North and south miniseries ending a relationship

North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell

north and south miniseries ending a relationship

North and South has ratings and reviews. Trudy Brasure Just for the record, that's a brilliant quote from the screenplay - the BBC mini-series. It's not before their conversation ended; he tried so to compensate himself for the South so fucking much: John Thornton is as invested in his relationship as I am. Movie rendition of Elizabeth Gaskell's 'North & South'. <3 Elizabeth .. North and South has pretty much the best ending of any period drama ever. Richard Marriage of convenience stories are one of my favorite kinds. This one is. The main character in Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South, Henry Lennox, on the other hand, desires a closer relationship, and soon makes his intentions known. . if brief, happy ending, and we leave Margaret beginning a life of hope. One of the aspects of "NORTH AND SOUTH" miniseries that I truly.

Orry visits the Hazard mansion near Philadelphia to give George his part of their cotton mill money. When he arrives, Orry discovers that George and Constance now have a baby girl named Hope. Virgilia finds out that Orry is present and tries to have him killed by forming a lynch mob which threatens the Hazard estate; the mob's leaders demand that George hand Orry over to them, leaving little doubt that their intentions are to kill him.

George and Orry face off against the mob with shotguns and Orry boards a train to return to South Carolina. The two friends part, unsure if they will ever see each other again.

The Civil War begins. Orry, despite having been against secession, becomes a general and military aide to Confederate President Jefferson Davis in the Confederate capital of Richmond. Meanwhile, George and Billy are in Washington, D.

Billy joins the U. Sharpshooters regiment, while George becomes a military aide to U. Charles, a Confederate cavalry officer, meets Augusta Barclay, a Virginia belle who smuggles medicine for the southern soldiers. Virgilia wants to work as a nurse at a Washington, D.

Orry's cruel and manipulative sister Ashton meets her match in Elkanah Bent, who sees the Civil War as a great way to get rich by smuggling forbidden luxury goods through the U.

Navy blockade of the South. Bent and Ashton quickly become lovers, while Ashton's politician husband, James Huntoon, is unaware of his wife's adultery. With Orry and Charles gone to war, Justin kidnaps Madeline from the Main family plantation and burns the cotton barn; Orry's mother is injured trying to stop the fire.

The First Battle of Bull Run takes place with George and Constance getting caught up in the panicked aftermath as they reluctantly watch from a distance. The South is the winner. Episode 2 July — summer — Hearing about her mother's injury, Brett and one of the Main household servants, Semiramis, make the dangerous trip from Washington, D.

Along the way, Semiramis is captured by Union soldiers, but rescued by Brett. Orry leaves Richmond and returns to South Carolina as well; he finds Madeline at Justin's plantation and kills Justin in a fight. Orry and Madeline finally get married.

north and south miniseries ending a relationship

Orry discovers Bent's illegal smuggling enterprise and stops it by capturing Bent's blockade runners, arresting his men, and destroying most of his merchandise. Bent and Ashton vow revenge.

Margaret Hale, The Heroine of "North and South"

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, George's older brother Stanley takes over the family's steel factories. His greedy wife Isabel talks him into profiteering from the war by using cheap, low-grade iron to make cannons for the U.

north and south miniseries ending a relationship

Army; the cannons often explode and kill Northern soldiers. They forge George's name on the documents, in case the cannons are traced back to Hazard Iron.

Episode 3 September 17, — spring — At the bloody battle of AntietamCharles and Billy nearly kill each other, but each allows the other to escape. Charles's friend Ambrose is killed in the battle by one of the poor-quality cannons made by Hazard Iron.

Most of the slaves leave the Main plantation in South Carolina, but a few remain. Ashton visits her family's plantation, supposedly to see her recovering mother and sister Brett, but in reality to carry out Bent's revenge against Orry. Ashton tells Madeline that she knows that Madeline's mother was a high-priced, part-black prostitute in New Orleans, and that, unless Madeline leaves Orry with no explanation, she will reveal this secret and ruin Orry's public reputation.

Madeline flees to Charleston where she is befriended by a suave gambler Rafe Baudeen and begins working for the city's poor and orphans who are suffering from the war. Meanwhile, Bent—who has become increasingly psychotic and unstable—begins planning to assassinate Confederate President Jefferson Davis and become the dictator of the South.

Army and makes his way to South Carolina, where he and Brett spend some time together. Ashton discovers Billy's presence and goes to tell the local authorities, but Billy is saved when Brett threatens her sister with a pitchfork long enough for Billy to escape.

Episode 4 May — late autumn — When Billy returns to his regiment, his commanding officer threatens to court-martial and execute him if he ever leaves again. Billy is also placed in harm's way by being put in charge of the regiment's skirmishers. George is captured in a raid by Southern forces and taken to the dreaded Libby Prison in Richmond, where he is tortured by Captain Turner, the prison's psychotic commandant.

Orry is shot and taken to the hospital where Virgilia works; despite her hatred of Southerners, she helps him recover and looks the other way, allowing him to escape. Later, Virgilia is accused of allowing a wounded Southern soldier to die and is fired from the hospital. In a fit of rage, Virgilia pushes the elderly chief nurse Mrs. Neal, causing her to lose her balance and tumble to the floor.

