Evangelion rei and shinji relationship memes

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evangelion rei and shinji relationship memes

It's a little hard to pin down quite why Ms. Ayanami is so popular, and especially EVA fandom often repeats the meme that Kaworu Died for Your Sins, and makes him out What is the relationship between Asuka and Rei?. A page for describing HoYay: Neon Genesis Evangelion. Shinji and Kaworu . and Asuka once jokes about Touji and Shinji having an intimate relationship. Neon Genesis Evangelion Controversy Meme People say kaworu and shinji's relationship was rushed and it's true but it doesn't mean it's bad. My personal #1 favorite is Rei/Shinji, but I like Misato/Shinji, too. As far as.

End of Evangelion The hospital scene. Shinji, already royally screwed up psychologically, visits Asuka as she lays comatose on a bed. He begs and pleads with her to wake up and say something, anything to make the pain go away. When she doesn't respond, he angrily shakes her, causing her hospital gown to fall open. His actions afterwords are no doubt wrong not to mention disgustingbut Shinji was so desperate to keep himself from crossing a Despair Event Horizon that pleasing himself seemed to be the quickest solution.

Needless to say, it doesn't work. To further compound the issue, Asuka probably couldn't care less that a former ally is now masturbating over her naked body. She gets better, but still Ritsuko deserves a mention here.

evangelion rei and shinji relationship memes

She installs a firewall to keep out the hackers for a couple of days, but while she is doing this she tries to sabotage Gendo by changing plans. The computer she was working with was based on three sides of her mother, Naoko's, personality Melchoir-1 as a scientist, Balthasar-2 as a mother, and Casper-3 as a woman.

She was Gendo's mistress. A loving daughter's final request - mother, let's end it together.

Mother, how could you choose your lover over me?! If you know it's coming, Misato's death scene is especially gut-wrenching.

Is there ever a relationship for Shinji and Rei that went somewhere? [Spoilers] : evangelion

Especially hard-hitting is the speech she makes beforehand. She knows she's dying, and she spends her last moments trying honestly to help Shinji and bring him out of his BSOD, even using her own death to try and shock him back into action; trying to show that even if it hurts and everything seems to have gone to hell which by that point, it pretty much hasyou can still step forward.

Even sadder is the fact that Misato may have been saying that to herself just as much as she was saying it to Shinji. You can practically hear the pain and anguish in her voice.

The title is German and means "Come, sweet death". Humanity didn't see besides Shinji and maybe Asuka. Gendo's part in this scene. The true tragedy of his character is laid bare, as he was in the end, not some monster or megalomaniac supervillain, but a lonely, broken human being who's immense sense of self-loathing led him to believe that he was unworthy of being loved, and that only Yui could ever love him, leading him to self-sabotage his own chances at any semblance at happiness as he wounded up sending his own child away out of the fear that he would only drag him down along with him and dedicated himself to a single-minded pursuit of recovering Yui, no matter the cost.

evangelion rei and shinji relationship memes

At the end of it all, Gendo is woefully aware of all the damage he did in trying to fulfil his plan and believes that the only fate he deserves is to die in agony.

Asuka's death is pretty hard too. It's especially crushing because she had just crawled out of her Heroic BSoD and seemingly destroyed her enemies in one of the greatest mecha battles ever.

She fails entirely because of circumstances that she couldn't affect. And the act itself was sickeningly brutal: Eva is mutilated, torn apart and devoured, and Asuka with it because of her synch-ratio. So, everybody just die. Then, what are those hands for? Nobody cares whether I exist or not. Then, what is that heart for?

It'd be better if I wasn't here either. So I should just die, too. Then, why are you here? Is it okay for me to be here? Young Shinji building a sand castle on his own, then crying and kicking it down. The moment just before Shinji begins Instrumentality. He's curled up in the EVA cockpit, falling to pieces, screamingand then he looks up and sees Kaworu, smiling, and for just a second he looks so overwhelmingly happy, for the first time in God knows how long.

