Havok and cyclops age difference in relationship

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havok and cyclops age difference in relationship

Marvel Comics superhero team X. In this incarnation, many of the characters are teenagers. Havok and cyclops age difference in dating this version of Cyclops. Havok accused Cyclops of abandoning his wife when she most needed him. came, the world would be destroyed and a new golden age would come about after it. . As an Avenger, Havok started a romatic relationship with the Wasp. When the different factions of X-Men went on war against the Inhumans due to the. Havok (born Alexander "Alex" Summers) is a mutant, the older About your age. for Hank McCoy as they initially had a more atagonistic relationship), the . Cyclops in the original timeline and Havok in the revised timeline.

The controversy ensued with debates over whether this relationship was more than what meets the eye. All questions were answered in X-Factor 45, when the two friends officially became more than friends. After a sudden breakup with a female teammate, Rictor was feeling a little vulnerable. The scandal surrounding their friendship was finally put to bed when the world was shown that there was always a little more subtext going on between the two men.

He marries said clone, has a baby, but then abandons both wife and baby for work. The wife goes crazy, and demons are involved, but eventually she fights her husband and his team. Evil clone wife dies. Somehow, through all of this, Cyclops actually comes out looking good.

There are so many layers to this scandalous relationship between Scott and Madelyne. It never ends well. The Mystique you get in that relationship is scared, melodramatic, and a baby killer.

SUMMER LOVING (the love interests of the Summers clan)

One such woman was Mystique. After leading Mystique on and impregnating her, Azazel decided to leave Earth. During the delivery, Mystique turned into her blue self and is chased out of town. Distraught after Azazel abandons her with a newborn, Mystique thought it would be best to throw little Nightcrawler off a cliff. And even if they were adopted, they are still brothers who have a similar energy-based power set so it's a safe assumption Singer and co.

havok and cyclops age difference in relationship

No other explanation really fits from what's been shared to date. A photo posted by Bryan Singer bryanjaysinger on Feb 16, at Fox owns several of Marvel Comics' most notable alien races and characters Badoon, Skrulls, etc.

They even have another brother who becomes a leader of a galactic space empire but we'll save that conversation for another day At the very least, moviegoers may get to see some of the great comic book character interactions of the brothers working together and occasionally against on another with their visually exciting energy-based power sets.

Apocalypse on May 27th,Gambit on October 7th,Wolverine 3 not the official title on March 3rd,Fantastic Four 2 on June 9th,and some as-yet unspecified X-Men film on July 13th, Even though it is later revealed to the reader that the Scy'ar Tal discovered the M'Kraan Crystal some 13, years earlier and eradicated the then-inhabiting species on the planet since they considered the planet to be "holy" — the same thing that the Shi'ar have done to them.

With their first attack, they destroyed Feather's Edge by transporting a star to obliterate it. Vulcan makes contact with the Starjammers to call a temporary ceasefire.

Under the ceasefire, the Shi'ar and the Starjammers decide to take out the Finality, thus crippling the Scy'ar's biggest threat. Once Havok and Vulcan are in position to destroy Finality, the Eldest Scy'ar tries to stop them, but Vulcan, discovering the source of the Eldest's power, severs the connection between the Eldest and his brothers, rendering the Eldest powerless and the Scy'ar disorganized.

Meanwhile, Vulcan blasts Havok into a sun. Vulcan decides to use Finality to destroy the Scy'ar by using the weapon to place a star in the middle of their fleet. Havok returns, and, having absorbed enough power to burn him, decides to end things with Vulcan.

While they battle, Rachael and Korvus attempt but fail to stop the beacon that will initiate the attack by the Shi'ar. The Shi'ar Imperial Guard end Havok's battle with Vulcan by appearing with the Starjammers in captivity, threatening to kill them. Before surrendering, Havok destroys Finality.

With Havok and the Starjammers in custody, Vulcan declares that he will return the Shi'ar Empire to its former glory.

havok and cyclops age difference in relationship

Divided We Stand[ edit ] See also: Divided We Stand Vulcan appears on a monitor of Havok's cell on a prison and taunts him by telling him the events of Messiah Complex. He says the baby, and all of mutantkind's hope is lost. Havok destroys the monitor and says that if one baby can be born so can another, that there is always hope.

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Kingbreaker Vulcan begins an aggressive war of conquest to expand the Shi'ar Empire, occupying, among other races, the Z'Nox. All the while, he becomes obsessed with making Havok acknowledge his superiority, which Havok refuses to do.

The Starjammers escape their prison, nearly killing Vulcan in the process, and severely wounding Deathbird, but being forced to flee to the Kree Imperium. War of Kings After learning of the devastation of the Skrull fleet and the takeover of Hala by the InhumansVulcan launches a surprise attack on the Kree, now ruled by Black Bolt and the Inhuman population of Attilan.

The Imperial Guard retrieves Lilandra, whom Vulcan plans to execute.

Confirmed: Cyclops & Havok Are Brothers In X-Men Movie Universe

However, he is stopped by one of his admirals, stating that doing so will only make her a martyr and incite factions loyal to her to overthrow him around a similar figurehead.

He also abducts Adam Warlock and attacks him. Immediately, a civil war ignites in the Imperium between factions loyal to her and Vulcan. Though advised by the Fraternity of Raptors and his admirals to sue for peace and return to their planets to restore order, Vulcan refuses to listen and flies off to engage the Inhumans.

He finds Black Bolt with his T-Bomb. Believing the Inhuman intends to destroy his empire, Vulcan engages the silent king. They both apparently die in the resulting explosion that tears a hole in the fabric of space and time.

Gladiator then takes Vulcan's place as Majestor of the Shi'ar. Powers and abilities[ edit ] Vulcan is a mutant with the ability to psionically manipulate, control, and absorb vast amounts of energy.

In addition to traditional energies of the electromagnetic spectrumVulcan has displayed control over exotic energies such as Cyclops' optic blasts and magical energy.

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Vulcan has used his powers to produce lightheatforceand electricityas well as warp or disable large amounts and different types of existing energy sources, tap into and suppress mutant energies, survive in the vacuum of space, and fly.

Outside a planetary atmosphere his flight speed can even reach near the speed of light. He can track energy signatures over vast interstellar distances, as demonstrated when he located a trio of starships. He can manipulate electricity within a person's brain and use the powers of others by manipulating their own energy sources, although he needs to be in their presence to achieve this.

The exact limits of his power replication abilities are unknown, but he was capable of utilising Marvel Girl 's telepathy without her consent. Vulcan also possesses the capability of solidifying energy into solid shapes, in effect simulating telekinesis.

When he uses his powers, his eyes glow.