Ghost hunt mai and naru relationship marketing

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ghost hunt mai and naru relationship marketing

Naru the Ghost Hunt anime ended without answering some major questions, didn't it These 8 books are told from Mai's perspective and are written in the first person This refers to the publisher's catalogue listing and has little relation to the books themselves .. Tsukiji market in Tokyo is the world's largest fish market . Mai and Naru are assisted in the ghost-busting business by an argumentative supporting cast that includes John Brown, a teenage Catholic priest from Australia;. Naru always acts like he doesn't care or Mai's annoying but I she's ever in Ghost Hunt Photo: Naru and Mai Kazuya Shibuya and Mai Taniyama anime; So.

Furthermore, Mai is the only member of the team whom he addresses by her first name, without any honorifics, although this is addressed later on: Naru believed the pet-name "Naru" was Mai attempting to say his nickname "Noll", leading to Naru address her casually as he felt she did him. Mai is also the only character the audience has seen Naru smile and laugh towards.

Naru has a tendency to flick or tap her forehead gently, which is odd, as physical contact makes him uncomfortable. In the light novel series, Naru is made aware of Mai's feelings. However, he questions whether she really likes him, or if she likes the figure she saw in her dreams--his twin brother, Gene. According to the author of the series, she considered Naru and Mai to be canon and expected them to be together as a couple eventually.

However, she did not want to write that story because it doesn't interest her as a writer. Edit Monk and Mai have a very close, friendly relationship, and they are often compared to brother and sister. Monk appears to be very protective of Mai. When she attempted to exorcise powerful spirits by herself in Volume 5, it was he who came running to save her, and then gave her a stern lecture about safety. Earlier, he had been the one to teach her the incantations, although only for self-defense.

In fact, Monk is usually the one who explains complex terms and theories to Mai when Naru doesn't want to be bothered. When Monk finds out that Mai is an orphan, he jokingly offered to marry her, although Mai replies with a good-natured insult. Monk made a similar offer earlier in the series; Mai was upset when she found out that Masako and Naru saw each other outside of work, so Monk took her on a "double date" with Ayako and John, to cheer her up. Both instances were used by Monk to lighten Mai's mood with platonic intentions.

Edit Masako and Mai are often at odds throughout the series. They have very different personalities Masako is quiet and elegant while Mai is expressive and simpleand are both competing for Naru's affections. This causes occasional disputes between the two. Their relationship begins to improve in Volume 7, when Masako finally vocalizes her jealousy; ironically, at that time she also says "Because I hate you," when she asks Mai to give her a moment alone.

When Masako is kidnapped in The Bloodstained Labyrinth, Mai has an out-of-body experience, and gives Masako the key to Mai's old house, in order to lift her spirits and to help Masako know that they will find her. Although there is occasional jealousy between the two after that, they are able to work closely together and begin to behave in a more friendly manner.

This favor is the hold that Masako has over Naru. However, when he and Mai fell into the sewer, they were in danger of landing on a large pile of broken rubble. During the fall, Naru used his PK to move the pile away from their landing spot. This lead to his collapse afterwards at the base.

As he goes from the back of the classroom to the front, he touches several desks along the way. Then he suddenly asks if the students have been doing anything unusual in the classroom such as conducting a summoning.

ghost hunt mai and naru relationship marketing

Naru asks the question because his psychometric visions have shown him scenes of students performing a kokkuri-san summoning. Mai saw her rescue because she was having an out-of-body experience at the time. Only after she realized that she was witnessing the event from outside her body did it occur to her that seeing the event from outside her body might not be a good thing. Mai was disappointed that it was Lin who carried her to the clinic and not Naru although she did confess to herself that Naru might not have been able to carry her weight.

I once went to a place sacred to Native Americans, and this has a very similar feel. That was a holy place protected by spirits… Mai: A place where souls go through? Did Naru also say that in your dream? He said it in the cave — that it seemed like a place that souls got blown to. Unfortunately, most of his time in afterlife is spent in a dream-like state.

