Gillian chung and edison chen relationship

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gillian chung and edison chen relationship

Relationship: The former singer-actress is now the fiancee of businessman . Technorati Tags: edison chen, gillian chung, 钟欣桐, 阿娇, Cecilia. Gillian Chung, member of Cantopop duo Twins, who is career in due to a scandal with Edison Chen, also shared that she prefers her. Remember Hong Kong actor Edison Chen's scandal where he took of actresses Cecilia Cheung, Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan and Rachel Ngan her fifth photo book and in it, she talks about her relationship with Chen.

He was offered a small role in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift but he declined.

gillian chung and edison chen relationship

He also filmed a cameo as a thug in The Dark Knight but because of the scandal, his role was reduced and was seen very briefly as a receptionist instead.

Some reports states that he was originally cast to play Lau, a corrupted Chinese Accountant, which was played by Chin Han.

Edison Chen

He made his comeback in an Asian American film called Almost Perfect which he and his co-stars have been spending time promoting on several film festivals. The filming of the movie was scheduled to begin in but it has been delayed indefinitely. After eight years of doing short roles, he is officially making a comeback to the entertainment business after he was spotted filming for Lou Ye 's new project in Guangzhou in April It took him a number of successful album releases before he was given the opportunity to produce a hip hop album.

Several singles from the album topped local pop charts. Chen mentioned the difficulty of fitting in Hong Kong, where it is dominated by cantopopbut said that hip hop has a great potential.

Additional collaborations include Sammi Cheng and Jay Chou. Fashion[ edit ] Edison's foray into the fashion industry accompanied his rising success as a young pop icon. Community work[ edit ] As early as Chen had appeared in Vancouver charity shows.

Edison Chen's ex exposes him in book: It was sex every time, Latest Others News - The New Paper

He has also been a supporter for the gay and lesbian community in Hong Kong, including being voted as an icon in Chen eventually caught up to the two individuals as they were trying to board a bus. They were turned over to Hong Kong Police.

gillian chung and edison chen relationship

As a result of the incident, Chen reported that he sprained his ankle and that his cheekbone and ear were also injured. Chen declined to press charges and the two individuals were released. Their mother asked me to forgive them.

Love Before the Century ft. Edison and Gillian

I went to the hospital and got checked out and since it's just bruises, I decided to let it go. The gate was blocked by a Toyota Crown Comfort taxi that had just dropped off its passengers.

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The taxi driver then signaled Chen to move away so he could pull out, clearing the way for Chen to enter. Chen's security guard told the taxi driver to pull over so that Chen could pass. The taxi driver insulted the security guard.

gillian chung and edison chen relationship

Chen proceeded to have an argument with the taxi driver. Despite the presence of the security guard and other witnesses, he got out of his car and kicked the taxi several times, denting it and breaking all its windows. He was subsequently charged by the police.

gillian chung and edison chen relationship

On the basis of these charges he was convicted and placed on a one-year good behavior bond. Edison Chen photo scandal In JanuaryChen was involved in a widely publicised sex scandal when sexually explicit nude photographs of himself taken four years earlier became widely circulated on the Internet. Chen was never accused of uploading the photos himself and a computer technician was later sentenced for accessing Chen's computer during a repair. Nude photos of Edison's ex-girlfriend, Vincy Yeung, were also made public and the future of their relationship was the subject of intense media gossip.

Hong Kong police have stated that they confiscated a collection of sex-related photos that involve six other identifiable females and other unidentifiable males. Initially the authenticity of the photos was denied, and digital manipulation was used as the primary explanation for the pictures. A girl resembling Gillian Chung from the squeaky-clean group Twins with breasts peeking out from her bikini and her legs spread apart. In another picture, a man resembling Edison Chen performs cunnilingus on her.

A dazed-looking Cecilia Cheung posing in uniform in one picture, and nude in a bathroom in another.

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But as more and more photos were released into public domain, the newspapers soon changed their tune. She also sports the same belly ring, earring and tattoos as the real Cecilia Cheung. Various photography experts have also told the media that the pictures do not seem modified.

gillian chung and edison chen relationship

Even the Hong Kong cops soon conceded that the pictures appear real. Be careful of the viruses lurking out there when downloading stuff though! Our journalist friends around the region also tell us of how their colleagues have been gathering around computer monitors perving analysing the entire range of pictures together.

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Most of them appear to have made up their own minds. Among the exclamations frequently heard in offices and at lunch across Asia this week: Cecilia is so hairy! She could use a shave! He is so small!