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Tori and blake relationship part 13 Blake and Tori | FanFiction Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. is Tori Hanson and Blake Bradley of the Power Rangers Ninja Storm Power Rangers. A year has passed for the Ninja Storm Rangers. Tori and Blake's relationship stands on a fragile edge. Add in problems at the ninja school and. Power Rangers Ninja Storm is an American television series and the eleventh season of the Shane, Tori and Dustin are three students at the Wind Ninja Academy. by sending his new allies to battle the Wind Rangers - the Thunder Rangers, Blake and Hunter, who had their own Thunder Zords. . Access related topics.

When the others had found out they had almost killed Hunter. I tried to get Tori to start thinking about other things. But you know Tori. Once she sets her mind on wanting something she isn't going to stop until she has it.

It's bad enough that Tori's been depressed about her and Blake's relationship. She's not sleeping or eating right. She calls Blake at least once a day. She's probably talked to Cam about that. You know she just thinks Dustin and I are irresponsible.

If he doesn't come then I'll tell her. At least Shane had understood why he was keeping the secret. Dustin had gone ballistic at him. Tori, she trusts you. She trusts Blake too but you're the one that she calls all the time. Hunter, you have to tell her before she gets hurt so badly that there isn't a way to fix it. She thinks Blake's her one true love. This is going to destroy her. I'll do much worse to you than that," Dustin paused. Of course he felt guilty. Tori was slowly becoming his best friend and he was lying to her.

He was lying to protect his brother. Why did this have to happen to him? He didn't deserve any of it. Hunter had expected Cam to be gentle on him. Instead Cam just told him point blank that Hunter needed to make a decision.

Until then Cam wouldn't have any contact with him. They had succeeded in isolated him from the group. Only Tori called him and that was because she didn't know what he had done.

Damn it all to hell! He should have told her the moment he found out. Calling Blake had been the hardest thing Hunter had ever done. The phone call had straight and to the point. He had sure that his brother understood that Hunter wasn't going to keep this a secret much longer. Blake had been angry but had agreed that Tori needed to know the truth.

Blake smiled as he saw Hunter's car. At least Hunter wasn't angry at him. Then she felt other eyes staring at her. The full weight of his presence hit her. He was here with her, not racing round the USA via its motocross circuits.

Right now he smiled at her and reached out to intertwine his hand with her's. A warm feeling spread through her. She could concentrate on that later. She quickly fixed her eyes on the teens before her. Blake trusted them as did Hunter and Cam. That had to mean something. Tori gave the Dino Thunder Rangers a quick appraising once over. Tori raised an unconvinced eyebrow. He braced his arm across his chest. In glows of red, blue and yellow energy the bracelets transformed into elaborate chunks of colour coded metal.

Dustin's eyes nearly popped out of his head. They've got powers from the dinosaurs, just like the original Rangers had" he breathed, eyes fixed on the Morphers.

If Dustin recognised them with his geekish obsession with Ranger history then it was a good sign. The Morphers did look like some old Morpher designs Cam had shown them. He was on three other Ranger teams before us, including the original one. There was something about the girl that niggled at her, something that made her angry. She was determined to solve it later. Right now, she was overwhelmed by Blake's close presence.

She hadn't expected to see him for another few weeks when Factory Blue gave him a break. She felt herself pulled out of her thoughts literally as Blake tugged on her arm to get her attention. The others had begun walking. There were a few moments of silence and then.

Just freaky where there's gaps in my memory plus how I totally dislike the Dino Thunder Rangers for no reason, especially Kira. Apparently the discs Lother gave you tapped into the dark sides of your personalities. We all have the ability to be bad, we just don't choose to be," explained Blake. It'll fade with time. Blake slipped his arm around her shoulders, pulling her closer for physical comfort.

The more Tori looked at the Dino Thunder Rangers walking ahead of her, the more the lingering feeling of dislike and distrust faded.

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She could easily tell that they were a team. Conner was obviously their leader, a step ahead of them as he conversed seriously with Shane, and it showed in the way he constantly checked either side of him that Kira and Ethan were ok.

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The other two stuck close to his side, gradually opening up to the Ninja Storm Rangers chatting to them. Their Morphers sealed their identities. Tori chewed her lip, worried she'd overstepped a line. As a rule, Blake and Hunter never spoke about the times they'd fought against the Wind Rangers and the others never asked them about it but Tori needed some reassurance from someone who knew.

It wasn't a memory she herself treasured. Hunter and I both do. When we shared an apartment, he woke up screaming sometimes about the ways he hurt Dustin. Its hard to live with but I swear it gets better. They worked together as a strong team.

Unified they'd destroyed the army of monsters. A bunch of times Tori found herself teaming with Kira. She felt drawn to the Yellow Ranger. Her fighting style was unpolished but her heart for her mission shone through as she tore through her enemies.

When they worked together, Tori was surprised to find that they were very successful as a unit. Tori couldn't put her finger on it completely but she felt bonded to this stranger. Cam had informed them in a quiet moment that they would bond quickly with the Dino Thunder Rangers due to their shared mission and assorted similar experiences when wielding the Power.

