haymitch enters and talks to her for awhile. Haymitch is mad at Katniss for removing her earpiece and shows signs of vengeful thoughts towards her. She makes sure not to be left alone with him. He later goes back to the command room to discuss topics and other objectives that must be taken care of with the head of the rebellion.

She asks him if they need her help and he informs her she could shoot propos to air during the rescue mission. Haymitch comforts Katniss, who is sad because she did not go along with them.

He explained to her that two weeks after he was crowned victor, President Snow killed his mother, younger brother and girlfriend. Around midnight, Haymitch informs them the rescue party has made it back safely and they go to meet them.

Haymitch goes to District 2 with the others. He meets Lyme and attempts to think of a plan to attack a mountain nicknamed "The Nut" and take control of District 2. Gale pulls a plan together where they would set off avalanches to collapse the Nut, which Haymitch does not fully agree with. After the rebellion, he, alongside Peeta and Katniss, goes back to District He continues to drink, but he also raises geese.

Work Haymitch doesn't work, he drinks alcoholic beverages, but before the second rebellion, he mentored tributes annually. However, after the war he raises geese in addition to obsessively drinking. Haymitch probably gets most of his money from the Capitol's Victors monthly allowance. In Catching Fire, he is described as formerly being young, strong, and "something of a looker" 25 years ago when he won the games; he had curly dark hair and gray Seam eyes that are bright.

In the films, he has straight blond hair and blue eyes like the people in the merchant sector. Relationships It is mentioned in Mockingjay that two weeks after being crowned victor, his girlfriend, mother, and younger brother were all killed by the Capitol due to the stunt he pulled with the force field in the 50th Hunger Games. He made the Capitol look stupid, being the only one to know the advantage of the force field.