Rangiku and toshiro relationship tips

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rangiku and toshiro relationship tips

Tite Kubo Rangiku Matsumoto (松本 乱菊, Matsumoto Rangiku) is the lieutenant of the 10th Later that night, Rangiku followed Hitsugaya home and was there when he woke up. Quotes. (Upon being asked when her birthday is by Gin Ichimaru) "I don't know, I never really . What is Rangiku's Relationship with Isshin?. With regards to Gin and Rangiku's relationship, the anime does not Well, Toshiro looked up at Matsumoto, feeling her hips move back and. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.

Hitsugaya smiled gently, looking down upon his busty lieutenant, quivering in anticipation, "Toshiro He began caressing her breast gently, not realizing his waist had dropped just enough to allow his crotch to slightly graze Matsumoto's hips, intensifying her pleasure. Lifting his body upright, he placed his other hand on her other breast, now using both to stroke her silky skin. Every now and then, he would smirk, gently pinching her nipples between his forefingers and thumbs, watching Matsumoto's satisfied reactions.

She lifted her arms, slowly pushing Hitsugaya's confident grip away from her chest long enough to look up at him. Placing her hands on his shoulders, she slipped the Haori off of his body and casually tossed it aside, watching as Hitsugaya began to undo his own kosode.

As he lifted the black fabric off his body, Matsumoto took in the sight of her captain mostly disrobed. His small figure was not without toned muscle, something normally hidden beneath the folds of his clothing. He was quite pale, as expected, but did not appear weak. She smiled up at him erotically as she placed her hands on his bare chest, slowly moving them down to his hips, grabbing a slight hold of them.

Matsumoto's touch was as warm flame against Hitsugaya's skin I want more of you Matsumoto He lowered his head back down to Matsumoto's neck and began kissing her bare skin. Moving from the collar bone down, he kissed her softly, stopping on her breast just next to her nipple. Matsumoto had her eyes shut tight, almost panting as she tried to catch her breath.

rangiku and toshiro relationship tips

Hitsugaya whispered her name once more before pressing his lips over her erect nipple, gently sucking. His eyes closed as he moved from one to the other slowly, but at random, not allowing Rangiku to get used to the sensation.

Matsumoto could feel herself begin to drip from excitement, disjointed thoughts swirling in her mind. He's hitting every spot I know of with relative ease I'm already quivering and I can't take this much longer I need every bit of him.

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As if Hitsugaya could read her mind, he slowly released the nipple he was sucking, tugging on it slightly with his teeth before letting go of her breast. He the moved his body even lower past her waist, now positioning himself at her heels. Tugging only slightly on the fabric of her hakama, Hitsugaya stopped, propping himself back up for a moment.

Matsumoto, realizing the sensations had lost their rhythm, looked up to see Toshiro staring seriously into her eyes. Finally, he spoke calmly, "Matsumoto Before moving closer to her, he gazed at the full sight of his gorgeous lieutenant, now fully disrobed before him. Her sudden vulnerability had caused her to curl up slightly into a half-fetal position. Hitsugaya was lost in the immeasurable beauty before him.

Every curve, from her large breasts to her wonderful hips that curved nicely into her strong toned legs was reminiscent of the most beautiful of goddesses. Her skin glimmered bright in the moonlight and he couldn't just look Positioning himself back on top of her, he pulled Matsumoto out of the half-fetal and stared into her yearning eyes.

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Hitsugaya smirked as he placed his hand on her inner thigh, caressing her in an entirely new way, leaving Matsumoto breathless and quivering. He stroked her skin gently all the way up to her chest, and then back down to her thigh, feeling her various muscles tense up as she tried to maintain.

rangiku and toshiro relationship tips

Stopping for a second just against her thigh, Hitsugaya moved his caress across her crotch and to her clit. Matsumoto, unprepared for the cold touch against such a sensitive area screamed in pleasure, causing Hitsugaya to pull back for a moment, making sure he hadn't somehow just hurt her.

Unable to stop now, he placed two fingers gently at the split in Matsumoto's lips, slowly but firmly pushing them deep inside of her. A new sensation began to take over Hitsugaya as he felt the rhythmic struggles of Rangiku beneath him along with the pleasure sounds she could no longer contain.

rangiku and toshiro relationship tips

The control he had over her at that moment was intoxicating. Gently massaging her most sensitive area with one hand, and sliding his fingers in and out of her very tight, very wet pussy with the other, he felt an passionate satisfaction surge through him.

Unsure of how long he could continue to only listen to her moan as she begged him to keep going, his gaze fixated on his lieutenant's face, her eyes now closing tight to feel every thrust and motion in it's purest form. I couldn't move if I wanted to Matsumoto, after much struggling, was able to stop Toshiro for just a moment, placing one of her hands against her forehead as she tried to catch her breath.

She missed the sensation of his fingers sliding in and out of her, but she wanted much more, knowing it would have only been a matter of time before she would have lost all hope of regaining control. She pushed her upper body up slowly onto the balls of her hands, her shimmering orange hair falling alongside the curvature of her chest. Looking back at her captain, she could see he was a little unsure of how to proceed; his eyes bearing the question; should I have stopped?

