Final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship help

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final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship help

Read Reasons from the story Cloud X Aerith Is Canon: Here's 50 about the relationship between Cloud and Aeris in Final Fantasy VII might be answered . help answer questions about the relationship between Cloud and Aerith as it . Nomura: Yes, she died in Final Fantasy VII, but there's no real relation to . in KH *DOES* help answer questions about Cloud and Aerith's relationship in FFVII. Cloud and Tifa's relationship is one of the most complex in the entire Final Anyone who's played Final Fantasy VII remembers exactly when . 8 Tifa Played A Major Role In Helping Cloud Find Himself When He Felt Lost.

The most important talk between Tifa and Cloud

When development on the game began, there were only three characters to choose from: Aerith, Barret, and Cloud. Cloud was the main character of the game, which meant that either Aerith or Barret had to die.

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They were all older men and accomplished warriors who laid down their lives for the rest of the party. Aerith was chosen due to the fact that her death would have more impact, as she was a young and kind individual who had her whole life ahead of her.

This was due to the fact that it represented several different shifts in terms of direction for the series, which meant that Squaresoft couldn't screw it up.

final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship help

The exact relationship between Aerith and Sephiroth changed throughout the course of development. At the beginning, they were originally intended to be brother and sister, which likely meant that Sephiroth was meant to be a true descendant of the Cetra.

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This is the reason why Sephiroth and Aerith have similar hairstyles. This was likely still during the point of development before Zack had been created.

These relationships were all dropped and the two of them don't interact much before Sephiroth kills her. This is because she fights with a staff and her limit breaks are all based on magical effects.

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Aerith's stats also support this, as her abilities are focused towards improving the power of spells. Aerith doesn't have to be relegated to the role of party healer, though, as the player can steal an awesome weapon for her that you wouldn't normally be able to acquire until later in the game. I guess you didn't see the part where I said: I follow the "normal" plot as Nomura put it.

The "normal" plot that says the Cloud and Aerith date is the canon choice.

final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship help

And, honestly, if the best argument you have for Cloud and Tifa is "Aerith dies" then that's not evidence at all. Tidus died at the end of FFX, does that mean Yuna and him couldn't love each other still?

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Because there's an entire sequel created just to show fans that love survives distance, time, and even death. Crisis Core has its fair share of retcons, like Zack giving Aerith the ribbon when really Dismantled and even the original game shows Aerith always had a ribbon; Crisis Core also says Zack suggest Aerith start selling her flowers but Dismantled states that Aerith met Zack while selling flowers. Regarding the relationship of Zack and Aerith, the creators have described them as "platonic", "juvenile", and "similar to friendship".

final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship help

And in Dismantled Kaitai Shinsho there is a passage on page from Aerith during the Gongaga mission where Aerith admits that while at first she thought Cloud was similar to Zack, she quickly recognized that Cloud was "Cloud" and that she "undoubtedly loves Cloud much more" than she ever loved Zack, which was also backed up in Maiden of the Planet where Aerith also admits that she "loved Cloud much more than her first love.

Those same Ultimania books also state that "although Aerith felt close to Cloud because he behaved like Zack, her interest in Cloud himself grows and she is attracted to him".

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It's because of Aerith's "mysterious and inherent Cetra ability", that Aerith was able to "discover" the "real" Cloud while nobody else including Tifa could. So as you can see, Aerith fell out of love with Zack, knew the real Cloud, and still loved Cloud more than anything. The Zerith ship, while important for both Zack and Aerith, is a past that both Zack and Aerith moved on from. While Zack and Aerith were canon during their teenage years, they aren't now.

He called Tifa out to the water tower to tell her about his departure, hoping to impress her, and upon her request promised to save her if she ever found herself in trouble. The following spring, he left for Midgarthe metropolis that is Shinra's seat of power. Ashamed of his failure, he doesn't keep in contact with the people from his hometown.

final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship help

Though he is unsuccessful, their lives are saved by the Player Turk. During the incident Cloud displays impressive sword skills for a regular infantryman. Hollanderformer Shinra employees who have turned against the company. When Hollander attempts to escape, Cloud briefly captures him.

At the age of sixteen, Zack and Cloud meet again on September while protecting the city of Junon from Genesis's attack. Nibel, and Tifa is to act as their guide. Cloud did not expect to return to Nibelheim so soon and feeling embarrassed of his failure to join SOLDIER, he hides his identity from the townspeople, and especially Tifa, by wearing his helmet prominently, although he does visit his mother who asks about his new life with Shinra. When the expedition reaches the reactor Sephiroth discovers Professor Hojo 's experiments with humans mutated into monsters dubbed makonoids and Jenova, whom Sephiroth mistakenly believes to be his mother.

Cloud is knocked out by Genesis and is helped back into town by Tifa.