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Lily wants to show T. Ray the swarm of bees in her room. She thinks . June and August came up with the idea of a wailing wall to help May deal with her issues. What is the relationship of the queen bee to all the other bees in the hive?. You will be able to use your study questions on the book quizzes, so be sure to answer all questions Describe the relationship between Lily and Rosaleen. Directions: Read the following questions carefully and answer them in complete sentences. Lily's relationship to her dead mother was complex, ranging from guilt to idealization What compelled Rosaleen to spit on the three men's shoes ?.

She is sure to leave holes in the lid for air to circulate, she puts in beautiful flowers with lots of pollen, and tries to make the jar as comfortable as possible. The bees, however, don't fare so well in captivity. They desperately try to get out, wear themselves out, and eventually give up. When the jar is opened, the bees remain there, "as if the world had shrunk to that jar.

How did Lily discover Rosaleen loved her "beyond reason"? Rosaleen allowed Lily to bring home an Easter-dyed baby chick when she was eight. Ray tried to take it away, Rosaleen stood up on Lily's behalf, telling T. Ray, "You ain't touching that chick. What daydreams did Lily have about Rosaleen? Ray, and became my real mother.

The Secret Life of Bees Study Guide Answer Key

Other times I was a Negro orphan she found in a cornfield and adopted. Once in a while I had us living in a foreign country like New York, where she could adopt me and we could both stay our natural color. Identify Deborah and tell three "scraps of information" Lily knows about her. Deborah was Lily's mother. She was from Virginia.

The Secret Life of Bees Study Guide Answer Key

She was an only child whose mother has since passed away, and she was a "lunatic" when it came to saving bugs. What items were in the paper bag Lily found in the attic? The bag contained a picture of her mother, a pair of white, cotton gloves, and a picture of a black Madonna with "Tiburon, S. Henry do for Lily? Henry made some comments to Lily that made her realize she was smart and had the potential for a future beyond anything she had previously imagined for herself.

Before Lily went into first grade, T. Ray came to the peach stand to tell her something. What did he want to tell her? He wanted to tell her how her mother died so she wouldn't hear it from other people at school. What major event on television captures Rosaleen's total attention? President Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act into law. When Lily asks for the silver charm bracelet for her birthday, T. Ray just looks at her and then keeps on eating.

What effect does his response have on her? I think now it was sorrow for the sound of his fork scraping the plate, the way it swelled in the distance between us, how I was not even in the room. During the overnight hours after she had asked for the charm bracelet, Lily sneaks out of the house and goes somewhere. Where does she go? Lily waits "till it was late enough so I could slip out to the orchard and dig up the tin box that held my mother's things.

I wanted to lie down in the orchard and let it hold me. Ray and the confines of the house and to go to a place where she can find some peace and comfort.

Ray make Lily kneel down on the Martha White grits? He thinks she has been in the orchard with a boy. Kneeling on the grits is her punishment for acting "no better than a slut. The morning after she is punished for being in the orchard, Lily wakes up late.

Ray yells at her for not going to work at the peach stand on time. What does Lily understand after T. Ray tells her, "As long as you're under my roof, you'll do what I say! Lily understands that "a new rooftop would do wonders" for her. She understands that she needs to leave home. Why does Rosaleen want to go to town? She wants to register to vote. For what is Rosaleen arrested? She is arrested for assault, theft, and disturbing the peace.

Assignment 2 Chapters 1. When the dealer hits Rosaleen on the head with a flashlight and Lily screams, what is Mr. He puts his hand over Lily's mouth and says, "Hush. Ray gets Lily out of jail, they have a fight. Ray say to Lily that "would sink [her] forever"? The day she died, she'd come back to get her things, that's all. You can hate me all you want, but she's the one who left you.

After Lily pours the tear drop out of the bottom of the bee jar, she has a "true religious moment" and hears a voice say something. What does the voice say? It says, "Lily Melissa Owens, your jar is open. Where does Lily go first when she leaves home, and how does she get there? She goes to the jail to see about Rosaleen. Brother Gerald picks her up along the road and takes her there.

