Minato vs obito rin and kakashi relationship

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minato vs obito rin and kakashi relationship

Obito loved Rin deeply, and thus the trauma suffered by him, Sasuke loves Sakura, but being a ninja comes before having a relationship. When Rin and Obito go to check on him, they get more than they bargained for. which elaborates on the relationship between Kakashi and Kushina. and Obito meeting Kakashi's ninken for the first time (not in battle or on a mission). Kakashi had been so late for training today that Minato-sensei had. 1) When Kakashi had achieved Jonin rank, the Minato and Rin in the manga or anime where Kakashi had a romantic relationship with.

After the two were saved by Minato, the remaining members cherish their memories of Obito and went on to destroy the bridge, completing their mission. But this was all planned for they knew somebody from Konoha would rescue her and bring her back. Their plan was when Rin was to arrive at Konoha, they would release Isobu and let it rampage on Konoha; destroying the village.

minato vs obito rin and kakashi relationship

After Kakashi manages to find Rin, the two begin to retreat back to the village as the enemy pretends to chase after. Kakashi sheds tears as he strikes Rin Rin, knowing about the plan, requests Kakashi to kill her in order to protect the village. Although Kakashi refuses and suggests that they find another way, Rin would later intercept Kakashi's attack and die by his hand.

Minato's First Mission with kakashi,Rin,Obito/Team Minato vs Hidden Steam Shinobi

Kakashi pulls out his Chidori Watching in shock as he impales her with his own hand, he sheds a tear and his Mangekyo Sharingan is awoken. However, due to the exhaustion Kakashi collapses. The enemy ninja's then make an attempt to retrieve her corpse, but is stopped by an enraged Obito.

Since her death, Kakashi would usually visit her grave and share top-secret intel with her.

minato vs obito rin and kakashi relationship

Later in the War arc, Kakashi was shown to sympathize with Obito's loss of Rin and confessed that she was one of his precious teammates whom he lost. He also remembers his old teammates and his failure as a friend towards them. Without Mito and Hashirama, there would be no story for Naruto. Naruto used his crush as an excuse to follow Sakura, get in between her and Sasuke, and rush headlong to her defense in battle.

Naruto The Movie, citing his crush as a form of competition with Sasuke. Ino, despite being empathetic and intelligent, was also incredibly shallow. She was more worried about her appearance than physical training. Sai, despite being an incredibly capable shinobi, had no people skills.

The two had a lot to learn.

minato vs obito rin and kakashi relationship

Over time, they valued one another as more than just a pretty face or a good battle partner, providing plenty of growth for the duo. Sakura And Sasuke They might be a fan-favorite couple, but Sakura and Sasuke have one of the most troubling relationships of the entire saga. Sakura spent nearly all of her formative years pining after Sasuke, wanting to be stronger so she could fight alongside him, and excusing a lot of his bad behavior. For his part, Sasuke spent a lot of his formative years ignoring Sakura and trying to make himself more powerful.

minato vs obito rin and kakashi relationship

The only time he showed concern for her was when she was the weak link in the chunin exams. Sasuke also tried to mortally wound Sakura in battle several times, something she forgives a little too easily when she winds up marrying him.

minato vs obito rin and kakashi relationship

Filler episodes are created specifically for the anime to fill in gaps. They occur while the animators wait for the manga story to catch up. Hanare being captured and interrogated in Konoha was one of them.

Team Minato

After being interrogated, and supposedly erasing all of her own memories of the village, Hanare escapes. Despite catching up with her, Kakashi allows her to leave. The two never interacted in the Naruto series that fans saw. Perhaps some of their potential story was cut for time? Even without any interactions, the two wound up married and with a daughter in the future. Rin performed the surgery and she and Kakashi escaped just as Obito was entombed underneath a landslide.

Rin and Kakashi attempted to fight back against Iwagakure's ninjas but found themselves greatly outnumbered. Thanks to the dagger he'd given Kakashi, Minato arrived in the nick of time, rescuing his two remaining students while also eliminating the rest of the Iwa gakure team. In the anime, it was shown that Rin was sent out on a mission with Kakashi and Guy.

With their situation looking grim, Guy used himself as a decoy to lead away the Iwagakure shinobi, and Kakashi went after him.

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Rin later returned with backup from Konoha, which caused the enemy-nin to retreat. Some time after the events at Kannabi Bridge, Rin was kidnapped by Madara Uchiha under the guise of Kirigakure's doing and had Isobu sealed into her, becoming its host with the move leaving her unconscious. She was also branded with the Puppet Master Seal, a move that prevented her from killing herself as the Kirigakure ninja plotted her to have rescued and brought back to Konoha where Isobu would be unleashed, ultimately destroying the village from within.

On the way back to the village, Rin, having realized the truth, asked Kakashi to kill her with Kakashi refusing, remembering how he'd promised the dying Obito to protect her.