It's just heartbreaking to realize that Shinji is so broken that a single smile from a boy that he only knew for a few days means so much to him. Like much of End, the very last scene is both disturbing and heartbreaking: Shinji trying to strangle Asuka with a blank face, and then he just breaks down crying.

evangelion rei and shinji relationship memes

What Asuka does deserves clarification: Then, thinking back to Shinji's internal struggle where Asuka called him "worthless", hence why he's choking her up to this point where Shinji realizes from this one, affectionate gesture that he's wanted and has worth to someone One of the unused endings "Last B" is further depressing: Shinji is lying on the beach holding onto someone's white arm. He says "I'll never see them again.

It's better to think of it this way.

evangelion rei and shinji relationship memes

I'm still alive, so I'll keep on living. We eventually see that there is nobody lying near Shinji, just a white arm without the rest of the body. There is no one around for the possibility to make him feel a sense of worth to someone. This ending ultimately turns the series into a full-on Shoot the Shaggy Dog ending, even when compared to the existing ending.

Pen-Pen is usually the Plucky Comic Relief in the series. However, his appearance in the movie where he watches Shinji confront and strangle Asuka, seeming very confused, just somehow seems to hammer in how depressing it gets. If you don't tear up at it, you officially have no soul. An epic, yet sad Dying Moment of Awesome. After Unit 01 rips apart Unit 03, the rescue team reaches the entry plug and finds that Toji is dead.

Shinji visits Rei and gets Grounded

We then see Hikari smiling and planning the lunch she's going to make for Toji. This is one scene where the manga manages to be even more emotionally wrenching than the anime.

I can't wait to see his face Kensuke suggests going after him but Hikari says that it's probably for the best because it will never really be the same between them anymore. She isn't stating it in anger but as a sad fact that can't be changed. Kaji's backstory in the manga.

He was orphaned by the Second Impact and put into an orphanage, which he escaped with five other kids, one being his little brother, to go around stealing things to survive.

They found a military base and began robbing it for food, until one day, Kaji was caught. He was beaten by a soldier and asked where his friends were. When he didn't say anything, the soldier threatened to use deadly force on him, pointing a pistol with a trigger pull of two-and-a-half kilos at his head. Kaji was so scared of death he told where his friends were. The soldiers went to find them, he knocked out one of the soldiers guarding him, and ran.

When he finally found his hideout, the soldiers were already leaving. They died so that he may live. The saddest part is, this is probably what would really happen in a post-apocalyptic situation such as this. It's enough to make some of the most hardened of us well up. Although he doesn't show it, it's revealed in an artbook and in the manga version that Kaji is a self-hating mess.

In the manga, he describes himself as "someone who does not deserve to be happy" which is the reason for his extremely dysfunctional relationship with Misato. While Kaworu was definitely more of a villain here than he was in the TV series, his death is actually pretty tragic, probably more so here than in the show, primarily in how it's setup.

While in the anime it's set up as a self-sacrificial moment, in the manga it's very clear that Kaworu just wants Shinji to Mercy Kill him, since SEELE will do it anyway if he doesn't initiate Third Impact, which is, of course, his only other option.

Shinji doesn't want to do it because he doesn't want to lose anybody else, even though he continually made it clear that he didn't like Kaworu, but he complies. And instead of showing Kaworu's head falling into the LCL pool, we are treated to Shinji's perception of how he views the scene, which involves him personally strangling Kaworu to death in the very place they first met.

Gendo is an irredeemable asshole in the manga - power-hungry and ruthless, and a world-class nihilist to boot.

The assumption that, like in the anime and EoE he might feel remorse for the way he treated Shinji, despite his reasons is shattered when, upon the anniversary of Yui's death, he notices Shinji wanting to reach out to him and shoots him down saying: For some reason, people think they can do that. Remember that they can't. Never completely, never enough. And as he dies, he remembers that when Shinji was just a baby, he DID feel love for his son, but was too scared of the notion of being a father to become close to him.

He regrets this deeply, and his last thoughts are hoping that Shinji survives and lives a better life. In the anime, Gendo dropped Shinji off at a train station for him to be taken in by Shinji's "sensei" a teacher or possibly a caretaker whose name and gender are never mentioned even once.

