Hinata and neji relationship with god

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hinata and neji relationship with god

Though he still came off chic, Neji began to repair his relationship with his cousin Hinata and became a jounin ninja before most of his. 13 Naruto Was The First Person To Have Faith In Hinata Neji spent the entirety of the match talking down to her and reminding her that their lives were lost during experiments that left them as part of the mystical god tree. Chakra and Stamina have a tricky relationship. . Think of it this way - Hinata vs Neji topic, first to see a placard 10KM away wins, you cannot.

  • Neji and Hinata are considered genetic half siblings.
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It had to do with getting different information directly from the source. Read more closely next time. I explained Tenketsu, not chakra network. They are 2 different things. Like 2 pages after the chakra network is explained, Tenketsu is explained. Its more than retention it seems Kakashi slept for a week to get his chakra back. Or three days or however long it was I don't think Itachi's chakra came back at least not all of it after a little sit.

Itachi didnt strain himself to the point Kakashi did. Kakashi was almost completely out of chakra when he needed that 3 day rest and an eye that his body isnt made to handle. People replenish stamina at different rates. His chakra likely recovered very little between bouts. It doesn't make any sense. We have no time frame between bouts. He could have been sitting on that rock for 5 minutes or 5 hours. Not because on top of using 2 Tsukiyomis, an exploding shadow clone, genjutsu reversal, and suiton spikes, he had to use Amaterasu.

His earlier fight is nothing but an excuse fans use that even Itachi himself didnt bother to use when making excuses for himself.

We don't quit just because we're wrong We just keep doing the wrong thing until it turns out right! Ryureil Why did you have to dispute this? Hyuuga Neji Push the air and shoot it at enemy A secret Hyuuga super-fast palm attack!!

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Taking aim at the enemy's vitals and releasing an ultrahigh-speed palm thrust!! A "vacuum shell" compressed using the "Gentle Fist" is shot out at the enemy's vitals under tremendous pressure!! The targeted enemy will be blown off their feet before they can even notice the impact. There is a Chinese martial art based on this concept: The Hyuuga-style taijutsu is obviously based on this martial art.

Not only is this evident from the names of their techniques, but also from the symbolism surrounding them.

Naruto Creator Explains Why Neji Ultimately [SPOILER]

Dont think he would be since he knew he was just beating up fakes. Hit Hinata without his Byakugan active too so I'd assume he wasnt using it there If he can get in close and land the hits. Rock Lee thought it would take the 5th gate to overwhelm Neji in speed. He matched Kyubi Naruto in speed. Neji scaled an entire forest in the time it took Kidomaru to fall off a tree and reached him before he hit the ground And thats ignoring the fact that Neji feats to the contrary is what would be necessary for your point to be valid.

Nobody in this manga is fast enough to dodge something they cannot see. Neji dodged every arrow he could see That was the entire purpose of exploiting the blind spot in the first place. He wasn't fast enough to dodge Kidomaru's webs Kido turned it into basically an AoE attack. Kidomaru explained what the purpose of Kaiten was.

Its his answer to attacks in his blind spot. He dodged the omnidirectional wave of arrows Kidomaru sent at when he couldnt use Kaiten. You just said it in a roundabout way I know that Tenketsu are the chakra points. All I'm saying is that Gentle Fist doesn't directly target organs, it targets chakra networks, which just happen to affect organs. You claimed that Gentle Fist directly targets the organs, however it does not.

That's all I was saying. We don't know how fast stamina recovers however. And whether or not Kakashi strained himself further, his chakra would still recover at the same rate.

So the fact that it took so long just to get enough chakra to be able to stand up says something. We don't know how long it took chakra to recover etc.

This point doesn't even really play into my main argument. Its just something I brought up that the previous guy nitpicked and so we got sidetracked into a meaningless side argument. I'm willing to let this point go. Da-Boy-Wonder08 Da-Boy-Wonder08 7 years ago He needed the rope to direct the arrow around and nail Neji in a vital point instead of having Neji redirect it to his stomach or something.

Again, the only reason Neji couldnt dodge the arrow was because Kidomaru was keeping it in his blind spot. Not because of the speed of the arrow From: Ryureil His fight with Kidomaru shows about a Kakashi sized pool. So what we have is 1. Jirobo draining enough of Nejis chakra to mention all 5 of them would have a hard time with lolJirobo because of it 2. Using Jyuuken to save all his comrades 3.

Using jyuuken to cut the webs Kido sent at him 4. Using a full body Jyuuken to break the web that cought him 5. Using 64 strikes on Kidomaru 6. Using Kaiten which is constant full body emitting of chakra and spinning twice 7. Using another full body Jyuuken thrust 8. Using Jyuuken to free himself from webs again 9. Using 64 Palms on the spiders Using gentle palm on the giant spider Running away emitting a constant chakra detection barrier about 20 x's as big as himself so he can throw off the arrows trajectory.

Sending Jyuuken through the rope Using that last Jyuuken strike on Kido Never claiming to be out of Chakra. Hinata spins and avoids him with an agility that impresses Neji, as he remains still and stares after her, while Hinata timidly excuses herself and keeps running further. They found Hinata badly injured and Neji quickly started looking for a medical ninja, using his byakugan. Later, Sakura treats Hinata and Neji questions why would Hinata do such a reckless act, as to try fighting Pain alone.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation Arc The Second Division: They can be seen smiling to each other. Neji and Hinata protecting each other During the war, they are seem together fighting side-by-side against Zetsu's army, protecting each other's back as well. Neji showed extreme concern for her safety on the battlefield, and he seemed desperate when Hinata was hit by the enemy and he couldn't save her before discovering that it was in fact another Zetsu clone.

Climax Arc Neji and Hinata looking at each other, as Neji dies Neji and Hinata, together with Hinata's father, Hiashi, get to the front line of the battlefield to protect Naruto. One of the Juubi's attack could not be avoided and Hinata put herself in front of him to protect him, but then Neji intercepted the attack sacrificing his own life to protect both Hinata and Naruto. Hinata openly cried upon hearing Neji's final words and passing away.

hinata and neji relationship with god

Hinata remembers Neji In the war, while Hinata was fighting one of the Juubi's mini-clones performing the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms, she got stumbled after executing only thirty-two strikes believing that she wouldn't be able to finish the attack. She then recalled Neji's instructions and got confidence and determination to complete the technique.

Naruto Creator Explains Why Neji Ultimately [SPOILER]

During the transfer of Naruto's memories and emotions, Hinata is shown to react to the flashback of Neji's death. Post-Part II Epilogue Years pass by and Hinata and her daughter, Himawari visit Neji's grave, giving him the sunflowers that are said to represent his name.

hinata and neji relationship with god

Evidence During their fight in the chuunin exams, Hinata seemed to understand Neji's pain and hate against the main family and did not show any sign of hate towards him; Neji seemed desperate when Hinata was hurt and hit during the war and he couldn't protect her; They fight by each other's side in the greatest war of their lives and looked after each other during it; Neji's first childhood crush seemed to have been Hinata, since he appeared infatuated with her and really willing and happy to protect her, calling her cute.

They were occasionally implied to often train together as they are shown fighting side by side during the war. Hinata also remembers later how Neji taught her the 64 palms and advised her to step forward without hesitation when fighting; Neji has become probably Hinata's most dedicated person, her protector and the one who constantly looked after her.

Neji made his ultimate sacrifice for Hinata and Naruto. Since Neji had good reasons to die for Naruto Naruto changed his view of life and he trusted Naruto could save the ninja worldhis motive to die for Hinata was clearly that he considered her an special person to him.

hinata and neji relationship with god

This can be interpreted as Neji having romantic feelings for Hinata, or loving her as family. Databooks Databook 4 Hinata's profile: Hinata loves him like an actual brother. Currently,there is no antagonism between Hinata and Neji about the main family and branch family. From the bottom of her heart, Hinata trusts Neji, who crosses over the family lines to protect her by his true feelings. The power of the Byakugan is in no way inferior to Neji's.