Kishore kumar and mohd rafi relationship counseling

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kishore kumar and mohd rafi relationship counseling

Mohammed Rafi was born at Kotla Sultan Singh, near Amritsar. .. And boy, I am grateful to my father for the best advice he gave me in life and. Hindi cinema has a long history of fine male playback singers. From KL Saigal to Talat Mahmood, Mukesh, Manna Dey and Kishore Kumar. Mohd. Rafi heard Kishore Kumar rendering Mere Nidon Mein Tum with Shamshad Begum in Naya Andaz in the middle 50s and was moved to.

Clearly the golden era of Hindi music was behind KK and in a world without Mukesh and Mohd Rafi, there was virtually no competition worth its name for Kishore Kumar to deal with. At personal level, the two singers were very different people if not exactly the opposite. Kishore Kumar had the reputation of doing the unthinkable.

He would invite a producer to have a chat with him inside a cupboard and then lock him inside because the producer had something to do with his income tax mess. In effect, he was such a busy man that one wondered as to how on earth he got the time to record those wonderful songs. Kishore Kumar married four times and each one had a story of its own.

Despite his so called miser and eccentric ways, the industry never doubted his tremendous potential to create hits out of the ordinary and to create master pieces out of the seriously good stuff. As many were the stories about him, name, fame and money came in equally good measure and Kishore lived life the way he liked and on his own terms. Life for him was limited, from home to the studios and back to home. He had an impeccable reputation in the industry and people swore by his name.

Setting the record straight

He was known to sing for a token amount of one rupee for the producers who could not afford to pay his fees. Rafi was a happily married man with beautiful children in whose company he spent all the time outside of the studios. If Rafi and Kishore were the Lions of the music industry, they behaved like ones. Both were versatile and there were no limitations to their range and ability.

While the producers and music directors did have their preferences for a particular singer, neither of them was ever accused of lobbying with them for work. Interestingly, Mohd Rafi sang many songs for Kishore Kumar the actor.

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The song which had two versions in the film became a huge hit and it once again underscored the superb control that Rafi had when he suddenly moved from the low to the high pitch. On a number of occasions he is said to have remarked that only Rafi could sing the song. So the song went to Rafi and it turned out to be the outstanding song of the film.

In fact it was this climax song that gave the story line a meaning and offered Rajesh Khanna the opportunity to test his histrionics. The gentleman Mohd Rafi on his part, did not bother to know as to why only one song was given to him. Rafi, the Yodeler Kishore Kumar was a natural yodeler, having picked up the art as a growing-up boy, by listening to the Austrian records owned by his brother Anup Kumar.

When he entered the arena of playback singing the music directors were quick to discover his potential and utilized it to the hilt.

kishore kumar and mohd rafi relationship counseling

Kishore went overboard with his yodeling in another of his home production Jhumroofor which he was the lyricist and music director and his fans loved it. By this time he was established as the official yodeler of Bollywood not only because he was very good at it but because in most cases the songs were picturised on himself and he had no problems giving perfect lip service to his own songs, both comical and romantic. It is unlikely that any other established actor would have risked this much of yodeling lest he got typed.

But Kishore was Kishore and he did what he liked. Yet again, and as it would come as a surprise to many, if there was any competition to Kishore Kumar at yodeling, it was from Mohd Rafi. If yodeling was an art, Rafi had a perfect hold on it.

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Many more songs of Rafi in the same mood would follow in the next two decades but this was a very special song. Rafi does a wonderful yodeling in the song and when he ends the song with the yodel he sounds exactly like Kishore Kumar. The natural ease with which Rafi has yodeled in this song is marvellous. It is strange indeed, that Rafi did not choose to yodel in more of his songs which had plenty of scope and situation to do so.

Whether it was his own decision or the restraint put by the music directors, his fans definitely were deprived of a very interesting facet of this endlessly versatile singer.

The inimitable Rafi had a hundred different shades to add to the colour of his songs and yodeling was only one such shade which he used with brevity. With Rafi opting not to, Kishore made yodeling his second nature and his fans loved it. The result was magical and the fans were eating out of his hand. If Rafi gave up some ground to Kishore Kumar in yodeling, he more than made up else where.

From the word go, Rafi is all magic in this quawwali and the energetic and dashing Rishi Kapoor takes it to greater heights with his splendid performance on screen. But soon, he started getting work again. He did lots of good movies and gave some hit numbers in films like Naseeb and Amar Akbar Anthony.

Kishore Kumar Pays Tribute To Mohd. Rafi After His Death

But the money was more than agreed on, so my dad called him and told him he had paid extra money. The film had flopped, but yet he paid more, but my father returned the extra money. I was with him. I can never forget that day. My mom had fever that day so she was sleeping and my dad was rehearsing for a Bengali song in the morning at home.

He got chest pains, but he finished his rehearsal and then came upstairs. My mom asked him what happened. He said, 'I think I have acidity' and took medicine for that and went downstairs. My mom told her younger brother Zaheer Ahmad, who was also my father's secretary, to call the doctor. The doctor called in a specialist who took Zaheer Ahmad aside and told him that 'I think Rafisaab has got a heart attack. We were calling for an ambulance to take him to hospital, but my father insisted on going in his own car to National Hospital in Mahim in suburban Mumbai.

He was immediately taken to the ICU and they wanted to fit him with a pacemaker, but did not have one. So he was shifted to Bombay Hospital on his doctor's advice. On the way, he had three more heart attacks. At the hospital, he was taken straight to the operation theatre and a pacemaker was installed. Afterwards, my mother told him, "If you rest and get well, we can go home. There were a huge number of people at his funeral.

It was raining heavily, people lost their slippers and valuables in the crowd, but they waited for the procession.

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They threw flowers from the buildings My mother was completely broken. She couldn't believe he was gone. If my father was at home, he would go to bed at 9 pm and get up at 4: Sometimes he would come home late at night totally stressed out because of too many recordings that day.

My dad was a very calm person. He never scolded us. All the scolding and beating was done by my mother. He was a disciplined person.

My mother was strict, but she kept the family together. He never went for parties, he loved spending time with his family. The only events he attended were weddings and award functions.

On the day of her bidai, my father did not cry. But when he recorded the song, he cried a lot. Among kids my father would be like a kid. He loved playing carrom and badminton and to fly kites. Eid would be a grand affair at our house. My mother would make shirkhurma vermicelli pudding in a huge vessel and send it to actors, producers, directors and music directors.

During Bakri Eid, we would send ghosht meat to everybody's house. We would cut about eight to 10 goats. After he expired, all this stopped. I am writing a book on my father titled Mohammed Rafi: Voice of The Nation. It is co-authored by Sujata Dev.

I was the authentic source where his personal life is concerned. But when we wrote about his career and music composers and his colleagues, we met those people ourselves. We did 60 interviews. Shammi Kapoor was very fond of my father. They knew each other so well that whenever dad sang for him he knew exactly how Shammiji would act in that song and prepared accordingly. My dad sang for Rishi Kapoor a lot.

Rishiji told me that he was lucky to get Rafisaab's voice. He also told me that Manmohan Desai always said that "Agar koi khuda ki awaz hai toh woh hai Mohammed Rafi If anyone has the voice of god, it is Mohammed Rafi. Mohammed Rafi with Lata Mangeshkar. There was just one controversy that my father was involved in.

kishore kumar and mohd rafi relationship counseling

That was with Lata Mangeshkar, when she said she wanted royalty on the songs that they sang and my father said once the singer was paid, there was no need for royalty. They had a tiff and they did not sing with each other for quite some time.