Saitama and genos relationship

saitama and genos relationship

Genos also pays Saitama to live with him and study under him as a disciple which puts a formal layer on their relationship that you don't usually. Saitama and Genos's relationship unnaturalsolace: “ Alright, so I was just thinking about Genos and Saitama's relationship again like I do % of the day. What do you think? Should Saitama and Genos engage each other in a homosexual relationship? Report to Moderator. In my opinion. Pean-p.

Genos is the first person in the series that Saitama speaks to and opens up. Not by choice but by force because Genos would not leave him along. Its a relationship Saitama doesn't want anything to do with at first because he isn't looking for a student and he doesn't need more then 20 words in his life. Genos wants unmatched power. His reasons for needing this for power is to defeat a crazed cyborg that ruined his life.

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So its unsurprising that after witnessing Saitama 'One Slapping' a monster with ease that he would beg Saitama to become his sensei. The goal being to become stronger. What actually happens is why I they are my OTP. Genos doesn't give up and Saitama just learns to deal with it. And they become friends in a way. Genos is stubborn, persistent, highly enthusiasm, direct, and doesn't quit.

saitama and genos relationship

He is the first person we see break through "The short interaction barrier" Saitama had around himself. Genos is very interested in what Saitama has to say and do. Genos begins to look up to Saitama.

I've said this before in previous discussion but Genos was a much colder, ruthless, and uptight person before Saitama. But from episode to episode we watch him ease up. Over time we can see hin redefine his previous definition of what a hero is by acknowledging Saitama. He hates how other people and hero's treat his sensei but he doesn't over step his boundaries and stands back when Saitama is talking to a crowd of anger civilians or talking his kill of the Sea King down to protect the intercity of other fallen heroes.


For Saitama the change is simple and that Genos makes him emotional. He yells more, smiles more, is frustrated more, and is driven more thanks to Genos. He doesn't get why Genos wants him to be his Sensei and has zero clue how to train him but he comes to accept Genos.

Hell Genos even moved in with him. They are sensei and teacher but I do feel like their friends in a way. They coupon and sales hunt, they hang out with each other, and they care about each other.

saitama and genos relationship

The following section contains Webcomic spoilers. You have been warned manga-only readers. Edit Flash mistook Saitama for a monster and the two had a brief scuffle. After clearing the misunderstanding, the two became acquaintances with one another, with Flash acknowledging Saitama's superior abilities.

After being defeated by Garou, Flash was one of the few who regained consciousness and witnessed Saitama defeating Garou. She is apparently obsessed with making Saitama join the Blizzard Group after witnessing how powerful he was when she fought him in his apartment and how he fended off Sonic. Saitama himself declared that he does not view Fubuki as a friend, but as an "acquaintance", showing that their relationship has not really progressed at all.

She also decides to join A-Class after the battle. Edit The following section contains Webcomic spoilers. While the two have had little interaction, Zombieman is one of the only people who is aware of Saitama's true strength after witnessing his fight against Garou, which is related to a warning Genus warned about to Zombieman behind the House of Evolution's reformed life.

He asks Genus to remove his limiter as well and make him equal to Saitama, as he feels inferior to the B-Class Hero. Edit Saitama meets Tatsumaki, thinking she is a little girl At their first encounter, Tatsumaki didn't think much of Saitama due to his ranking and would insult him.

She was even insulted by him ignoring her. Saitama once mistook Tatsumaki for a little girl due to her small stature and found her to be annoying. Their next encounter would be when they 'fought' in the Psychic Sisters Arc, where Tatsumaki finds out how powerful Saitama really is.

Saitama displayed concern and interest toward Tatsumaki, as he ran after her to see if she would be alright flying home with her injuries, and was interested in why Tatsumaki pushes everyone away. However, Tatsumaki simply yelled at him, causing him to be even more irritated at her behavior.

In an audiobook, it is revealed the two actually met in a haunted house at a festival Saitama worked at. Saitama thought Tatsumaki was a lost little kid, and Tatsumaki called him a balding samurai and thought he was a ghost when her powers didn't work on him. Edit Saitama and Mumen Rider share a mutual respect for each another, and a possible friendship. Saitama respects and acknowledges Mumen Rider's ability to continuously do the weekly quotas of the C-Class heroes, something Saitama found to be a difficult job.

He also compliments Mumen Rider for putting up a nice fight against the Sea King.

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Saitama and Mumen Rider eating together. Mumen Rider is one of the few who knows of Saitama's true strength and treats him respectfully as a fellow hero.

saitama and genos relationship

He sent Saitama a thank you letter and offered to treat him to dinner, where he thanked Saitama personally, further showing Mumen Rider's humble and respectful nature. In an extra chapter, it is revealed that he and Saitama were once schoolmates, but neither are aware of this fact.


Edit One of Saitama's new neighbors after he moved to A-City. Originally Forte thought little of Saitama, seeking to abuse his upper rank status to pressure him.

After witnessing a seismic event caused by his fighting unknown to him Saitama was going go toe-to-toe against Tatsumaki at the time he realizes neither he, nor his accomplices could hold a candle to Saitama.