Hinata and neji relationship advice

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hinata and neji relationship advice

Later in the series, Neji becomes an important ally to Naruto, constantly offering encouragement and advice to his friend: "Right now, Sasuke is in the darkness. Hinata and Neji are paired together for the eighth preliminary match, and Hinata does not take Kiba's advice. Cousins, Neji and Hinata are. Neji's Hinata replied to Rrj's topic in Shoot the Breeze referencing me and him, she didn't understand, and I clarified by saying that we were in a committed relationship. Neji's Hinata posted a topic in Help / Advice.

While discussing Kiba and his sunglasses, Naruto and Hinata share a laugh. In the early episodes, she even faints. The first time audiences get to see Hinata openly laugh during an episode is in her wedding arc.

Hinata gives a full laugh for the first and only time in the series. One movie decided to explore just what the characters would be like if there were slightly different circumstances surrounding them. In Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie, Sakura and Naruto are transported to a different reality. There, Naruto finds that his parents are still alive, though his name is Menma instead. Sakura discovers that with her father as a village leader, she has more freedom.

It seems like the two could have it made if they stayed, but they find some differences that worry them. One of those differences was actually Hinata. Instead of her meek and shy personality, Hinata was much more aggressive.

hinata and neji relationship advice

She was quick to jump into a fight, judge others, and put her own needs first. She provided a stark contrast to the Hinata fans knew. While a little aggression could have benefited Hinata, this version was more dangerous. Writers adopted it for the story of Naruto. In the legend, the gods tie those destined for one another with a red thread.

Of course, Naruto and Hinata are not tied together by a literal thread, but instead, the symbolism of a red scarf in The Last: The movie provides an adventure, but also acts as a more traditional love story, providing Naruto and Hinata with more scenes together.

Though Naruto deemed it trashed, Hinata kept the scraps. As she aged, she decided to knit him a replacement for the one he lost when he defended her. She knits it throughout the movie.

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Therefore the aim is better and more deadly," teased Tenten. Tenten shrugged off his immature scoff and commented," Even though, the set is on sale, it's a little off my budget. Neji left, so who got the apartment? He's so sweet and cute and charm-'Tenten stopped.

hinata and neji relationship advice

I'll just think about Sakura,' Tenten paused to look disgustedly at the ceiling as though it was Sakura,' What a little slut! Even after she slept with Neji, she still hangs on to her infatuation with Sasuke. Sasuke's feelings for her are only negative. At least, that's what he says he feels. Neji said the same thing except instead of saying Sakura directly, he said he didn't like any other girl other than me. I fell for it countless times,' Tenten thought," but Sasuke.

Sasuke listened to me, he helped me, and I just left him the moment Neji came back! Maybe I'm the slut? Why did I leave him? Shikamaru walks away," How troublesome…" Tenten approaches the front door and closes it behind her.

Tenten scowled, imitating Neji's response to her when she said that. I know it's hard for you to admit you're wrong. I thought you accepted my apology! Get over yourself, Neji! But you're going to come back like you always do! I'm not coming back until you changed too! Good bye for now Neji! Damn I'm sick and tired of how he keep on lying I'm so sick and tired, damn Damn I'm sick and tired of feeling like I'm dying dying So, no more complaining no complaining, oh Either put up with it or let it go I ain't gonna put up with this time, boy "Hello there Tenten," Ino greeted from her kitchen table.

Someone left it in front of my shop directing it to you. During the fight, Neji clearly has the upper hand. Hinata is injured heavily by him, but continues the match.

Neji is shocked by her persistence and questioned her as why she kept fighting, even knowing that destiny can never be changed. Hinata tells him that she could see he was the one suffering due the differences between the Main and Branch families in the Hyuga clan and that, by fighting her, he was also trying to go against destiny. Enraged by this, Neji attacked Hinata with the intention of killing her, but was stopped by the jonin. Hinata's injuries were serious and she fainted before taken to the emergency room.

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Neji and Hinata's first encounter In the first round in the finals, Neji was matched against Naruto and, during their fight, Neji explained his past and the reasons why he hated the Main family.

In the flashbacks, it's shown when Neji and Hinata met for the first time as children. At first, Hinata hid behind her father but ended up smiling at Neji. Smiling, Neji told his father that Hinata was cute. After his fight with Naruto, Neji changed his way of thought and stopped believing that fate cannot be changed. Sasuke Recovery Mission Arc Neji and Hinata being friendly to each other There are also several moments that show the two of them passing by each other in the Hyuga compound.

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In one of them, as Hinata runs on the compound's hall, she bumps into Neji. Both of them are extremely surprised by the encounter, as they are still tense towards each other after their match.

hinata and neji relationship advice

Hinata spins and avoids him with an agility that impresses Neji, as he remains still and stares after her, while Hinata timidly excuses herself and keeps running further. They found Hinata badly injured and Neji quickly started looking for a medical ninja, using his byakugan. Later, Sakura treats Hinata and Neji questions why would Hinata do such a reckless act, as to try fighting Pain alone.