Meruem and komugi relationship quiz

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meruem and komugi relationship quiz

As we all know it was Meruem's relationship with Komugi that allowed him to progress. There are a few articles of interest to be discussed. I think it might be important to understand the connection between Meruem's power and Komugi's power. Although it is true that both of their. Explore Chelley Ann Casasola's board "Komugi x Meruem" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Killua, Hisoka and Drawings.

No it is something more than that, he has begun to feel something, a feeling he is yet to fully grasp, he is in love.

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This girl has challenged him intellectually and emotionally and altered his entire perspective on life as he knew it, she may be fragile, she may be only good at playing Gungi, but whether he understands it or not, he is in love with her. With the devotion of his Royal Guard, sacrificing a portion of their own lives in exchange for his, the King lives on, yet he no longer remembers Komugi or anything that has taken place at the Palace. Her name evokes the feeling of a paradise where just she and him alone reside.

meruem and komugi relationship quiz

He returns to his senses and the inner struggle mentioned earlier between the Ant side and the Human side is concluded. Both sides are one in the same. There is a bit of a monster in all of us, but conversely we are also capable of genuine humanity. This idea is captured perfectly through the Chimera Ant King, a character constantly in a struggle within himself between his own personal light and dark.

Revealing that he has in fact been fatally poisoned during his fight with the Chairman, the King decides that he wants to spend his final moments with Komugi. He desperately seeks her out and comes head to head with Palm Siberia who allows him after some persuasion to see Komugi, under her watchful eye at the very least.

For the King, the real war was always within his own heart, but here we see him surrender to it completely. He is in love with Komugi and with her he is found. The King has been on a journey throughout this story, a journey of self-discovery. At the outset of this story it would be easy to write him off as a Perfect Cell rip-off, but his ultimate development into the man he became is simply unlike anything seen in the shonen genre.

You have an antagonist character that ventures deep into the darkest reaches of disparity only to find that somewhere inside of him was a light after all.

So how did a character that began as a DBZ lookalike become such a complex and thought-provoking character? Well it comes down to the mastery of Yoshihiro Togashi, a rather misunderstood mangaka, but one who is capable of taking us on journeys that redefine even our own existences. Meruem is not just a monster.

He is not just a King. Basis Meruem has relatively no concern for life, chimera or human. He literally leaves his mother bleeding out on the ground, wow this macho baby I can't even.

meruem and komugi relationship quiz

He seems almost like a ridiculously hyberbolized statement on youth, being apathetic, hot-headed, and just generally giving zero shits. There is a certain definedness to his ignorance, in that Meruem at his utmost ugliest of his person is at the very beginning of his character arc.

meruem and komugi relationship quiz

This makes perfect sense as he was created to be the king, to rule over all other life forms, so it seems almost natural for him to be so uncaring until he is developed by his changing environment and lifestyle. Overall Meruem's debut is really goddamn aggravating and rather generic.

Kind of like Togashi used the template for every raging shounen antagonist ever, just with a weird yet still explained curiosity in the consumption of human flesh. Except Togashi's better than that, folks, and this is only the debut There are a few articles of interest to be discussed concerning what Komugi taught him as a person. Strength Meruem is one of the most powerful beings in the Hunter x Hunter universe.

If he wanted, he could kill Komugi with a flick of his wrist. However, as he discovers, she possesses a different strength, one that surpasses his.

She is a Nen specialist whose ability refers directly to the game of gungi, in which she is and will always be the victor.

Her strength is one he will never defeat, no matter if he should kill her.


Komugi represents the diversity of an individual's worth, something that Meruem would never have considered had he not met her. Respect Meruem once stated to Neferpitou that he respected her, as her stability was able to withstand one of his attacks.

Although the respect he felt for his servant was less that and more acknowledgement of her strength, as Pitou was just that; a servant. Respect is fueled by a sense of equality in some shape or form, and is an ideal Meruem learnt from Komugi, since she was the first to rival his strength.

Concern The concept of forsaking ones who are sick, weak, or dying is hardly unheard of to animalistic thought process and ritual; it was what motivated Meruem to ignore his dying mother and ruthlessly kill his penguin comrade that had disobeyed him.

meruem and komugi relationship quiz

Ones who operate with this mindset generally have little to no care for others, like grossly hyperbolized animals. Komugi is a delicate, fragile girl who in her screentime is injured twice - once by an aggressive bird and once fatally wounded by Zeno's attack on the palace.

On both occasions Meruem acts radically out of character, exhibiting extreme, sincere concern for her. In this section I'll be discussing the characters whose developments directly or indirectly relate to Meruem's.

Gon Freecs; Switched Selves The similarities between the character arcs of Gon and Meruem are a frequently explored topic to analytics. Gon and Meruem begin as core opposites; Gon the amiable, carefree protagonist that is the driving force of HxH, and Meruem the typical violent antagonist with aspirations of conquering the world. Though, the brutality and mercilessness of war that the young boy experiences firsthand, darker than anything he has ever seen before, steadily transforms him into the unforgiving monster that kills Neferpitou in the flames of a vengeful rage.

Contrastively, the honor and nobility of Komugi awakens Meruem. He gradually ascends from his throne as king of primitive animals to an intellectual and open-minded way of thought.

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As Gon becomes an animal, Meruem is humanized. Their mental changes can be encapsulated into their own respective reactions to Komugi's near-death experience. Being an innocent girl who was roped into the situation, there was no reason for her to die to the hunters.

In fact, as defenders of the human race, it was natural for the hunters to have every desire to save her before she was victimized.

meruem and komugi relationship quiz

Meruem reacts to Komugi's injury with love and care. He carries her, gently, before demanding Neferpitou to heal her with more sincerity than he had ever shown before. Meanwhile Gon makes a dangerous agreement with the guard, telling Pitou that she had increasing less and less time to save the critically wounded Komugi, simply because of his selfish need to restore Kaito.