Offred and nick relationship test

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offred and nick relationship test

What is Nick and Offred's relationship in The Handmaid's Tale? Do they like each other? Does anybody like each other? There's something. The Commander's driver and Serena Joy's helper in the garden, and Offred's lover. Nick's official position is Guardian, and he seems to be low-ranking because. June Osborne, renamed Offred (Elisabeth Moss), is the Handmaid assigned to June and Nick develop an intimate relationship and she eventually discovers that .. Nick trades drugs and pregnancy tests for alcohol with one of the brothel's.

Women are divided into a small range of social categories, each one signified by a plain dress in a specific color: Handmaids wear red, Marthas who are housekeepers and cooks, named after the biblical figure wear green, and Wives who are expected to run their households wear blue and turquoise. Econowives, the lower-class women who still have minimal agency, are a sort of mixture of all these categories, and they wear gray a departure from the book in which Econowives wear clothing striped with the aforementioned colors.

Women prisoners are called Unwomen and are worked to death clearing toxic waste in the Colonies. Another class of women, Aunts who train and oversee the Handmaidswear brown. Additionally, the Eyes are a secret police watching over the general populace for signs of rebellion, Hunters track down people attempting to flee the country, and Jezebels are sex workers in secret brothels catering to the elite ruling class.

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Offred is subject to strict rules and constant scrutiny; an improper word or deed on her part can lead to brutal punishment. Offred, who is named after her male master Of Fred like all Handmaids, was married and had a daughter, a job, a bank account, and her own name and identity in the "time before", but all she can safely do now is follow the rules of Gilead in hopes that she can someday live free again and be reunited with her husband and daughter.

The Waterfords, key players in the rise of Gilead, have their own conflicts with the realities of the society they have helped create. Both he and his wife played an instrumental role in Gilead's founding. He wishes to have more contact with June outside of what is lawful between a Handmaid and her master, and starts inviting her to play nightly games of Scrabble. She appears to have accepted her new role in a society that she helped create.

She is poised and deeply religious, but capable of great cruelty and is often callous to June.

offred and nick relationship test

She is desperate to become a mother. Although June is initially wary of her, it is revealed Ofglen is not as pious as she seems, and the two become friends.

offred and nick relationship test

Ofglen had a wife and son, and was a university lecturer in cellular biology. Being homosexual is punishable by death in Gilead, and most university professors are sent to labour camps, but Ofglen was spared and made a Handmaid, due to her fertility.

She is later captured and cruelly punished for her relationship with a Martha, and is sent to another household where she becomes "Ofsteven". She is involved with a resistance movement called "Mayday".


Initially non-compliant, Janine's right eye is removed as a punishment. She becomes mentally unstable due to her treatment and often behaves in temperamental or childlike ways. She gives birth to a child for Warren and Naomi Putnam, whom they name "Angela", but Janine insists the baby's name is "Charlotte".

Janine is later reassigned and becomes "Ofdaniel".

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She was temporarily assigned to the Colonies until a bombing at the new Rachel and Leah Center. Ann Dowd as Aunt Lydia, a woman in charge of overseeing the Handmaids in their sexual reeducation and duties. But stick with me here. Whats interesting about Nick is the constant question about where his loyalties lie.

offred and nick relationship test

Even when we find out Nick is an eye, I caught myself thinking "but he's different! Now you may be thinking: Offred's stakes are high too, maybe even higher because she's a woman. The difference between their positions is that Offred has to rebel if she wants her life to get any better, Nick already has a safe position in society.

offred and nick relationship test

I think his character highlights the male bystanders in the face of misogyny and sexism. There are probably a lot of people just like Nick in Gilead.

offred and nick relationship test

They don't like whats happening to women, but given the privilege of their position, they don't have as much as an urgency to rebel. If you think about it, there are probably a lot more men not in favor of Gilead than not - and if they all united and tried to fight back with the women, they'd probably win.