Kira gave a brief smile and began applying her eyeliner as she gazed in concentration in the mirror. Tori watched with interest, trying to unravel the mystery of their strange bond. The two of them were physical opposites. Tori favoured minimal maintenance appearances; hardly any make-up and her clothes were simple and practical for teaching or surfing purposes.

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Kira had turned wearing layers of clothes into an art form and wore a lot of dark make-up to emphasise her large eyes. She dressed as she wanted on whatever whim. Tori started; embarrassed she'd been caught and began looking around the room. Dr Oliver had insisted that the Ninja Storm Rangers stay over for at least the weekend and had offered his own house as a make-shift youth hostel, claiming his students could learn a lot from the former Rangers.

Tori and Blake were given the spare room to share while Shane, Cam, Hunter and Dustin were squashed together in the lounge. Currently, everyone was preparing to go to Blake's motocross race. The Ninja Storm Rangers had briefly ninja streaked home for some clothes and Blake had headed off early to prepare, leaving with a promise to Tori that he'd talk to her properly after the race. Kira had offered to help Tori unpack and arrange the items she and Blake had collected from home; Tori didn't feel like she could refuse the girl's kind offer.

Fully equipped with Dino Cave," quipped Kira. He's just Dr O to us but to you guys he's this really important figure in Ranger history which I guess he kinda is. No offence but you've been kinda off since the battle," Kira asked, peering at Tori curiously. Like I had this total dislike for you guys when I came out from the spell. It really threw me.

Now I feel bonded to you," Tori hesitated but decided to continue with total honesty. There was nothing she could say which would shock someone who was a Power Ranger.

Blake's such a cool guy. Instantly she honed in on it. It was an oddly familiar feeling. Jealously over Kira knowing Blake? Then she remembered Blake's words about the evil spell taking hold of her dark side. Part of dark side was certainly her jealousy; it had slipped her up before.

Seeing Kira being familiar with Blake had probably driven her evil self wild. It also explained the lingering dislike of Kira. Kira was gazing at her in confusion.

Did you and Blake act friendly in front of me when I was evil? I recognised him from a video Dr O made of past Rangers. The whole evil spell thing taps into our dark sides according to Cam and my jealousy is kinda out of control sometimes. Put that with you being friendly with Blake There's another guy I like but it's sorta complicated.

He tried to kill me a lot and then used me to get into Ninja Ops where he and Hunter kidnapped Sensei," Tori said deliberately off-hand and tried to ignore the still smarting pain she felt at her boyfriend's actions.

Kira's eyes went wide and she dropped onto the bed, tucking her legs in cross-legged. She gestured for Tori to join her so awkwardly the Water Ninja perched on the edge. Trent and I went through a lot of the same things except the whole kidnapping part," Kira confided. Tori's brow furrowed she recalled the smart sweet guy who'd transformed into the White Ranger. According to Dr Oliver when she'd asked him, the various sketches left around the house were Trent's work.

If they were anything to go by, Trent was a very talented guy. This evil white Dino Gem bonded with him and totally corrupted him. When I first knew him, he was such a sweet guy. He watched me perform and drew pictures of me. But the gem changed him. Then one day he told me. He'd been having blackouts and didn't realise what he was doing.

Conner and Ethan wanted to kill him but I didn't, I couldn't. It was a twisted mirror image of her own early period with Blake. Now that her lingering jealousy over Kira's involvement with Blake had disappeared, she wanted to help. She could clearly see the fragile pain laid bare on Kira's face. Her emotions were completely unmasked.

This girl was going through almost exactly what she, Tori, had been through not so long ago. She'd had no one to talk to but Kira could talk to her. It was strange talking to a girl Ranger and strangely comforting as well, to find someone who had been through so many similar experiences and almost identical trauma when it came to the man in their lives. Tori scooted closer and laid a hand on Kira's knee.

I really liked him but when I saw him and Hunter in Ninja Ops having kidnapped Sensei, everything just crumbled. I felt so betrayed. There was this guy I really liked turning out to be my worst enemy. But things changed and after a lot of work, things turned out ok for both of us. I mean trust him again after all he'd done?

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The guy who nearly annihilated me or Conner, Ethan and Dr O. When they came back, Lother turned them against us using a spell. When we broke through it, he stayed and we spent a lot of time together talking it through. He was really upset by what he'd done and wanted to have some sort of relationship with me, even if it was just a friendship. Blake's repentant expression, his heartfelt words about wanting to stay and help the other Rangers.

How Cam had explained that evil spells taking over team mates were a regular occurrence among Rangers and that it could happen to any one of them. Shane and Dustin's brotherly warnings to her about trusting Blake with her heart when he'd stomped on it before and then Dustin and Hunter finding each other through all the chaos. The cautious nature of her and Blake's relationship as slowly trust was built and old wounds healed.

So much had built into their relationship. Like you're smiling but you're sad too. It took a while but I liked him so much and I believed he could be saved.

Eventually he was and even though I don't see him as much as I'd like to because of his motocross touring, I wouldn't want my life without him.

I believed in the good in him and eventually it broke through the bad. You're scared about opening your heart to him again, trusting someone who tried to kill you with your intimate feelings," Tori wrapped a comforting arm around Kira's shoulders.