Necessary roughness dani and nico relationship problems

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necessary roughness dani and nico relationship problems

She Likes It Roughness: Callie Thorne Analyzes Dr. Dani's Love Life “Team Matt” and “Team Nico” — and she beams with schoolgirl excitement. the players non-mental problems (played by Gilmore Girls vet Scott Cohen)? two very real kind of men that would she would thrive in a relationship with.”. Doctor Danielle “Dani” Santino, the protagonist of the show, Dr. Dani Santino is a Dani has begun a relationship with the team's athletic trainer, Matt Donnally, but and out of trouble with his own antics, no matter how much Dr. Dani advices him Dr. Dani kisses Nico Careles after Marshall Pittman dies in a plane crash. Thus begins the relationship between T.K. and Dani, which is riddled with and Nico (Scott Cohen), the shady but dreamy security man for the team. The series will focus on such issues and also on Dani as she takes on Regardless, “ Necessary Roughness” seems not nearly as fun as it could have been.

Surely not, though with the mysterious Mister Careles she's not entirely positive. Dani and Nico talk about vacation. I'm reposting this as I can, so if it looks familiar, it is.

Will one night be a great one or will the drama be too much to want to do again? It Happened One Night by drewbug reviews "There's an empty cabin up here, a place for hikers to stay overnight. How much drama could Nico and Dani face on the day that should be their happiest one yet? Set in an AU Christmas during Season 1.

Dani receives a surprise gift for Christmas, swiftly followed by another that she likes even better! T - English - Romance - Chapters: Where are they off to, who will they visit, and how will their relationship evolve as they spend a couple of weeks together?

And, hey, what about that plane! It's different, Dani is having some problems with work and her personal life. T - English - Mystery - Chapters: It's important to know where you stand.

K - English - Chapters: They need each other more than they know The Important Stuff by Loretto reviews They observe a lot. Was a kiss the only thing he was hired to do? Oh and another thing. Do we need to have the breaking and entering talk again?

The person we caught won't give up easily. Getting off her bed Dani came over and put her hand and felt him relax instantly. Smiling she put her hands around his neck and drew him down so she could kiss him. Dani it was Gabrielle Pitman. She is the one who hired the hit man.

She was trying to kill you. She wouldn't say why. But it doesn't matter. She is in police custody. Frowning she didn't say a word. I've only met her a handful of times. Why would she try to kill me? But she didn't that's all that matters.

Feeling her slowly relax he tried to change the subject. She said taking the bait of his subject change. So how about you get ready and I'll be back in an hour and we can head out. As he got into his car his phone rang again looking at the caller ID finding that it was the coach he reluctantly answered it hoping that he wouldn't have to go in to deal with TK. Know anything about it? She hired a hit man to go after Dr.

My guys found everything in her apartment including the number and the time and explanation of what he was supposed to do. So she really did it.

She said that she didn't. She sounded rather convincing to me. But Matt is in here. As soon as he hung up with him his phone rang again. With a frustrated sigh he answered it.

It wasn't Gabrielle Pitman. We did a fingerprint analysis. He fingerprints weren't on it. It was the GM of the Hawks! Matt Donally's and Dani's ex-husband Ray Santino's fingerprints on the paper! He couldn't believe what he was hearing. Are you still there?

necessary roughness dani and nico relationship problems

I need to do some digging. I'll call you when I'm ready.

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Then opening it again and dialing Dani's number. DANI He sounded really angry that he had to cancel. I wonder what is going on now. Wow I thought my life was hectic. Well I'll just get ready now so I can be ready when the time comes. She thought as she walked into the bathroom. Shaken still, she walked down the stairs and decided to call Jannette to come back over and have a glass of wine with her.

I just need an ear to talk to and the fish just won't cut it this time. I need someone that will talk back and help me clear my mind. Walking in as calmly as he could he asked "So what made you think that you would get away with it Donally?

You and Ray Santino hired a hit man to take out Dani Santino. Were you angry that she didn't want you anymore and kicked you to the curb?

It doesn't matter Nico and it's none of your business. You can't prove it. Everyone thinks that it was Gabrielle Pitman.

Nobody even thinks that it is possible she didn't do it. She was so easily set up. Like taking candy from a baby. Flipping out his phone dialing his buddy at the police department, but before he could hit send something smashed into the back of his head and everything went black. He is heavy for being as thin as he is. He picked up his phone and calmly called Ray who answered on the first ring.