Why isn't Rosaleen at the jail when Lily goes back to see her? Gaston says Rosaleen had fallen and had been sent to the hospital for stitches and for observation because of a little concussion.

How does Lily get Rosaleen out of the hospital? Lily pretends to be the jailer's wife. She telephones the nurse's station and asks the nurse to tell the policeman at Rosaleen's room that Mr. Gaston needs him back at the jail. When the policeman leaves, Lily and Rosaleen escape from the hospital. Where do Lily and Rosaleen go after they escape from the hospital?

How do they get there? Lily and Rosaleen go to Tiburon, South Carolina. A black farmer with a load of cantaloupes picks them up on his way to market and takes them within three miles of Tiburon. After Lily and Rosaleen are dropped off outside of Tiburon, they have a fight and part ways for a short while. How and where do they get back together?

Lily wakes up after dreaming the moon was falling in pieces from the sky. She searches for Rosaleen and finds her naked, bathing in the stream.

Lily strips off her clothes and goes to Rosaleen. They apologize to each other. Lily holds her breath, and sinks "as far as [she] could into that shimmering, dark world. What does she see? She sees a picture of a black Madonna that is exactly the same as her mother's. August is the beekeeper who makes the honey that goes into the black Madonna-labeled jars. Assignment 3 Chapters 1.

When Lily first arrives at the Boatwrights' house, she looks around and comes upon the black Madonna. How does the black Madonna make Lily feel?

When August says, "Who've we got here? Lily introduces herself and Rosaleen and simply tells August that they have run away from home and have no place to go. August offers to let them stay until they can figure out what to do. Lily knows her mother was from Virginia and tells August that she and Rosaleen are headed to Virginia to find her aunt there. What does August say that electrifies Lily? August says that she is from Virginia, too.

What first lets Lily know she has some prejudice buried inside herself? That's what let me know I had some prejudice buried inside me. What is odd about the stone wall Lily comes upon in the woods? It has tiny pieces of folded-up paper with writing on them stuck between the stones.

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What does May do when an unpleasant topic is brought up? What is the only thing that seems to help her get over it? May starts frantically singing, "Oh! How do June and August feel about Lily and Rosaleen? June doesn't want Lily and Rosaleen staying with them. She wants to send them away. August, however, wants to help them, to be patient and see why they have dropped on the Boatwrights' doorstep. For what special help did Lily pray to Mary? I asked her to see to it that I never went back.

I asked her to draw a curtain around the pink house so no one would ever find us. I asked this daily. Name the rules for "bee yard etiquette. Don't be an idiot. If you feel angry, whistle. Act like you know what you're doing, even if you don't. Send the bees love. August tells Lily how May is special. What does she say? It's like we have built-in protection around our hearts that keeps the pain from overwhelming us.

But May--she doesn't have that. Everything just comes to her--all the suffering out there--and she feels as if it's happening to her.

She can't tell the difference. Who was April, and what happened to her? April was May's twin sister. She was unable to accept society's unfairness, became depressed, and killed herself at age What is the "wailing wall"? It is a wall in Jerusalem where the Jewish people go to mourn.

They write their prayers on scraps of paper and tuck them into the wall. June and August came up with the idea of a wailing wall to help May deal with her issues. What does Lily do at the wailing wall? She puts her mother's name on a slip of paper into the wall. Assignment 4 Chapters 1. When Neil appears on the scene, what does Lily learn about him and June from May? She learns that Neil wants to marry June, but she has been putting him off for a long time.

June was jilted at the altar by a previous fiancee. Who are The Daughters of Mary? They are a group of women and one man who meet at the Boatwrights' house to honor and pray to Mary.

Briefly re-tell the story of Our Lady of Chains. The slaves had prayed to the Lord for help. One day a slave named Obadiah found a statue of a black woman with her fist sticking up. He heard the statue say, "It's all right. I'll be taking care of you now. They sang and prayed and came to touch her heart, and she filled their hearts with fearlessness and whispered plans of escape to them.

