Keen and ressler relationship advice

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keen and ressler relationship advice

It's a Keenler-fanfiction, however, will also contain some Red-Ressler-scenes, because this is my secret "dream couple" (not in a romantic way. The Relationship of Tom & Liz I am not a shipper. I like canon, but I can What you're forgetting is we want the same thing, Agent Ressler. Why would he kidnap I hired him on your recommendation. The merchandise was. The blacklist: keen and Ressler headed for love in season 3 Diego Klattenhoff Lizzington - Red & Liz as Romantic Couple - James Spader The Blacklist James how she's found happiness in New York, and her advice for career longevity!.

On the other hand, this journey they were on was so awkward and insane that it probably couldn't get worse. Well, it always can get worse. But she was right about one thing - if it got worse, they would have some fun, at least. I'm becoming like Reddington, Don thought, horrified, when he remembered what Red had told him about enjoying life.

And unfortunately, he didn't have much choice. His body would react on her every time she would try to hit on him. I must have an addicted nature, he thought, because there wasn't a big difference between taking pills to be happy and having sex to be happy. He could refuse to have this affair and went on suffering and being sorry for himself, or he could have this affair - with all possible consequences. A little later they got ready to go downstairs to meet Reddington.

Liz was in a good mood, dressed up, put up some make-up, did her hair. She was feeling sexy tonight. Don noticed it when she entered his room. It was a long time ago he had seen her smiling that way, happily, relaxed, herself. Maybe having an affair wasn't the worst thing on earth. When they went downstairs Liz had to take a phone call and stopped on the stairs, whereas Don went down to the lobby to wait there for her. When she finally joined him her mood had changed.

For a second she thought about pretending that everything was fine, but that wouldn't be right. When they entered the room Red was already there, sitting at one of the small tables.

He was about to stand up and shout a cheerful "Lizzie! He had noticed it before, during the negotiations and the field trip, but now it was so obvious that he couldn't ignore it any longer. Something had changed between them. Of course, he didn't meet them together often, nevertheless, he sensed a development in their relationship, and it wasn't a good one.

In " Mako Tanida " Tom states that his employers are stationed in Berlin. Why is the homicide mentioned by Harold Cooper classified? Because the victim was a defecting FSB agent. Why did he not call the FBI and alert them when Liz asked him to?

Tom could be working for the Cabal. He started to suspect that Liz has gotten closer to the truth and his behavior in the last few episodes showed it.

During her nightmares in " The Courier ", the people Tom works for in Berlin are very powerful and extremely dangerous.

keen and ressler relationship advice

What was Tom's motive for going to the art gallery with Lucy Brooks? Is he suspicious that she may be after Liz and trying to cast doubt in his eyes? Or is he just lonely and trying to have some fun? Tom suspects Lucy was spying on him and his double life is finally revealed in " The Judge ". It was also revealed that Tom had only married Elizabeth because his superiors told him to do so in order to attack her. Is Tom his real name?

Lucy Brooks changed hers for the assignment. Unlikely, as Christopher Maly revealed in " Milton Bobbit ". It is also revealed that his marriage to Liz is possibly invalid as Tom may have family of his own with the unknown Nikki. Tom's real name was revealed in " The Major " as Jacob Phelps. His real name was revealed in Season 3 as Christopher Hargrave.

keen and ressler relationship advice

How and when did Elizabeth Keen capture Tom? She shot him twice and captured him while wounded. How does Tom know Kathryn Nemec? Red told him when he worked for him. What did he mean in " The Decembrist " when he told Red that he did not say a single word about their arrangement?

When confronting Red at a bar in San Francisco, Tom mention from the time he worked for him, Tom never once mentioned a single word of their arrangement Why was he so shocked by the gun in the box? His wife is an armed federal agent.

It was his escape plan. He had to convince Liz that it had been planted there to frame him. Why did Tom keep the weapon used to kill the FSB agent? But slowly she realizes on her own that he did. Can you be honest?

You have to be honest. Our entire marriage, everything that happened. Our fights, the baby. You are my greatest failure as a profiler. You made me feel for a moment like I had a life. And that somebody cared Does he apologize to her? Liz had found the picture of her mother. Red told her the little he told her about her mother and declined to tell her anything else.

She is crying in the rain, in her car. Red calls her, possibly to offer her more information, but she ignores the call. She just wants a hug. The next morning they meet for coffee Liz, I want to say something. I just want to apologize because I should have done it a long time ago. All right, dream scenario. We finish our coffee, we hope on my boat, we leave, okay, we never look back. Preferably, we take our clothes off at some point.

keen and ressler relationship advice

I am trying to be. Are Liz and Tom in love with each other, or with the fantasy? The show does a very clever work of misdirection: Liz is a naive, young, sweet, law-abiding newly minted special agent. We are meant to be swayed then by finding, with Liz, the passports, and to think Tom is the only one living a lie, and that Liz was duped.

I missed the bus, babe. You took the dog out, right? Yeah, thanks a lot. Like most kids who raised themselves, I can display narcissistic behavior. I can be withdrawn, disconnected. Uh I have a deep yearning to understand and relate to the criminal mind. She is narcissistic, demanding, assumes she is the one that takes the car when she needs to.

And she is also brutally honest about her own character faults. Did she fall for the goofy schoolteacher? We all know Tom Keen, the teacher was a legend created for the job. Tom is a ruthless undercover agent.

Tom Keen (Character)

Did Tom fell for the nave woman who follows the rules? Ran the Freelancer over with a taxi. She beat Clayton and landed a nasty throat punch at Chui.

She broke his thumb. Tom begged her to listen before throwing cups of coffee at him. She gave Red the information about Berlin because she wanted Berlin dead, not arrested. She was willing to have Red spent the rest of his life in a hole because he had killed Sam.

She may not have a criminal record, but she surely has a criminal past: Luckily, we have an ace of spades among us. Is there something you want to tell us? Maybe yours is missing, too. Because you never committed a crime, or because you were never caught?

I believe my work speaks for itself.

keen and ressler relationship advice

Did Liz fall for the schoolteacher? I do not think they really feel for their apparent naivety and sweetness. I think they fell comfortable with one another because they recognized the darkness and the light in both of them.

Tom is gregarious, he makes friends, he is easy, he was a top operative because of it, that is not something that can be taught. Both are highly intelligent, and both come from a troubled past: Tom may have had a good, happy childhood until he was 3 and taken from his parents, where the horrors started, Liz may have had happy and safe times, and some bad times, but at least she landed with a loving man, Sam.

Perhaps shared happy memories. And certainly the backgrounds of their parents match. People skilled at living double lives, of deceit and truth coexisting in their lives. I think both fell for the real person beneath the mask they both wore. Liz illegally entering his hideout. Post to come Did Tom tried to tell her, in a clumsy way that he did love her?

I think so, I see it three times: And his words seem to imply this: When Tom realizes it is over in 1. His way of saying goodbye to Hudson. There was a woman there, and she looked just like you…Well, whoever she was, she could not have been half as beautiful as you are right now. Such a good boy. You know, all this time, you never asked me if I ever really loved you.

Because I know the answer. At that juncture, he knows he cannot count on it. Liz anger at him is, in my opinion about her being duped, about being blind to the deception and about the lies that he loved her.

That he married her as job. That he betrayed her. She is devastated and what she does is ask what those 2 years meant to him? I doubt that she even realized what was real and what was not. Two years we spent. What has it done to you?

This is a very provocative question. One she has no idea what it does to him. Liz knows nothing of Tom going to work for Berlin so that he can stay and protect her. And be married to her. No idea that Tom thinks Red is using her and does not care for her. She has no idea what he actually feels, and I suspect neither does he, not to the extent of being able to verbalize it. Tom is trying to shake her out of his system.

He thought he could and she is making him think.

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She has no idea. And Tom is not equipped to deal with love. He has no idea what to say or how to process it. Who could do such a thing? Finding you, stopping you. I was doing my job. That was our life! Stop talking about your job! Everything was a lie! My life was a lie! Every feeling, every memory…. This is very hard and Tom does not know what to do. Tom has to take the conversation to a point of anger. He can deal with anger.

He can deal with her shooting him. With her angry, but her sadness, her tears, her utter misery, her crumbling? That he has no idea how to cope with it. So he does, he takes it to anger, to an emotion he knows how to deal with. Like a bad breakup when the other is begging and one does not know how to end it without suffering, because if one gets involved in the sadness then it never ends.

So one goes for the killing, just to end it, to make it bearable, anger is bearable. It was the shoes. It was those brown leather shoes. And you had to get up early for work. And by the time I got up, you were gone.

keen and ressler relationship advice

I remember standing in the closet, half-dressed, reaching for my shoes when I saw that you had drawn this little heart in the dust on my shoe. It was the sweetest thing. Probably this is true. He thought he should not get involved. But then he takes this and use it to make her angry. What is his obsession with you?


You guys got, like, a, uh, daddy-daughter thing going on? Is daddy coming over? Is he gonna make me talk? Tom knows or suspects Red is her father. After that conversation at the hospital how could he not know? But he also knows or suspect there is another father, because he does tell her when he thinks he is dying that her father is alive.

Who do you work for? I have nothing to say. You broke my thumb. And it would mean betraying Berlin, and betraying Red. She did not buy it then, she would not have bought it then probably. He gets her angry, an emotion he knows how to deal with, then she breaks his thumb and he escapes. However one might look at it, Tom did not want to hurt Liz. We know what Tom can do when he is trying to hurt people. He was trying to escape alive, and she almost won.

One on the wrist. One on the banister. I can prove it. He tells her he is one of the good guys, which means that however ruthless Berlin is he does not believe Liz is in danger from Berlin. This is the phrase that makes me think that he might be also reporting to someone else, maybe Katarina? Red never thought Tom would hurt Liz or he would never have delivered him to her.

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The fact that he had people ready to follow tells me he thought it would go 2 ways: Liz would let him go, or he would manage to escape but not harming Liz. But that he thought Tom was getting out alive and unharmed and so would be Liz is without question as he was monitoring the situation, but not concerned over Liz. In fact when he get in the house, he does not rush to Liz, anxious to make sure she is OK.

Your people are following him now. How is this all gonna end? This is an end. And then something new will begin. You deserve the best in life, Lizzy. To be kind, to be thoughtful, make you laugh, to make you love him.

Because you deserve that. And it will come. The next time they see each other is the scene 1. The Boat - the victim becomes the victimary This equalizes the relationship. It is the principle of legal system and penal systems: Now consider what Liz thought Tom had done at that point: Monarch Douglas in Warsaw. What about accounts, names of shell companies? Yet she says nothing to Red or the team.