Godric and eric relationship problems

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godric and eric relationship problems

It was like losing a parent for Eric, as well as his oldest and dearest friend. created the Godric episode (much different than the books, but not a problem for setting of the stage for future events involving Sookie's relationship with Eric. Eric spent a little more of a couple of centuries by Godric's side and. Eric Northman believes Godric is God; his maker exercises more influence fathers of daughters, he'd rather self-immolate than listen to her girl problems. and their sexual history became a wedge in the new relationship. post comments, give Kudos, create Collections and Bookmarks, participate in Challenges, import works, and more. Any information you publish in a comment, .

While this would be forgiven if she were moving around, this is no action scene. In fact, her movement is almost entirely restricted. In the end, it might not be necessary anyway. Her hair looks more freshly dyed and her side bangs much shorter. They might have made last-minute additions to the scene long after they filmed it, or they could have noticed unacceptable mistakes in post-production.

Whatever the case, it seems they had to bring the actress back a while later to say a few more lines. This makes for a pretty harsh image when they cry, considering how the only liquid in their bodies is blood. Though the actress does an impressive job fake crying, we unfortunately still have to count this as a continuity error.

Plastered on the green bottles are Steam Whistle labels, yet this brand only made in select provinces in Canada. Though there might be rare places to get it in the U. Most people have no idea what Steam Whistle even is.

Eric Northman

For some reason he still has the Cajun accent, even though this was merely part of his fake identity. There are a whole host of supernatural creatures that the show often depicts as vampire meals. If Eric refused to believe that James was his son, both of them should stand in front of the mirror.

Sookie was sure they would find many similarities in each other. James had bright blond hair and striking blue eyes. He was too tall for his age he was 14 years old and around six feet.

Sookie was afraid that by the age of 21 he was going to reach above 6'7" if he did not stop growing. Moreover, the way he carried himself; how he bent his shoulder a little bit and his habit, putting his hands inside his pockets and the way he smirked from time to time…all of those were shouting: It was not getting any easier either when Eric, James and Sookie herself were in the Northman Mansion's kitchen, talking about it.

Decisions, Chapter 10

Sookie tried her best to explain the situation to James, with a hope that if James saw and talked to Eric, he would understand, but the result was James paced around the kitchen angrily. He accused Sookie hiding the facts about who he really was.

He also accused her of being ashamed to have a vampire as a lover this sentence made Eric lift his eyebrow and look at her sharplyor being of losing her job if people knew that she had had a relationship with a vampire. Moreover, he accused her of being hypocrite to hate Godric and other vampires, but behind their back, she had a child with a vampire, not just any other vampire, but Godric's son!

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His red wine was not any kind of wine. Now that Sookie knew the existence of True Blood, she could not call 'that wine' wine anymore.

godric and eric relationship problems

It was an early version of 'True Blood'. Sookie remembered how Eric had jumped all over her and cleaned up her mouth with his tongue when he had seen her drinking it. Without being able to stop herself, she felt a familiar feeling crawling on her body.

That action itself had not given her those certain feelings; it was Eric's kiss afterward. A kiss which could have led to something more, if Eric had not left her. Suddenly Eric turned around and looked at her with a faint smile on his lips. On his eyes was that tempting look, which Sookie knew very well. He touched his own lips with his thumb, wiping the non-existing trace of wine and gave Sookie one more look before he took another bottle.

He had drunken four bottles of his red wine and it looked like he was still thirsty. After fifteen years of being locked up in a coffin, Sookie believed, Eric could empty every bottle of True Blood, which was available in the whole area of Louisiana!

She had forgotten that Eric could sense her feelings because of her blood that he had sucked. Maybe after fifteen years, the effect of her old blood had faded away, but certainly not the fresh one, which Eric had just sucked from her some hours ago. Eric drank the wine, and then put the bottle on the table. Slowly he rose and walked toward James. His broad shoulder blocked the lamp and James from Sookie's view.

She did not know what he was doing, but she did not like it because she was not able to see James' reaction. What is he doing? Why is he asking me to obey him?

Sookie was shocked to hear James' thought. Eric was trying to glamour him! Without waiting any longer, Sookie put herself between them, and pushed Eric away.

He was clearly offended by her act, but Sookie did not care. There was no way that she would allow Eric to glamour him.

godric and eric relationship problems

Sookie moved backward, she felt James hand grabbing hers. That hand was shaken. Anybody would be scared seeing how Eric was now. His fangs were out and his eyes flickered; and the voice that he had just made, Sookie believed it would make anybody's hair curl.

godric and eric relationship problems

What did he say? The different was, he pouted his mouth, just like Eric when he was angry. Hastily Sookie unfolded her arms, so did James.

I do not hide the facts about your father. You've known his name since you were a child, haven't you? So many things happened between Godric and me that make us…not go easily on each other. And how could you accuse me of being afraid of losing my job, when in fact, I work for a vampire? Did I ever lie to you? He did not point at anybody, but Sookie knew, he meant Eric.

She knew it was useless, but she had to try somehwow.

godric and eric relationship problems

He was willing to be a human in order to be able to say goodbye, but no he didn't do it for me. He seemed not to be very happy with her choice of word. The word 'wife' was not exactly the right word for the moment. James, who had been a little bit calm down after hearing her explanation, was again in rage. His eyebrows met in the middle and his eyes were watery. You had a wife when you were with my mother?! You've got my mother pregnant and left her for your wife…" "Now, wait a minute…" Eric said, but too late.

James shook Sookie's hand and moved away from both of them. His mouth was trembled.