After Naru is released from the hospital, the gang begins their journey home. Naru stops the journey home and hires divers to search the lake. While they are waiting for the search results, they accept a case involving an old school house that was closed down. I do not know the specifics of the case. After the school house case is solved, the fact that Naru is Oliver Davis is revealed. Bou-san was teased about his idolizing Dr.

Mai Taniyama

Bou-san tried not to think about the whole situation. By this time, Mai has decided that dream! Naru is either a result of her subconscious or of Naru slipping out of his body. She does not suspect that it has been Gene visiting her. After his body is found, Gene visits her again. They meet in a forest area. He tells her that he was hoping he would be able to see her one last time.

They talk some about Noll returning to England.

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Mai is surprised at the comment because she believes that Naru is talking about himself. At the end of their conversation, Gene says that he had something he wanted to say to her, but he decides against saying it.

Mai waits a bit and when she turns to tell him to just say it, she hears someone walking towards her. When Mai looks back for dream! This is the last time that Mai sees Gene in the Evil Spirits series.

She accidentally lets it slip during a later conversation though. Mai decides that the image of Naru in her dreams must have been a result of how she feels for Naru. Until Mai told her that Gene is the spectral dream! Naru, Masako believed it was Naru who came to her. Masako knew before the others that Gene was dead and that Naru was searching for his body. However, she did not know that the brothers were identical twins until Mai told her nor did she realize that the boy who came to her when she was held captive was Gene.

However, he says that everyone dies eventually and that in one hundred years, no one will be around. Mai finally confesses her feelings for him to him. Naru smiles slightly and asks her if she loves him or his brother. She never tried to see the real Naru. When she finally stops crying, she is surprised to see that Naru is still there.

He tells her that she will see Gene again whether she wanted to or not. Mai asks if he means in years like he said earlier. Naru answers that she might have years to live. At his farewell party before leaving for England, Naru gives Mai a photograph that his mother Luella had accidentally left behind during a visit to Japan.

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In the photograph, Naru is not wearing black. This is where the Evil Spirits novel series ends.

ghost hunt mai and naru relationship marketing

I have no evidence of this. Naru and Lin have returned to Japan. The reason given is that Naru is interested in the supernatural and for some reason Japan has a lot of supernatural activity.

Although Gene has been buried, Naru is still wearing black. Yasuhara has been hired as a part-time office worker.

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Mai is now a part-time investigator. Unbeknownst to them, a Japanese police detective is working undercover as a member of the family. He is investigating Naru. The detective does not believe in the supernatural or the paranormal. Naru might have been a part of the murder itself. During the investigation, all of the usual SPR helpmates are eventually called in.

Bou-san, Ayako, Masako, John. Mai begins to have her strange visions again. She has not had one since Naru left for England. So we…gave her up for adoption.

Rhythm was her older sister? So that explains on why the girl seemed so much like her. I promise…" the woman nodded "Alright sweetie. Live it to the fullest. Get married, and give me lots of grand children to be proud of. Naru felt the girls hand moving and looked up to her angelic face, her eye's twitched a few times before they opened to see the pure white room, but quickly closed again from the brightness.

Don't ever do that again. I thought I lost you. Once they had calmed down Mai just sat there looking to him, she placed a gentle hand on his face. An I wouldn't have to lose anyone else I loved. I promise love…" he leaned closer and brushed his lips gentle onto hers giving her the most softest but passionate kiss.

Wrapping there arms around each other she deepened the kiss, not knowing the door opened, once they heard a small cough behind Naru they broke and looked blushing, the whole SPR gang was stood there. Grinning they gave Mai a hug. A lecture and smiled more, but Mai noticed someone wasn't there.

She told me… that Rhythm is my older sister. Mai nodded, "Wait you knew Rhythm? Which I grew to love.

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When I hit 13 they told me about my true family and I just smiled saying I would look for them. But when I heard on the news about Lisa Taniyama murdered in Shibuya central park 5 years ago, I was devastated, I thought I would never get to meet them, I thought Mai had been killed as well.

Then when Mai walked into my Coffee shop I knew I still had my biological sister. So I just kept it a secret until now. An I thought you might not have been able to handle it at that time.