James dean and sal mineo relationship


james dean and sal mineo relationship

Feb 7, Salvatore Mineo jr. better known to the world as Sal Mineo, was the . nicely sums up James Dean and Sal Mineo's relationship in 'Rebel' thus. May 30, When the American Cinematheque's Egyptian Theatre kicks off its "Widescreen Wednesdays" series this week with a terrific James Dean. Feb 12, 40 years ago today, someone murdered Sal Mineo, a bisexual Italian actor who played a gay character in James Dean's "Rebel Without a Cause". The article also hits on Mineo's sexuality and relationship with the LGBT.


His performance resulted in an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor, and his popularity quickly developed.

Many of his subsequent roles were variations of his role in Rebel Without a Cause, and he was typecast as a troubled teen. By the late s, the actor was a major celebrity, sometimes referred to as the "Switchblade Kid"—a nickname he earned from his role as a criminal in the movie Crime in the Streets It sold over one million copies and was awarded a gold disc.

He appeared as the celebrity guest challenger on the June 30,episode of What's My Line? His acting ability and exotic good looks earned him roles as the Native American boy in the above-mentioned film Tonkaa Mexican boy in the above-mentioned film Giantand as a Jewish emigrant in Otto Preminger 's Exodusfor which he won a Golden Globe Award and received another Academy Award nomination as Best Supporting Actor.

Career decline and attempted revival[ edit ] By the early s, Mineo was becoming too old to play the type of role that had made him famous, and his rumoured homosexuality led to his being considered inappropriate for leading roles.

james dean and sal mineo relationship

For example, he auditioned for David Lean 's film Lawrence of Arabia but was not hired. Mineo was baffled by his sudden loss of popularity, later saying, "One minute it seemed I had more movie offers than I could handle; the next, no one wanted me. There are stories he attempted to revive his career by camping out on the front lawn of Francis Ford Coppola 's home, for a chance to win the role of Fredo Corleone in The Godfatherbut the role went to John Cazale.

Mineo's role as a stalker in Who Killed Teddy Bearwhich co-starred Juliet Prowsedid not seem to help his career. Although his performance was praised by critics, he found himself typecast again--this time as a deranged criminal. Mineo never entirely escaped this characterization.

james dean and sal mineo relationship

One of his last roles was a guest spot on the TV series S. The production received positive reviews, although its expanded prison rape scene was criticized as excessive and gratuitous.

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Presiding with him as his Queen was Madeleine Le Roux. He was cocky yet insecure — tough yet vulnerable. He disrespected his parents and authority and appeared to live his life in emotional torment. Sal was Apprehensive until James Dean said to him: There has been much speculation and many rumours over the years regarding a real-life romance between Sal Mineo and James Dean. Dean was well known as a bisexual, And as an individual who blatantly used men and women to further his career.

Sal always denied that any physical relationship had occurred between them. He is reported to have said once: Homosexuality was as rife in Hollywood as it is now — only back then the level of media attention and capability was not as vast and efficient as it is today. Personally this writer would not find it hard to believe or be surprised if Sal Mineo did in fact have an affair and physical relations with James Dean.

He was, and remains posthumously the ultimate rebel. Warner Brothers made an incredible return on their investment as American teenagers flocked in their millions to view the story of their generation told on screen in just two hours.

James Dean's First Screen Test - East of Eden (1955)

Loyal fans helped place his debut record at number nine on the charts, followed by an eponymously-named twelve track album. Given his Broadway Training in singing and this being the hey-day of the teen idol, a pop career seemed quite a logical progression, but Sal realised that he was not a musician commenting that: He ceased recording music in Sal played the part of Dov Landau, an angry teenager who had lost his entire family to the Holocaust.

She is a young Danish-Jewish girl searching for her father from whom she was separated during the war and has subsequently taken up the Zionist cause. Groucho Marx made a public declaration that his vote was for Sal Mineo after an appalling campaign appeal was launched in favour of Chill Wills.

Sal was crushed when Ustinov won for Spartacus. For a young man used to living the Hollywood movie-star lifestyle, rejection came hard to him.

His party-boy shennanigans came to an abrupt halt as he ran out of funds. It is a slightly art-house psycho-sex thriller with a cast drawn mainly from Broadway, Hollywood and the Borscht Belt. Elaine Stritch in particular is unforgettable as Marian Freeman, a lesbian nightclub owner lusting after Nora who is eventually murdered by Lawrence. Sal turned in a remarkable performance, oozing eroticism and charisma whilst displaying an edgy menace.

Now that he was no longer such a public figure, he was able to explore his sexual identity, travelling the gay haunts of Sunset Strip and engaging in multiple relationships with other young men, although nothing serious or long-term emerged.

A List of James Dean’s (Alleged) Gay Lovers

At one point Sal dated Rock Hudson and there were rumours that he was into sadomasochism. He also declared to his friends and aquaintances that he had a special attraction to Englishmen. It told the story of a young man named Smitty who is sent to prison for six months for marijuana possession where he is transformed into the sexual subordinate of another inmate — the bullying an domineering Rocky played by Sal Mineo.

Sal earned the money to buy the play from gambling in Las Vegas. A very young and sexy eighteen year old by the name of Don Johnson Miami Vice was hired to play the lead role of Smitty.

Who Killed James Dean’s Bisexual Heartthrob Sal Mineo?

With the heavy patronage of an enthusiastic gay audience the play was a success when it opened at the Coronet Theatre in Los Angeles on January 9th The New York Times critic was especially hostile, devoting only three sentences of his review to the actors and the rest of the article to insulting Sal as director. In spite of the adverse critical reaction from the mainstream press, the gay press were very supportive and encouraging.

james dean and sal mineo relationship

Eventually the play became a big enough hit to transfer To New York City where it opened under the direction of Sal himself. The NYC reviews were less favourable than L.

james dean and sal mineo relationship

None of these vehicles earned him any critical acclaim but allowed him to pay the bills. Although Sal was blacklisted as a homosexual in Hollywood, he never identified as one, stating: Jimmy ties Vito up then begins to interrogate him.

james dean and sal mineo relationship

The theatre critic Bob Kiggins wrote that: Bolstered by his role in a hit play Sal grew in confidence; his debts were mostly settled, he had a far more stable love-life and a group of close friends — however, a fateful coincidence was about to turn his new-found happiness into a tragedy. On Thursday February 12th at about 9.

As he stepped out of his car he was accosted by an assailant. Help me — Please! He was bleeding heavily from his left side.