However, in the manga, Gendo drops Shinji off to live with his uncle and aunt. When confronted by Misato at the train station, Shinji says, in tears, that he "doesn't want to go back to where he was. Second, there is an incident where Shinji finds a bike lying in the trash, picks it up, and a nearby police officer takes him in for theft.

The Other Wiki has placed Shinji into the "Fictional bisexuals" category. While this proves little, it does say a lot. Several games, Kaworu's offered as a romantic choice for Shinji, including the ones he is not a main character like Secret of Evangelion: Kaworu and Shinji are a Beta Couple to the player's main character and their pairing of choice.

In particular the official game, Neon Genesis Evangelion 2, has the official stats for Kaworu's and Shinji's affection as high starter in romantic and low in friendship. In the 4koma gag comic strip not confused with the anime adaptationPuchi Eva or Petit Eva, Kaworu's blatantly in love with Shinji he desires to be his wife in his profile and calls Gendo his father in law.

There are a number of teases in several strips, including one with Kaworu moving in with his family the angels to live with the Ikaris. Yui's supportive of their relationship and teases Shinji about it. For a online Valentine's Day Special campaign in a mobile phone, Shinji and Kaworu were drawn sharing the Red String of Fate tied to their pinky, both bashful with a multiple heart patterned background.

In one of the previews for 3. The implication was that the boy was Kaworu, though. Later on he blushes when Kaworu tells Shinji he can just call him by his first name. Rebuild's theme songs Beautiful World and Sakura Nagashi are both very much to do with Kaworu and Shinji's relationship. Beautiful World is rather blatantly about Shinji from Kaworu's perspective, as supported by the male pronoun "boku", and distinctly similar speech patterns. And as for the content Who else would profess so selflessly that their only wish is to sleep by Shinji's side?

Who sleeps with him in both the original and the films? The singer doesn't care where it is, as "anywhere would do", and in 3. Sakura Nagashi is a song about coping with grief, and mourning for a lover deceased.

Guess who dies in that film If the song is read in that light, then the lyrics are very revealing of Shinji's feelings towards Kaworu. You were so beautiful. What would you think of me, living without you? What about any of that is 'ambiguous'? Far less blatant is the open admiration Bridge Bunny Maya has towards her superior Ritsuko, though unfortunately for her Ritsuko is far too busy getting banged by Gendo.

Ritsuko and Maya get a Crowning Moment of Awesome in episode 13, when they defeat the Eleventh Angel by reprogramming a computer. This being MayaRitsuko gets excessively fangirled for her contribution. Let's not forget the onsen bath scene with Misato and Asuka. Through suggestive dialogue and giggling it's hinted that Misato was feeling up her mutually naked charge in some rather provocative ways, under the blanket of being "innocent girlie fun. Amusing as the idea may be, it's not canon, though you can really imagine what you want with Eva And there's a scene in Rebuild 2.

Shinji reminds him that he's a boy and in response Kaji says "No problem. Gender shouldn't get in the way of love," places his hand on Shinji's, gets close to his face, and tries or pretends to to kiss him and Shinji blushes, letting out an almighty squeal. In episode 17, Kaji inexplicably flirts with Shinji.

Wanna go out for tea? You know, I'm a boy. So if that had been the final version, Kaworu wouldn't have been the first person to say that to him. Their interactions in "The Day Tokyo-3 Stood Still" actually bordered on a bizarre case of Belligerent Sexual Tensionespecially since they made temporary peace with each other in the end.

In Rebuild of EvangelionAsuka later volunteers to pilot Unit 03 so that Rei can bring Shinji and his father closer together. She does this for Rei, who in most incarnations she doesn't care for at all. They're on better terms in Angelic Days as well, once even holding hands. Even in the main manga adaptation, Asuka grows more comfortable in Rei's presence over time. When Shinji's in the hospital following his battle with Eva, the two of them are together in the waiting lobby though quite a distance apart due to Rei sitting down while Asuka's standing against the wall and vocalize their thoughts and concerns about Shinji to one another.