Relationship red and green flags

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relationship red and green flags

​And so when we are progressing in a relationship that looks like it has potential, we not I have divided them up into Green, Yellow, Orange and Red flags. It's not all about avoiding 'red flags' in a relationship — it's just as important to find the good things, too!. Here are eight relationship red flags that show that you should run away from that guy really fast, and eight green flags that show that you.

These are all signs of a red flag guy who really doesn't respect you or your connection at all. You can feel love for a guy, but that means nothing if you can't trust him.

Without trust, the relationship can't exist in any capacity. Does it feel less like an argument and more like a WWE fight in words? A green flag guy won't do that.

relationship red and green flags

Rather, a fight won't be a fight, it'll be a straight-up discussion where feelings are laid out on the table. Rather than you having to chase him to get him to communicate his grievances with you, you might find that he's sort of chasing you to find out how you feel. You won't have to guess at his intentions or feelings because he'll tell you how he feels. You might even feel a bit overwhelmed by his honesty and inspired to be a better communicator like he is. It's a great feeling and there are guys out there who can do this.

8 Relationship Red Flags To Run Away From And 8 Green Flags To Run To

He might be friends with her and assuring you it's all platonic, and you might even know her and like her yourself, but there might be a knot in your stomach because he talks about her a bit too much or even creeps on her in some way. Even if he isn't friends with her, he treats her like this untouchable part of his life that he'll never share with you. As an example, I once had an ex who was "totally over" his ex but would refer to the few months with her with a special name and freaked out like he'd seen a ghost when we ran into her in the street, yelling at me when I asked what was wrong.

I ended up finding out later that the relationship hadn't even existed: Looking back, this was a major red flag that I should have heeded.


The moments where you really get to know a person, warts and all, are the small ones. It's those times when the two of you really need to get your laundry done, but still want to see each other, so he drives over to your place with his laundry and you spend hours at the laundromat watching your clothes spin.

It's quiet Friday nights at home watching American Horror Story because you don't want to go out and making dinner together.

relationship red and green flags

It's going to the grocery store and doing errands together and seeing what makes you guys tick. If you can do those things with your guy, he's a keeper.

But we started with green flags for a reason. I have noticed something interesting in the young adult dating culture lately. Maybe it's social media.

relationship red and green flags

You find the faults without getting to know the person. You nit-pick personality quirks or physical attributes. And can I just say: That is not a divine process. Our society has taught you to be critical, guarded, and even suspicious before you really even get to know someone. I know you've had some bad relationships. You've met some interesting people. You've gotten your heart broken. Yes, you should be cautious enough to keep yourself safe. But if you are meeting people in a physically and spiritually safe environment — after a class, at Church, when you are with friends, at the Institute, even sometimes at work — you can relax a little and begin looking for the positive.

23 relationship ‘green flags’ that indicate your partner is a keeper

Green flags are also about potential. Look for qualities in others that show potential. But rather that they have the potential to complement and complete each other. So start looking for the green flags. If there are enough green flags, you will continue dating. In fact, you will want to continue dating. Yellow is associated with caution. It is not meant to stop us from doing something, but rather suggests we just might need to slow down a little bit and proceed carefully.

In dating, yellow flags come up when there are things in a relationship that cause you to pause a little bit, things you have to think about. Yellow flags are not necessarily negative or bad.