She smiled provocatively, looking her captain up and down as he tried to figure out what was going to happen next. Matsumoto positioned herself back on top of Hitsugaya, their delicate movements silent against the office floor.

She slowly, but less carefully pulled her captain's hakama and other dressings off of his waist, leaving him lying there, completely exposed. Matsumoto blushed a bit, her eyes widening as her gaze wandered up and down her captain's body.

He's bigger than I thought he would be. She knelt down close to his hips, resting her gaze on Hitsugaya's intense expressions. He looked as though his eyes were trying to watch for every little movement; afraid to miss even a second. Matsumoto let out a sexy giggle as her lips moved closer to Hitsugaya's erect penis.

rangiku and toshiro relationship tips

She softly blew across the tip, watching Hitsugaya's chest rise and fall more rapidly from the sensation. Before he could catch his breath, Matsumoto wrapped her lips around the tip and began slowly moving down his shaft. He could feel her tongue flicking across his penis as she moved up to the tip and dipping back down to the base, her teeth just slightly grazing the skin enough to cause pleasure spikes to ricochet throughout his entire body. Hitsugaya's moaning grew in intensity as he slowly surrendered to the feeling of Matsumoto sucking on him.

He placed one hand on her hair, grabbing a small chunk of it and listening to Matsumoto whimper between her full mouth. Her rhythm picked up in speed as Hitsugaya's eyes began to roll back. But before he could whisper her name again, Matsumoto slowed down suddenly, Toshiro's penis sliding gently from between her lips until she released him completely.

He jerked a little as she released, the cool air now dancing over his wet skin, tickling the tip. As she lifted her upper body, staring into her captain's gaze, Matsumoto smiled sincerely. She could feel his heart beating rapidly beneath his chest, a slightly pained look across his face. She moved her hips up against his, their two aching parts touching each other.

Placing a hand on Hitsugaya's cheek, she watched as he pressed his head harder into her palm, closing his eyes and cringing at the touch. She pulled her hand back towards the floor, looking directly into Hitsugaya's bursting blue eyes. He nodded gently, knowing Matsumoto had been silently asking for permission to take the final leap.

Rangiku Matsumoto

She raised herself up onto her hands, her hips rising with her, positioning herself directly over Toshiro's now throbbing penis. Locking her gaze with Hitsugaya, she lowered her body until she felt him push deep inside of her. Both Matsumoto and Hitsugaya simultaneously shouted out the moment he slid inside.

Having almost collapsed on top her captain, Matsumoto was holding her upper body up by her two hands, now pressing hard against Toshiro's chest. She moved her hips up and down slowly, relishing the feeling of every inch of Toshiro sliding in and out of her trembling body. Toshiro had reached out, grabbing at her breasts as they bounced with Matsumoto's movement.

Both Rangiku and Toshiro had the same look on their faces; resemblance of pain rather than the feeling of their entire souls finally releasing into one another, their bodies pressing hard against one another. Matsumoto's whimpers grew into loud, gasping screams as Hitsugaya growled slightly, taking over the movement and now freely thrusting in and out of her.

She looked down at her captain, small tears forming in the lower lids of her eyes. Eyes that was alarming, yet mesmerising at the same time.

Suddenly, Gin fell forward, pushing Rangiku, so that both end up on her bed. Suddenly, she froze as Gin's finger traced the parts of her bosoms revealed by her robe. The dark cloth fell sideways as Gin slid his hand along the contours of Rangiku's body Rangiku moaned softly, surprised by the pleasure as Gin's robe rubbed along her stiff nipples.

Suddenly, Gin pushed himself off the bed, staring at Rangiku's bare skin with a strange fear in his eyes. Rangiku watched as Gin's shadow fade from the shoji's screen. Turning towards the window, Rangiku stared into the night sky.

Toshiro pointed at Rangiku's shoes. Rangiku stared at her shoes for a moment, then kick them off before entering the room. Purposefully, Rangiku pulled her robes lower, to reveal more of her ample bosom. With the intention of pushing Rangiku off, Toshiro lunge forward. At the same moment, Rangiku turned, to the sight of Toshiro flying towards her. Toshiro tried to slap his forehead, cursing the bad timing, as his hand connects with Rangiku's bosom, pushing her backwards onto the bed.

For a moment, they stayed in that position. With a swift movement, Rangiku pulled the white sash off Toshiro's robe. Rangiku suddenly pushed him sideways, then climbed over her captain, like a fox over its prey.

rangiku and toshiro relationship tips

Toshiro gasped, feeling his member twitch uncontrollably. Toshiro clenched his teeth as Rangiku's fingers encircled his member, and began to rub it playfully. Changing position again, Rangiku knelt over her captain, sliding the tip of his member against her sodden opening, tempting him. Giving up all restraint, Toshiro began to arch his body as he tried to push himself in. Rangiku smiled, torturing Toshiro by keeping a firm grip on his member, forcing him to push harder.