Neal to be dead, Virgilia panics and flees the hospital. Desperate for money and a hiding place, she goes to Congressman Greene for help.

He gives her money and protection in exchange for sex. Charles saves Augusta from being raped by Northern soldiers at her farm in Virginia, and the two become lovers. Episode 5 December — February — The war has turned against the South.

Madeline helps starving people in Charleston.

north and south miniseries ending a relationship

Returning home, George learns of his brother and sister-in-law's illegal business schemes to use cheap iron to build cannon, and forces Stanley and Isabel to admit guilt.

Bent tries to kill Madeline in Charleston, but she is rescued by her gambler friend Rafe, who saves Madeline but is fatally shot by Bent. Bent enlists James Huntoon for help in his plot to overthrow the Confederate government. The Confederate President orders Orry to squash the planned revolution. In a final fight, Orry and Huntoon attack Bent's hideout near Richmond. Bent is apparently killed when the ammunition he was hiding in a barn explodes.

Ashton confesses her affair to James, conspiring to have Billy killed, her past abortion, and tells Orry that she helped Bent drive Madeline away. Orry disowns Ashton and tells Huntoon that he never wants to see his sister again. Ashton begs Huntoon's forgiveness, but he tells her that it is too late.

Episode 6 March — April — The fighting ends with a Northern victory. Orry and George lead troops against each other in the last major battle at Petersburg ; Orry is wounded. Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrenders his army to U. Army General Ulysses Grant.

north and south miniseries ending a relationship

With the war over, Charles goes to Augusta's farm and finds that she has died giving birth to his child, a son. He goes to Charleston and gets his child from Augusta's uncle's wife. Billy also quits the army and reunites with Brett at her family's plantation.

Congressman Greene ends his affair with Virgilia, which he thinks detrimental to his political career. Virgilia learns that Greene had been lying to her about the seriousness of the charges and using Virgilia's dependence for his own gratification; she murders the congressman and is sentenced to death by hanging.

north and south miniseries ending a relationship

She and George have a tearful farewell before her execution. George learns that Orry is wounded and searches for him, finally finding him in a Union hospital. Their reunion is spoiled when both learn that President Lincoln has been shot. George helps Orry find Madeline, who reveals that Orry is now the father of their son.

Orry, Madeline, their baby, and George all set out for the Main plantation. Salem Jones, the cruel former overseer of the Main plantation, joins with one of the Main's former slaves, Cuffey, in an attack on the Main plantation; they burn the mansion before being killed or driven off by Charles, Billy, and Ezra, a former slave who is engaged to marry Semiramis. Orry, George, and Madeline arrive, with the former two helping to fend off the last of the attackers.

Orry and George pledge to renew their family's friendship, and George agrees to help Orry rebuild his plantation home by reopening the cotton mill and letting Orry take the profits. Heaven and Hell[ edit ] Episode 1 summer — autumn — Elkanah Bent, having survived the explosion of his hidden ammunition depot near Richmond, becomes obsessed with getting his "final revenge" on Orry and George, whom he blames for his failures in life.

He begins his revenge by going to Richmond and murdering Orry Main with a single stab wound. Furious, Ashton tries unsuccessfully to kill Bent; she then moves to the West to start a new life. Heartbroken at Orry's death, Madeline tries to rebuild the Main family mansion at Mont Royal and helps local freed slaves, to the disapproval of most of her white neighbors. Charles Main, now a corporal in the U. Cavalry in the Old West, meets and romances Willa Parker. Ashton begins working as a prostitute in Santa Fe ; her goal is to earn enough money to buy Mont Royal.

Carrying out the next part of his plan of revenge, Bent goes to the Hazard mansion near Philadelphia and murders George's wife Constance.

Episode 2 autumn — spring — Devastated by news of his wife's murder, George begins searching for Bent to exact justice. Cooper Main, Orry's older brother, becomes a member of the Ku Klux Klan and begins working to undermine his sister-in-law Madeline's efforts to help local blacks.

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But portly or lithe, I love Mr. Bell for his wit, his keen eye, and his appreciation for Margaret and Thornton. The film only hints at this special friendship that developed between teacher and pupil. Hale in his grief after Mrs. Margaret notices this gentle and profound side of Mr. She put Christian morality into all her books.

Bessy speaks a lot about God and looks forward to a happier afterlife. Margaret reads from the Bible to Bessy. Hale and Higgins talk of God in their exchange. The Thorntons do not attend the Church of England. The harmonizing undertones of bringing characters of varying Christian faith together is mostly lost in the film.

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Glossing over the religious stuff is probably the modern way, but we lose something of the Victorian reality in skipping it. If there were a hall of fame for screen kisses, then Richard Armitage would be venerated there for decades. Yes, the film ending is breath-taking and brilliant. The range of emotions shown in a matter of moments, the symbolism of finding each other at a half-way point, the open-collar of a man usually tied and bound by his routine, the drama of making a final choice at the sound of the whistle — it all makes the scene exquisite and rich with meaning.

Yet, I love the book ending, too. And then there is Thornton on his knees, a silent body-to-body embrace, a brief mutual apology, and some sweet playfulness that leads to a private kiss of unspecified duration. She has spent the past six years actively discussing and studying North and South and other Victorian literature. You can find out more about Trudy and her work at: