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Based on Rinoa's dialogue if you bring her to certain fights in Disc 2, people speculated that she and Seifer may have 'done' it during the. Squall felt real to me, and his relationship with Rinoa Heartilly, the aloud, that her ex-boyfriend Seifer is still alive (“As long as you don't get your The problem is that it was never Rinoa's job to do it; remember that, and. Since Rinoa was deeply in love with Seifer in the start of the game, she would have seen So that's how I see Squall being affected by that issue. . Maybe the relationship between Squall and Rinoa would have never worked out as it did.

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It's possible that Almasy is Edea's maiden name. Why was Seifer such an asshole to the other orphans? Could it be because he was actually Edea's own bratty kid who was jealous she was giving care to these orphans? Why does Cid constantly fail Seifer in his exams?

Seifer's relationship with Rinoa?

It's mentioned that the Dollet exercises was not the only exam he had failed. It's because Cid does not want to send his own son on the mission to assassinate his mother Edea. Where does Seifer's theme of love and destiny come in? Well, he did not get to keep Rinoa as a girlfriend. He watched a movie as a kid about a knight protecting a sorceress this was the film Laguna did in one of the flashbacks.

This influences Seifer to want to be the knight for the sorceress which SeeD was tasked to defeat Why does Edea not recognize Seifer as her son? Well for one thing, she is possessed most of the time by Ultimecia. Let me tell you what I find clever about this title, and how that relates to themes like memory, identity and time.

[Game Theory] Time and Memory in Final Fantasy VIII

The other characters are often overshadowed by this, and get little development. I just want to make some notes about the story, which has been theorized about a lot. Most famously, fans speculated that Ultimecia is Rinoaor that Squall dies at the end of Disc 1. These theories are a bit far-fetched and have often been refused by the people working on FF, even as recently asbut one thing they drive home well is….

The end of the game is the starting point of many events. No one knows quite how it works, but this is the essence of the game, and the most interesting thing to speculate about. We see it spelled out in the intro of the game, which is a flash-forward to the scene in which Rinoa and Squall make a promise about returning to the flower field.

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When we are lost in time in space, we need a token. Something to hold onto. Time, just like dreams, is a murky and fickle stream of conciousness. We can get lost in alternative dimensions and realities. Both the Guardian Forces as well as Ellone control memories. The control of a Guardian Force is never quite there, since it merges with its user. It sits in the part of your brain where memories are stored and eventually these memories are erased if you keep using the Guardian Forces.

We spent half of the game with quasi-protagonists because of this. Flat characters who lost every sense of identity. The game lacks character development and has often been critiqued for this, but it also makes sense that the party members remain superficial.

They are broken and forgot their actual dreams and their childhood. What seems angsty and dumb in Disc 1 gets meaning when replaying the game: When you write a story about six broken characters with memory loss, who are not aware of their mental illness there is only so much you can do. She can live in a pocket dimension of her own. If she compresses these different time lines through magic, the sorceress can exist beyond time and space and thus live forever. She wants to hold onto time and live forever in a dimension of her own, but time is fleeting.

It cannot be controlled. Reflect on your… Childhood…Your sensation… Your words… Your emotions…Time, it will not wait…No matter how hard you hold on…it escapes you. Her words strike me. They are not only about herself, but also reflect what happens to our characters.

Their memories were erased by the use of guardian forces. They lost their childhood and their identity. Though they gained ownership over some of the past again, it was a difficult struggle.