Kobe and howard relationship with god

kobe and howard relationship with god

"I felt like I didn't need my relationship with God anymore," Howard said in the professional basketball world like Kobe Bryant, James Harden. Dwight Howard #8 of the Atlanta Hawks looks on during the game against the Magic's broken promise, his relationship with James Harden, Kobe Bryant, the . I wanted to rededicate myself to my body, to the game, to God and just go down. “I felt like I didn't need my relationship with God anymore,” Howard says, “and Dwight Howard on Rift With Kobe and Harden: 'I Should Have.

After that had finished, I told my dad that I wanted to go to the NBA and I wanted to become the best basketball player.

It was just the little stuff that I was always faithful over. Stuff like shoes, I really took advantage of the shoes I got. I remember when I was 12 years old I had two pairs of shoes. I had some white Pro Wings and some black Pro Wings.

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I wore those for almost two years. We were just faithful over the small stuff. I know my calling on my life. I found that out at a young age. I was 13 or 14 when I found that out. What led to your decision to go pro out of high school? I always wanted to come out of high school and go into the NBA. I felt that I was ready. I prepared myself physically and spiritually to become eligible for the draft. I just felt that it was my time and God wanted me to do it.

They were talking about me being the number-one or number-two pick my whole senior year. I wrote my goal down at the beginning of my senior year that I was going to go number one in the draft. When did you first make a commitment to Christ?

I made a commitment when I was 13 or I was dating a young lady and I thought I was in love with her.

kobe and howard relationship with god

She broke my heart and I was looking for love in the wrong places instead of looking for love with God. That was one instance when I knew I had to get my life straight. What were some of your spiritual concerns going into the NBA at such a young age? I knew that one of the biggest challenges was going to be stepping up and standing out. I knew that I was going into a league with a lot of grown men.

kobe and howard relationship with god

But that was the biggest challenge, just knowing when to talk to people about Christ and when not to, and not try to overbear people with Jesus. How do you deal with temptations that typically present themselves in the NBA? The flesh is one of the weakest things, especially in a man.

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The only way for me being a Christian, me being a human, to not follow through with temptation, is to run from it and to stay away from those types of situations. Have your outspoken ways ever caused you any trouble?

kobe and howard relationship with god

It has been a problem a little bit. But all I do is, you know, I just be myself. What do you enjoy about working with kids through your foundation? I really like speaking to kids and going to youth events.

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I also like giving back. What is your message to young guys that might look up to you as a role model? Facebook When Dwight Howard, was named the No. Thirteen years and five children with five different mothers later, Howard, now 31, is working on reconnecting with God, reviving his troubled career and sharing his story — a cautionary tale. However, he slowly found himself isolated and ridiculed with handlers trying to protect him from the things in the world they felt would "corrupt" him.

As his stature grew in the NBA and the fame came, Howard didn't want shelter. He wanted to experience everything that life had to offer. But when I finally got into that world and took a look around, I wanted to experience all of it.

And when the news became public, his image as a devout Christian was shattered. A lot of people judged me. I felt like I shouldn't even be out in public because everyone looked at me as a hypocrite.

kobe and howard relationship with god

These new additions to his life also came with public custody and child support battles with the women involved. It's like, 'I've heard so much about these clubs, these strip clubs, let's try 'em out. Let's party like these older guys,'" he said. There's no comparison, but at the time, I felt like a kid who has never had candy in his whole life and suddenly is given all the candy he could ever want.

kobe and howard relationship with god

If you're still just a kid — which is what I was — you're like, 'Give me more.