Friday night lights matt and julie relationship goals

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friday night lights matt and julie relationship goals

Matt and Julie's relationship ends shortly into the season. Julie's relationship with the Swede ends quickly, but her relationship with Matt does not reignite until. Matthew "Matt" Saracen is a fictional character in the NBC/DirecTV (The Network) television drama series Friday Night Lights portrayed by the actor, At one time, Matt's relationship with both of his parents was strained. a football player, the relationship blossoms when Julie recognizes that Matt is not a stereotypical. Here's a roundup of our favorite couples from 'Friday Night Lights.' view all 3, comments · Add a comment Instagram. Julie Taylor and Matt Saracen.

And then it hit me as I watched this episode: Between Tim and Lyla and Matt and Julie, there was enough love and looks of deep affection to keep me warm all winter long. A quick note to Taylor Kitsch: You could use a little trim as your hair is approaching ponytail length, and that is just not acceptable.

Until They Meet Again: Matt and Julie | Gaslight Edition

Keep the grease, but get a trim, okay? Oh, and please continue to help the Lions during practice because seeing you in a jersey again was the best Chrismukkah present that a girl could ask for! It is quite apparent that Tim and Lyla are both hot commodities and they have amazing chemistry.

Alas, Lyla must return to school and move on without him. They both understand responsibility, commitment and compromise.

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Matt and Julie have always been my favourite FNL pairing. Their lead-up to becoming a super couple was very gradual and awkward but so satisfying when it finally came to fruition. Their first break-up was uncalled for and left me in a state of mourning.

But their reunion was so carefully planned that it made us forget all about the stupid Swede from Season Two that looked nothing like a Swede. This latest episode reminded me just how much they really do love and care for each other.

However, Voodoo's inability to be a team player and temper causes Coach Taylor to bench him and give the starting position back to Matt.

friday night lights matt and julie relationship goals

Despite the upturn of events, Matt still struggles with feelings of inferiority and lack of confidence from time to time. In the episode, "Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes", he, Jason, Riggins, and Smash hang out at the field and confesses that he is not confident of his chances in the upcoming state semifinals against the Brant Vikings, leading Jason to give him an impromptu coaching session right then and there. Jason is seen giving advice and encouraging him at the state semifinals against the Vikings, playing in pouring rain and a muddy field.

In the state championship game, he passes for yards and 2 touchdowns in leading the Panthers to a 27—26 epic comeback victory over West Cambria High School. Matt also begins a relationship with Coach Taylor's daughter, Julie.

Matt Saracen

Beginning as a one-sided crush because of Julie's intentions never to date a football player, the relationship blossoms when Julie recognizes that Matt is not a stereotypical jock.

Coach Taylor is not very pleased that they are dating and often interferes with their relationship. Matt also develops a father-son bond with Coach Taylor and feels betrayed when Coach Taylor accepts a job at TMU at the end of the season. Matt's relationship with Coach never fully recovers. Season 2[ edit ] Season 2 begins with Matt's relationship with Julie, who stays in Dillon with her mom while Coach Taylor lives in Austinfalling apart. Julie's problems at home, coupled with a crush on her older co-worker, cause her to break up with Matt.

After some time, Julie attempts to reconcile. At first, Matt is receptive, but he eventually refuses, saying that he will feel like a chump if he takes her back. Matt begins dating the new cheerleader at school. Matt's friendship with Smash also begins falling apart. Matt believes that Smash, now a heavily-recruited senior, no longer cares about the team and cares only about himself and his college prospects.

The two get into a fight after the first game of the season and continue fighting until Coach Taylor, back from his stint at TMU, benches them until they can get their act together. They quickly realize that they are fighting for nothing and become friends again.

Problems at home force Matt to get an at-home nurse named Carlotta for his grandmother. At first, neither Matt nor his grandmother like Carlotta very much, but they soon begin to welcome her into their home. Matt develops feelings for Carlotta and breaks up with his cheerleader girlfriend so he can be with Carlotta.

She rebuffs him at first, but gives in eventually and she and Matt have sex. Their relationship does not last long, as Carlotta leaves the Saracen house to return to her family in Guatemala. Tired of everything he has gone through, Matt begins skipping school and practice so he can get drunk with Tim.

A night at the strip club with Tim ends early when Matt's grandmother has an accident at home and is taken to the hospital.

Matt passes out waiting for his grandmother to be released, which forces Coach Taylor to drive both home. A furious Coach throws Matt into a cold shower and berates him before Matt breaks down, asking Coach what is wrong with him that everyone in his life leaves him for something better. Coach responds by telling Matt that there is nothing wrong with him at all. Matt shapes up afterwards. Season 3[ edit ] Season 3 begins almost a year after the conclusion of Season 2.

New freshman quarterback, J. McCoy, who has just moved to Dillon, threatens Matt's position on the team. While Matt is still playing well, the new quarterback's skills, along with public pressure, force Coach Taylor to give J.

Matt, furious, threatens to quit before Coach talks him out of it. Matt's final game as a Panther sees him return to the quarterback position in the second half of the state championship game after J. After being held scoreless in the first half, the Panthers take the lead due to Matt's strong play, but they lose on the final possession when the other team kicks a field goal. During the season, Matt slowly begins reconnecting with his mother, whom he sets out to find to become an emancipated minor and take care of his grandmother's medical issues.

After learning about Matt's problems, his mother comes to Dillon hoping that Matt will allow her to help out at home even if he does not forgive her for leaving when he was a child. Matt also begins dating Julie again after a day spent together at the lake. Coach Taylor once again is not too pleased, especially after catching Julie in bed with Matt.

Matt's college prospects also come into play. He will not be playing football anywhere after being benched as a senior. He once confides to his mother after being benched that he never wanted to play in college and felt undeserving to be starting quarterback at all, given the circumstances leading to him becoming "QB1".

friday night lights matt and julie relationship goals