Nico knows it was us! I had to knock him out. He's unconscious behind my desk. We can put him in the trunk of his car. What I have personally wanted to do for a very long time now. He thought to himself hanging up the phone. NICO Slowly coming to, everything was black. The air is so stuffy his brain thought dizzily.

Trying to sit up he hit his head on something. Making his head hurt even more. Reaching his hand to feel around the small space he was in. He put me in a trunk. Wait if it was his car he would be fine. Maybe he changed his mind! Said Dani to Jannette. A man's but not Nico's. Why do you have Nico's phone? They hate each other. Why would he have his phone. He left it in my office. We were talking about taking another look in TK's apartment.

Make sure he kicked the pain pills fully. You only get that look on your face when you're on to something. I'm going to go find him. In his car the back seat opens into the trunk.

He had it specifically installed in his car for just as an occasion like this. Well, with his line of work you just have to be a little careful. Opening the flap into the back seat cool fresh air smacked him in the face making him a little dizzy. Taking a deep breath he wiggling himself so he could get through the small opening listening hard to see if there were any voices anywhere near the car.

Finding none he wiggled fully out and sat up looking out the window.

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He slowly crept out of his car finding himself still in the parking lot of the office buildings. Headlights passed over him as he opened his door making him jump. Dani's car came skidding to a halt in front of his car.

necessary roughness dani and nico relationship problems

She jumped out and grabbed him in a tight hug. Shaking he hugged her back. You need to get out of here. It wasn't Gabrielle who came after you. It was Donally and your ex husband Ray! Nico spilled out before he could stop himself. He's not that bad of a guy.

necessary roughness dani and nico relationship problems

He may have cheated on me but he wouldn't want me dead! We found his and Donally's fingerprints on the papers hiring the hit man.

Every emotion speeding through her face.

necessary roughness dani and nico relationship problems

Confusion, shock, anger all at once. He is going to be arrested just as Donally will be. I just need to call my buddies at the police department and they will pick them up immediately. It's Not ok Nico!

necessary roughness dani and nico relationship problems

Ray has my kids! It is his weekend to have them! They are in danger! Turning away she ran to her car jumped in speeding away and leaving him and Jannette there with their mouths gaping open. DANI "He wouldn't hurt them! Her lungs screaming as she held her breath as she slammed on the gas going straight though a red light nearly getting hit by a truck that swerved to miss her.

Finding Rays house was easy with how much adrenaline she had in her system. Throwing the door of her car open as she jumped out of her car like she was trying to get away from a group of bee's she all but ran up to the front door. Kicking the door in, not bothering to see if the door was unlocked she immediately saw her kids in the living room she screamed for them to get their stuff and to go get into her car. They jumped up knowing that something was very wrong they ran to the car not even bothering to grab any of their belongings.

She hissed flailing her arms around feeling her elbow contact somewhere with his head. But he still wouldn't let her go and out of nowhere came Jannette.

Calmly she came in front of her friend and grabbed her arms knowing that Nico was going to need some help. Lindsey and Ray Jay are fine. Their scared you need to go to them! Slowly Dani realized she didn't need to fight anymore and said quietly to Nico, "You can let go now. I just need to see Lindsey and Ray Jay. Letting her go she turned on her heel and left finding her kids outside talking to police officers.

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Lindsey was yelling and crying while her brother was trying to calm her down. Walking up to her kids she put her arms around them crying herself feeling the band that was crushing her heart loosening its grip just slightly. You're ok, you're ok, you're ok.

She repeated over and over into her daughters hair, trying to calm her kids and herself at the same time. She felt a hand on her back. Turning just her head so she didn't have to let go of them she found Nico standing there. He took a step forward wrapping his arms around all three of them and said "It's over. Everything is going to be ok now. Epilogue Nico and Dani continued to see each other for a couple years and finally got married.

She officially became Dani Careles. They both still work with the Hawks team especially Terrence King who has kicked the pain pills completely and has been in a committed relationship for 2 years. Something he had a hard time with since he started dating. Matt Donally and Ray Santino were both arrested and we're sentenced to 15 years in prison for the attempted murder of Danielle Santino.