Guts and griffith relationship quizzes

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guts and griffith relationship quizzes

The relationship between Guts and Griffith was the driving part of this wonderful story of Berserk, from the beginning where they met to the night. Berserk is the masterpiece manga of Kentaro Miura. Quiz covers first 6 volumes. The relationship between Griffith and Guts is probably the most important. The Golden Age Arc more or less brings the relationship between Guts and Griffith to a close, which is a much stronger place to leave the story.

Don't get me wrong, Romeo and Juliet is very tragic and is a classic ayy, looks like I'm a poet myself: But, Berserk is so much more. The story is about the struggle of a man who lost his family, his friends, and his lover has no memory of him amnesia. Every night he fights for his life and sheds blood everyday. Nothing can compare to what he has been through and what he has done. Not only does he have the gods against him, but also has monsters, demons, creatures, etc.

If he somehow manages to escape this terrible world, I don't see him not having major PTSD afterwards. Foreshadowment In Romeo and Juliet Romeo had a dream before their encounter about him meeting somebody, as well as an "untimely death. Guts was told by Skull Knight, as well as Zodd, that he will face a "death of which he cannot escape. The first instance of inner monologue we get from Griffith marks this moment as Golden Age's peripeteiaforeboding the significance that Guts' departure will have on Griffith before he is even defeated.

We've seen Griffith show a side to Guts that he doesn't share with anyone, thinking it would be too much for even the other Hawks to handle. With Guts, he can be honest, even going so far as to seek his approval on decisions. The best friendships form between self-sufficient people, and when Guts leaves to find a dream of his own and become truly self-sufficient, it turns out Griffith was the dependent one between them.

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Griffith's no good without you! He doesn't know his own heart because he so thoroughly perfected the practice of compartmentalizing his emotions years ago and never looked back. Because he never considered the possibility that he would care about someone else more than his dream, this suppression of his own human nature initiates his fateful demise. While the remaining Hawks cling to the broken dream of someone they've lost but can't continue without, Griffith clings to one thing only during his long year of suffering: I've always found the idea that torture drove Griffith to an insanity that caused the Eclipse to be unconvincing.

He doesn't get visited by the God Hand because he lost his mind, but because the wheels of causality are spinning faster after the point of reversal.

guts and griffith relationship quizzes

Griffith is sane when his first instinct is to strangle Guts upon being rescued, giving up only when Guts begins to cry. He's also sane when he resents Guts and Casca creating their own campfire without him, not knowing how much presence he still takes up in their minds.

He's equally sane when he wants to end his life over all this pain but fails, and so I would say he's very sane when he makes the decision to sacrifice the Hawks.

guts and griffith relationship quizzes

If the laws of causality dictate that man is only to be toyed with, then his child must confront his destiny by embracing evil. And to do that, we need to look at the arc omitted from both Golden Age anime adaptations: Berserk begins in medias res for several reasons, which are important to "appreciating" the events of the Eclipse. Beginning the story with the Black Swordsman Arc hammers home the inescapability of fate that comes up incessantly throughout Golden Age.

We already know that Guts and Griffith are doomed, and because of that knowledge, we can spend the Golden Age focusing on the question of if they are doomed no matter what they do.

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While the anime series shows us the inevitable outcome, it withholds the crucial human aspect behind the bounds of fate. Fate is a deeply depressing concept because we feel ourselves to be free, our future to be open, and our will to be in control. We need to believe in free will, because if there were no such thing, how could anyone ever take responsibility for their actions?

So Berserk gives us the Count, a disgusting excuse for a former human being, who makes the choice to go to hell instead of sacrificing what he loves the most at a crucial juncture, erasing any doubt about Griffith's culpability in the Eclipse.

While Griffith is no mere Apostle, truly ordained for bigger things by the God Hand, he is still a man. Even if man is doomed to fate because he doesn't have full control over his own will, embracing evil because you can't handle fate's cruelty is still a choice itself.

But it is the children of men who choose it. Determinism doesn't exist on such a micro level in Berserkas the God Hand themselves confirm not knowing every link in the chain of causality. The thematic conflict between fate and free will isn't the only one weakened by omitting the Count's story from adaptations.

