Osteoporosis and its relationship to oral bone loss

Possible links between osteoporosis and periodontal disease

osteoporosis and its relationship to oral bone loss

The purpose of this paper is to review studies to determine the relationship between oral bone loss and osteoporosis. In addition, the major modes of therapy for. Systemic loss of bone density in osteoporosis including that of the oral cavity few decades to determine the relationship between osteoporosis and oral health. The contribution of oral bone loss to the overall morbidity in the aging Bone Loss: Mandibular Bone Density and Its Relationship to Systemic Osteoporosis in .

Four reasonable hypotheses for these results include destructive lifestyle risk factors, susceptible genetic factors, increased production of inflammatory mediators and less initial BMD in both systemic and oral bones. Demonstration of a relationship between osteoporosis and periodontal disease is complex because both are multifactorial diseases sharing multiple risk factors.

Specific criteria have not been established, as evidenced by the fact that 21 different assessments in a variety of combinations had been used in the studies of this review. Because these different outcome measures influence the definition of periodontal disease, determining whether periodontal disease is associated with osteoporosis may not currently be feasible.

A precise measurement of periodontal disease is needed to validate investigations on this topic. Based on the findings of this study, cross-communication and patient referral between medical and dental professionals are recommended to improve the health of the postmenopausal public.

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The radiographic information gathered in dental offices can be used to screen patients for undiagnosed low BMD of the jaws, not to diagnose osteoporosis. The goal is to recognize the potential risks for low BMD and potential fracture, and to refer patients to their medical doctor. These outcomes would yield a healthier life for postmenopausal women, ultimately reducing co-morbidities and oral health care costs.

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Investigate the links between oral and systemic health. Accordingly, it highlights the role of multidisciplinary teams in supporting health. Dentists should refer patients to a doctor to enforce the treatment of osteoporosis.

Likewise, doctors should feel comfortable to refer patients to a dentist for prevention and evaluation of periodontal condition. By doing so, the risk for developing osteoporosis and severe periodontal disease could be minimized.

osteoporosis and its relationship to oral bone loss

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osteoporosis and its relationship to oral bone loss

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Effect of Osteoporosis on Oral Health

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osteoporosis and its relationship to oral bone loss

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Osteoporosis and its relationship to oral bone loss.

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osteoporosis and its relationship to oral bone loss

Bisphosphonates in periodontal treatment: