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10 Things "The Boondocks" Have Taught Us About Life Back in Season 1 of The Boondocks, Jazmine (Gabby Soleil) started a cute little. Huey and Jasmine, best comic strip relationship in recent memory. Huey Freeman and Jasmine Dubois stargazing Boondocks Drawings, Couple Drawings. See more ideas about The boondocks cartoon, Comic art and Cartoon art. " Huey and Jasmine, best comic strip relationship in recent memory." "I wish I thought like .. See more. Boondocks Riley Coloring Pages | Staging your home before your listing goes on the market maximizes Jasmine DuBois of the Boondocks.

Since it was in Southside, it was somewhere between middle to middle-high class. The houses were affordable and the monthly payments weren't that bad. Taylor and Caesar lived here too, but they were up the street from me.

Riley and Cindy lived two hours away in Virginia Beach, but Riley was able to make it to work on time, so it caused me no harm. When Robby and I started walking outside into the hot, June weather, I noticed a moving truck from across the street. It was only two kids moving in, a man and a woman, but I did notice baby things were being carried inside.

There was also a black Land Rover in the driveway and two people got out. A man got out first, he had black cornrows that were braided to his scalp and beady, black eyes.

His skin was darker than Caesar's and he was tall, yet muscular. He got out the driver's side and walked over to the passenger side, opening the door for the other occupant. It turned out to be a woman, like I had predicted. She had curly, strawberry-blonde hair and the brightest and most beautiful emerald-green eyes that shined in the sun.

Her skin was caramel and her body was glowing due to her being at least five months pregnant. She wore a pair of white maternity shorts with a white blouse that fit her pregnant body. I thought it was weird for her to be wearing any type of jacket because it was hot as hell out here.

I was about to go across the street, but Robby was tugging on my arm. I decided to ignore the couple moving in and followed Robby up the street to the local pool that was opened to everybody at Harper Hill.

When we got there, the single mothers of Harper Hill waved at me as usual and I rolled my eyes as Robby took off his tee-shirt and sandals and hopped in the pool, swimming to where his friends were. Her name was Tianna Stevens and she was at least five years older than me. She was a white woman with long, raven hair and eyes that were actually purple. She had a five-year-old daughter named Gina and she got along with Robby well even though he was older than the girl.

She was one of the few white people with common sense, so I talked to her now and then. She was married and unlike the other mothers who had this weird fascination over me, she wasn't interested in me in the least, another reason I liked having her around. I placed a beach towel on the chair I was sitting in so my back wouldn't be attached to it and put on the same waterproof sun block that I had placed on Robby five minutes earlier. Tianna pointed Randall out among the people in the pool and I saw that he was trying to teach Gina how to swim without water wings, a feat that Robby mastered when he was four thanks to Taylor who was like a mermaid in the water, especially after giving birth to twins.

Tianna nodded as she placed her sunglasses back on her face to block her eyes. I rolled my eyes. She choked on her water as Randall came over and I shook hands with him. Randall was my attorney when it came to legal affairs with AfroCentric, I've grown to overlook the fact that he was white. He had blonde hair that was dripping wet and eyes that were round and oceanic blue.

He was tan and had a skinny body with hardly any muscle. I could easily break him in half like a twig if he ever pissed me off. He must have Taylor's love of swimming. Cheese for the afternoon," Tianna said. I groaned again, I hated going to kid-themed places, especially when it comes to parties!

Somebody must hate me. Tianna laughed and I looked at the time on my phone, it was almost 5: I shook my head as she got up and waved bye to me before heading towards her favorite bright yellow Jeep. We had to get ready to go too, Caesar had a game in two hours and we both needed to shower and change, so I got Robby out the pool and we started our five-minute walk back home. It's hard to find a place now a days," she said as she watched her daughter coloured something on her place mat.

I hope that I can find something soon. Jazmine nods her head in understanding. They sat in silences again and watch the kids interact with each other. Malcolm was defiantly Huey's son.

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He was standoffish but he had a thirst for knowledge while Jazmine's daughter was sweet and caring just like her mother.

Because if I remember correctly, you wanted to be a vetrinarian," he said. When I got pregnant I wanted to do something else so I can be around her more often. And help cooked and clean his granddad's house. Helping the kids out in the neighbourhood… "And someone watches her as you work?

Maybe just maybe this could work. Brown and babysitting Malcolm isn't always easy," he said. I can't do it all at the same time. But let's say that I lived with someone else who could help me with that. I know that Malcolm will be taken care of and you and Rosa have a safe place to live. I trust you with my son. There are three bedrooms in the house and has two baths. If I can get it a bit cheaper than I don't see a problem living together for the sake of our children. Well he couldn't lie because she was a beautiful woman.

But he didn't want to date anyone right at the moment or have those kinds of thoughts on his friend. Jazmine sat silent as if she was processing everything on what he said.

He could see her thinking about it. It made sense for the both of them because they both want the same thing, protecting their children. Huey almost had to smile, she got it and she was in. They sure hope they know what they were doing as they pulled their kids away from each other.

Huey and Jazmine walked out with their children in their arms after the mess from the diner. Either were pleased with how they were behaving but the solution was still better than living in a rat and bug infested apartment.

The open house was starting to come to a close as they hurried in as the cold was getting to the kids. Malcolm gave a smile but wasn't happy when Huey did the same thing.

Linda sat there with a older looking woman drinking tea. Wyatt, I don't think anyone will take the place," Linda said, "you need to get some updates on this place if you are interested in renting. Than you would have more people interested. Wyatt said, "this house belong to my husband, god rest his soul. And I will not let someone own this house because - Oh hello. Wyatt said, giving them a place to sit while Linda was looking nervous.