Griffith's own human conflict is so central to the plot that it saddens me to read fans say that he was always evil, that he could sacrifice the Band of the Hawk as cobblestones to pave the road to his dream because he never truly cared about anyone.

It's telling that the God Hand appeal to Griffith's aptitude for compartmentalization by making him believe that the Hawks would approve of being sacrificed; it's the kind of justification that resonates with him because those are the lies he's always told himself.

But even that is not the reason for the final words Griffith speaks as a human being. It must be someone important to you, part of your soul Someone so close to you that it's almost like giving up a part of you. By making such a sacrifice to demonkind His story exists for the sole purpose of establishing the rules and gravity of what happened to Griffith. Griffith can and will sacrifice Guts because he cares about him, not because he doesn't.

Just as the God Hand tell the Count to bury his fragile human heart and transcend humanity so he will no longer know sorrow and despair, Miura cuts to Griffith pondering his destiny in the Golden Age. Even if his fate is already preordained, the reason for his inhumane choice is an utterly human one. He must sever this bond for the God Hand's rationalization to work on his mind; he must choose to rid himself of pain.

When Guts once again comes running to the rescue, Griffith finally reaches his moment of anagnorisiscompleting the thought that initiated the Eclipse.

From that quote, I'm thinking that man itself always have a desire to achieve success, to obtain and conquered any obstacle in his way, in is own way, Griffith is a man shackles to this vision of the life, the need to prove himself to the world, the needs to absolutely to achieve a dream is the result of his tragic mentality during the eclipse arc. One interpretation is that Griffith does love Guts, there was a lot of emphasis on where Guts is locate in Griffith heart.

So if Griffith do love Guts, why does he cared so deeply for Guts? Is it because he only view a friend as someone who is equals to himself as Guts did? Or was it when Casca later say that "a man can't live in isolation with nothing more than a dream! Griffith was lost when you have left his side"!. Perhaps Griffith found a true friend, or someone to help him pushed away the loneliness.

When Guts leave Griffith, is leave Griffith in a terrible despair that fracture his mentality to make rational decision, such as his solace was gone, his heart was broken, such is why Griffith want revenge on Guts for breaking his heart.

Another interpretation on their relationship is that Griffith and Guts are in a master and slave relationship, Griffith was the master and Guts were the slave. In a way, is was a dominatrix relationship, where Griffith was the one who have Guts on a leash and own Guts souls and body.

Some examples of this is Griffith did show many possessive toward "Gut" like his toys. He even told Guts "you are mine" when he defeated Guts during their first meeting. In a way, I think is Griffith fetish for dominance over guts. When Guts left him, is was like a Slave rebellion against his master, which Griffith saw was unacceptable, he was like, "how could Guts do this do him, Guts was his"!!!!. The mentality of possession Guts in his hand were part of his dreams of dominance as well.

guts and griffith relationship quizzes

In it own way, the relationship between Guts and Griffith is very complex, is one of the most beautiful relationship I ever seen in an anime medium I ever see, I really enjoy their relationship as it develop throughout the story.

As you can see, the world always have a shade of black and white, human beings in society are mostly taught to see the concept of good is the right thing, such as helping other or contributed to a community to make a better place in the world. Human being are also taught to despise evil as well, the atrocity of evil. As you can see, there is two divided line between the two, good and evil.

However, it one looks closer, there is a shade of grey as well. Not everything is black and white, there is shade of grey as well.

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The reason such as is hard to talk about the shade of grey, so human being would stick to one side of either black or white. Yet let look at evil, evil would presume to be with the activities such as violence, rape, drug, etc.

  • why didnt Guts and Griffith just stay best friends? (Berserk spoilers!)

Now the word of "Evil" goes back to a very long times, the most popular verse was Satan or Lucifer from Christianity. Now back to the topic at hand, Griffith, seeing his actions during the massacre of the Band of Hawk, the people's would label his actions as immoral and consider Griffith as complete monster.

An evil person with no redeeming qualities, while I do believe that Griffith does throw out his moral compass when he reach that point. I do believe, when I dig deeper into Griffith mind, I find some shade of Grey myself. My thought In my opinion, I would not label Griffith as a "Evil" character as many people would label him as, and I know I'm making a very controversial statements by saying this, and in no way I'm justifying his actions.