The slaves began escaping to the north. The masters removed the statue from the praise house and chained it into the barn 50 times, but each time the statue miraculously broke the chains and reappeared in the praise house.

So she became known as Our Lady of Chains--not because she wore chains, but because she broke them. What happens when Lily goes to touch the heart of Our Lady of Chains? June stops playing, Lily freezes with her arm outstretched towards Mary, realizes she is not "one of them," hears herself calling to Mary, and faints. What is Lily's first impression of Zach? She thinks he is handsome and feels that they will become friends. What surprises Zach about Lily? Lily tells Zach, "You've got to hear of these things before you can imagine them.

He says, "You've gotta imagine what's never been. What feelings does Lily discover when she and Zach go into the country to harvest honey?

She is surprised to discover that she is attracted to Zach. When Zach stops at a stop sign next to the Dixie Cafe, Lily declares she "will never throw rose petals to anybody. Lily breaks down crying, and Zach comforts her. How does Lily feel about Rosaleen's moving to May's room? She feels abandoned, hurt, and lonely. What happens when Neil and June are picking tomatoes? Neil brings up the subject of marriage again.

June tells him she will never get married, and they have a big fight which ends in Neil's driving off with June telling him never to come back and throwing tomatoes at his car. Assignment 5 Chapter 8 1. What does Lily learn from August while they are pasting labels on the jars of honey? She learns how and why the black Madonna came to be on the jar labels, and she learns about August's personal history--how she was from Richmond but loved to come here to her grandmother's house, and how she came to own it.

What does August say is the whole problem with people? They know what matters, but they don't choose it. What is the relationship of the queen bee to all the other bees in the hive? The queen is the mother of every bee in the hive.

How does Lily feel when she and August go to collect honey, and the bees come out and fly around her? Why was Lily so insistent that Rosaleen leave the hospital?

Where does Lily plan to go once she and Rosaleen leave the hospital? When Lily shows Rosaleen the picture that says Tiburon, S. Carolina on it, what does Rosaleen comment on? Explain what connection she makes between that tree and life? What problem do Lily and Rosaleen confront when trying to figure out food and lodging? Lily finds herself making choices based on signs she interprets. What is she trying to decide based on seeing the crop duster flying over the crops in Tiburon?

What does Lily steal from the store and why? Who is August Boatwright? Explain the significance of the epigram for chapter 3. Describe June and May Boatwright. Describe the experience Lily has once she sets her eyes on the statue of the black Mary. What surprised Lily about what she revealed to August? What reason does Lily give August for running away? Where did Lily and Rosaleen stay while with the Boatwright sisters?

Lily thinks of a metaphor for spinners… explain it. What let Lily know she had some prejudice built in her? Describe the stone wall. Explain the significance of the epigram for chapter 4. What did Lily overhear June and August talk about one night on the back porch?

Explain the reverse discrimination Lily felt while she listened to the aforementioned conversation. What is the significance of the Beatrix story for Lily?

Explain the purpose of the pieces of paper stuck into the stone wall. How and why did April die? What is the historical event that took place on Sept. What does Lily put in the wall? Explain the significance of the epigram for chapter 5. Who are the Daughters of Mary? Why was the statue called Our Lady of Chains? Anticipate what might happen in chapter 7 based on the epigram.

Who is Zach Taylor? Both Zach and Lily question the prospects of their futures, but for different reasons. What are those reasons? Why does Lily break down crying with Zach? Why was Rosaleen leaving the honey house? What is significant about the book August began to read? What are Neil and June fighting about? What gift did Zach bring Lily? Anticipate what might happen in Chapter 8 based on the epigram. Why does August use the Black Madonna on her honey jars?

What educational background do June and August have? Why did August paint her house bright pink? Explain the title of the book as it applies to the story lines. What event surrounded the arrival of Jack Palance? To whom does Lily pay a visit the night she goes to the house to use the bathroom? Anticipate what might happen in chapter 9 based on the epigram. What playful event broke the tension between June and Lily?

What event made Lily believe even stronger that her mother may have been in the pink house?