This is so exciting! A lovely couple are interested in my house! All of them looked at her. They seem like a couple to her. If they do get together than they would make a lovely one in her eyes. She nodded her head and left the kitchen. They weren't arguing anymore so that was a good sign. But they were both clearly unhappy with their punishment. Malcolm did as he was told. He sat beside Huey and stay quiet. She nodded her head and sat down where her mother would sit.

Oh I'm sorry I'm Rita Wyatt," she said holding out her hand. Rosa cuddled up to her mother as Malcolm watched them interact. Rita eyed Huey because he seemed familiar to her. Poor man, died way too young with that pretty little wife and left in the care of their granddad. It did sound like him.

He wasn't expecting that. Oh he was a good man, smart too. His wife Desiree was the sweetest little thing. She kind of reminded me of you. It wasn't a bad thing but at the same time it did freak her out a bit. Oh they were beautiful and the boys they had?

Couldn't have been more of a gift from god. Jazmine blushes, "Yes that's where we met. Not seeing where this is going. I don't have the money to put into the house or I would do the repairs myself. This place is important to me but I cannot live on my own anymore.

So I set it high so I would be able to do the repairs. But if you are able to do them than I see no issues with lowering the rent. There is no way you can lower them. Good honest people and I know that they also gave that to their boys. The both of you are the only ones that came back. I need the help and I agree to our agreement. If you want it. Relationship Riley Freeman Riley is Huey's younger brother, and regularly represents everything Huey loathes and generally disapproves of.

Huey is politically minded and critical while Riley remains uninterested, showing great affection for many things that includes gangsta rap, violence, and "bling," that Huey finds to be culturally poisonous.

Dubois family

Despite their constant fighting and his disagreement with Riley's beliefs, Huey cares very much for his brother as he usually tries to steer him in the right direction, acts in which Riley initially ignoresbut results in Riley facing the consequences of his actions later on. Robert Freeman Huey fighting with Grandad. Robert Freeman is the paternal grandfather and legal guardian of Huey and Riley Freeman, who often disagrees with many of Huey's political ideas.

While in the comic strip, Huey and his grandfather have a much more affable relationship, in the The Boondocks TV series they are almost constantly at odds, in part due to his constant favoritism shown to Riley, who supports his grandfather's various crazy schemes.

Huey seems to offer Granddad advice in certain situations, such as during " Granddad's Fight ", " The S-Word ", and " The Story of Thugnificent ," attempts that almost always fall flat. Jazmine Dubois Huey and Jazmine working together. Although Jazmine and Huey spend a great deal of their time together, Huey often treats Jazmine poorly due to his disdain for her trusting personality and apolitical views.

In the series, the two appear to be a lot closer, in fact, she is the only child he is shown to be interacting with outside of Riley as with Huey confiding in her about his desire to meet up with his former best friend Cairo during a planned trip to Chicago Wingmen and Huey allowing her to help him in his plan to free an unjustly imprisoned inmate scheduled to be executed out of prison " The Passion of Reverend Ruckus "essentially trusting her as an accomplice.

Despite treating Jazmine coldly, Huey has shown a proclivity to empathize with her on occasion, and he also shows visible concern for her at times, for instance, in " The Block is Hot " he campaigns for her release from under the near-child labor contract that she unknowingly signs with Ed Wuncler, Sr, and he gives her his scarf at the end of the episode when she gets cold.

Also, when it seems the world is going to end in the episode "The Fried Chicken Flu" Huey let's Jazmine stay at his house so she won't die. Uncle Ruckus Huey is the only main character to show any anger to Ruckus. Huey thinks something is wrong with Ruckus like why he really wants to be white. Huey also fights Ruckus at he end of episode Ruckus often views himself as a white man and often aspires to be white. This is due to the claim by his mother, stating that he was adopted by herself and Ruckus' father, Mr.

In a later episode of the third season, we meet his mother, father, and two brothers, all of whom attempt to convince him of his adopted status, except for his father. Ruckus tells Uncle that he is truly black, and that his mother loves white folks so much, she told Uncle he was adopted so that he could live being happy.

In the third season's premiere, neither Huey nor Uncle Ruckus vote for Barack Obama to be elected President, but for different reasons: Ruckus's reason is that Obama is black and he wants McCain to win.

Huey, on the other hand, aside from the fact he is not old enough to vote, does not like either one; though he voices little actual opinion during the episode, but it is apparent that he thinks that Obama being President isn't going to change anything as many people presume. Huey and Ruckus both plan on leaving the country in a plan called "Operation Exodus.

Their association is only meant to extend to the Canadian border, at which point they will go their separate ways. The plan fails, however, when agents arrest Uncle Ruckus for threatening Obama. Huey, now unable to get a ride since Ruckus is in lockup, is forced to cancel Operation Exodus.

Tom Dubois Tom, Jazmine's father, represents everything Huey is primarily against. Tom, being a strait-laced liberal democrat assistant district attorney, is part of the structure that Huey views as inhibitive and self-destructive.

He also dislikes Tom because he encourages his daughter to conform to a more European look rather than emphasizing the beauty of her African features, as shown when Tom mentions that he's tried everything to make Jazmine's hair more straight.

Despite Huey's disagreements with Tom, the two are shown generally to be on good terms as he often acknowledges Huey's intellect and maturity to the extent that he will often turn to Huey for advice on subjects ranging from help with his marriage, politics, and his career as a prosecutor with Huey supporting Tom's prosecution of R. Kelly for statutory rape. When he is put in holding for false accusations of murder and finds out that he will be sent to real "butt pounding" jail for the weekend - Tom uses his one phone call to beg Huey to catch the real killer before that day's end.