Fairy tail fanfiction natsu son of zeref and mavis relationship

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fairy tail fanfiction natsu son of zeref and mavis relationship

Lucy and Rogue have lived in Tenrou with Mavis and Zeref for as long as they can remember. When they reach ten, Mavis sends them to Fairy tail, where they begin to explore the world Rated: Fiction T - English - Lucy H., Team Natsu, Rogue C. - Chapters: 7 - Words: -Mavis and Zeref's relationship. This fanfic, meaning, every chapter occurs in X or maybe could be later Really hard, and this is Natsu's son we're talking about. I was just thinking, without The Magical Tree, I don't know how our relationship will end . "Mavis and Zeref, you know, Fairy Tail first master and the dark wizard" Mira said. Being in the custody of his parents' friend Zeref, Natsu's locked up in his own room to preserve his life. What will become of Natsu? and what about their relationship? The child is the combined feature of both Grandine and Igneel, . Igneel and Grandine handed Natsu to Zeref and Mavis, both of them.

Lucy seem like she was confused about it also. Master also shocked and just look at Akira. I don't remember anything about it," she told Levy. Everyone keeps silent, do not know what to say until someone talking.

Fairy Tail's founder and first Master. It's just I'm bored alone at the Tenroujinma, that's why I'm out. I want to see around the town. But when I saw this young boy earlier, I followed him until he came to Fairy Tail. So where is him now? Akira seems sad when Master asked him about Zeref. He left after he sends me here. He said that I will see Mama and Uncle Natsu here. He told me to live with Mama and he asked Uncle Natsu to take care of me until Mama and Uncle Natsu remembered everything.

Also, Dad said something about Uncle Natsu being ready and when it is time, we will see him again," Akira lasts his word with smiling.

Did you know him? Uncle Natsu also Mama's best friend already before I born. Everyone seem so surprised when heard Akira's story especially Natsu and Lucy. One hundred and thirteen days since this dungeon had become her home. One hundred and thirteen days of madness and agony, of hopelessness and hate, of a world spiralling down and down and down. But she wanted him to ask, so he duly did: This death, this devastation… I only want to put an end to it. Or Cana-" "It was war! What do you think happens when you aim a Jupiter blast directly for a man who possesses no defensive magic?

I'd known Ajeel from the moment he was born! Oh, wait…" Satisfied that she had made her point, Erza leaned back in the chair, heedless to the crunch of misshapen bones. There was a light in her eyes that the flickering torch-flames could not fully explain — a light too cold and too vicious to befit a Master of Fairy Tail.

And he was the one who looked away, in the end; his gaze dropping to the floor as he whispered, "This was never supposed to happen. The rest of us figured out Zeref was evil a long time ago. There I was thinking the unprovoked invasion of my home and subsequent slaughter of my friends provided pretty damning evidence.

If you had just given His Majesty what he wanted, it would never have come to pass. Erza stretched in the silence, not seeming to care that the motion quickened the dripping of blood from her chair. At night, they burn in the distance, like the world is stuck before a dawn that will never come… Do you know why?

He destroyed the villages to the north and set fire to the farmland. He fears His Majesty too much to draw near. Why has no one put out the blaze? I doubt there is anyone left alive to do so. You and you alone are the reason why His Majesty does not have the power to stop Acnologia's wrath. They showed me what was left of Macao once your precious emperor realized his life was worthless. That's why you've kept me alive all this time. If I die, Tenrou Island will be lost to this world forever.

Usually when they come to ask me questions, they at least have the courtesy to bring me gifts. As distasteful as he found the way she had been treated, it did not change the fact that for a hundred and thirteen days his silence had condoned it.

Take it to Zeref? And with it, he will finally be able to defeat Acnologia, and we will have peace at last. And then she could no longer restrain herself. Her laughter ran uncontrollably around a room that had no idea how to deal with such a sound, and so echoed it back over and over. Where have you been these past few months? Are you really so insulated here in your stolen castle that you can't hear the children crying, the parents screaming? Can't you taste the dread in the air?

Smell the burning fields? Look around you, August! There is nothing left of Fiore but death and death and death — that is what happens when Zeref gets his way!

This is the result of your obstinance leaving him with no means of protecting his people from Acnologia! Zeref cares about no one but himself! He has governed Alvarez for centuries.

He built our country up from nothing; took us from earth and ashes to prosperity and peace. Don't make me laugh.

Give him what he wants — let him use Fairy Heart to destroy Acnologia once and for all.

fairy tail fanfiction natsu son of zeref and mavis relationship

He's a good man. She was so strong, you know?

fairy tail fanfiction natsu son of zeref and mavis relationship

She didn't beg for her life. She didn't even cry, not once. With her dying breath, she told me not to give up. And do you know what I felt, when she died? And not for him. Because it's easy for her, isn't it? She doesn't have to suffer the consequences of staying strong any more — and yet she had the nerve to tell me I had to keep on doing it even as she escaped for good.

I never thought I would see the day when I could watch a friend die without shedding a tear, but you really can become desensitized to anything, if exposed to it enough times. That's not him, not really. If he acts cruel, it is only because you have left him with no choice!

But that's not true, is it? Do you think I don't know, because I'm trapped in here? Do you think I can't see it? Why has no one put out the fires in the fields, August? If he was still capable of looking the other way, he wouldn't be here. By the time harvest comes around again, they believe they will be dead. It is fear which drives him to madness!

Without Fairy Heart, he can't kill Acnologia, and Acnologia can't kill him, though he'll try and try endlessly — that is the future waiting for him at the end of everything! Can you even imagine that horror? My friends are dead. And he just won't let me die… I don't have to imagine it.

Perhaps he was held in a chamber that stopped from ageing until he was needed? That thought somewhat disgusted Mavis, but Zeref always had his reasons for doing things. Like he was unsure what to do. Natsu was by his side, stopping anyone—basically Gray—from attacking his elder brother. Zeref seemed to be thinking though. Mavis knew the only reason Zeref allowed Natsu this close was because of the scarf Igneel had gifted so long ago.

The two were chatting quietly, no doubt about what would happen in the future. Natsu seemed convinced that a cure for the curse could be found. While Zeref had done so much wrong, everyone deserved a second chance. The only problem with a cure is that Zeref may take his own life Mavis never wants to live through that.

It would hurt way too much. Larcade was by her side. The boy was still jealous over Natsu, but he was less likely to lash out and become murderous. The boy seemed calm and relaxed, which seemed to be a rarity for him.

Zeref looked to be quite envious of this, but made no mention of it. It was as if he were afraid of causing an issue. He was always someone who apologised so much Mavis looked around at the me members of her guild. They were untrusting of Zeref. They were waiting for him to attack them She could not blame them for that. The blonde sighed heavily and made her way to the Dragneel brothers.

Oh—and he wants to join Fairy Tail! I merely said it would not be a bad option. You seem to have forgotten about my curse already, little brother.

I suppose the gods have yet to forgive him for doing what he did Even the gods themselves have forsaken me. They are unaffected by your curse. When Zeref felt love for others, it attacked the people he cared for. Everyone here should really have The once dark Mage met her kiss very quickly, but pulled away after a moment, looking over her with worry shining in his dark eyes.

He seemed to want to say something, and Mavis was glad not to have felt the coldness rip through her like it did before.

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She was still alive. What if you did die, Mavis? We would be back at square one again.