Seras and alucard relationship quiz

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seras and alucard relationship quiz

Basically it chronicles the adventures of Hellsing as well as the relationship between Alucard and Seras going from partners to lovers. It was only recently that I. The others include Alucard, Integra, Seras I might be developing a sense of whimsy. . And I already know that there is no relationship between Alucard and Seras, besided slave and master. . The Hardest Anime Quiz You'll Ever Take!. Alucard and Seras Victoria. Home · Wiki · Images · Videos · Articles · Links · Forum · Wall · Polls · Quiz · Answers · fans Become a Fan.

Don't you think, Kayla? If you relax it will be easier. I took a breath and forced my body to relax, which was, somehow, not that hard to do considering my situation and whom I was with, as I felt Alucard's breath on my neck. Then his fangs went through my skin and he began to drink.

After the longest two minutes of my life he stopped and lifted his head from my neck. I opened my eyes and looked at him.

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He licked his lips and closed his eyes. He chuckled again at my innocent and slightly confused reply.

seras and alucard relationship quiz

I'd never heard him laugh before and it was good to hear that he actually could, even if it was slightly cold sounding. I find it all very interesting. I didn't know, but I wanted to find out and know what he thought of me.

Alucard leaned his head down and closed his eyes. He just smiled slightly while his eyes stayed closed. I was just hearing your heartbeat. There was a bang on the door and Seras called, "Master, Kayla! It's time to come out! Alucard looked at me once before, without dropping me, unlocked and opened the door. He walked out still carrying me so I whispered, "Alucard, you can put me down now.

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The look he glanced down at me with told me that he hadn't forgotten and wouldn't put me down. Heat rise in my cheeks and, as he sat down in his chair keeping me on his lap, I heard Pip whisper "Poor kid, I wonder just what Alucard did to her in there.

As Mira spun the bottle around Alucard leaned in close to my ear, once again, but this time out of privacy for whatever he was about to say.

We can get to know each other better there, and I may even change you if you'd like," he whispered and all I could do was nod because I now understood how he felt about me, but this would be a very complicated relationship for both of us, which made it all the more interesting to him. At times Seras seems nervous and uneasy around Alucard, mainly due to his constant berating about her being a pathetic vampire during the early days of Seras' vampire life.

She also strongly objects to Alucard's unnecessary cruelty towards human beings, while she does not partake in the slaughter of the SWAT team, she aides Alucard in his combat with Tubalcain Alhambra and later attempts to fight Alexander Anderson though her attack is comically cut short.

As the series progresses, her shy and nervous behavior towards Alucard loosen up a bit once she becomes a full-fledged vampire and he addresses her by name. During Alucard's fight with Anderson, Seras comes to his rescue in a desperate attempt to save him. After stopping the strike by Anderson, Seras' alarmed calls bring Alucard back from torpor. The last visage in his dream was Seras' face, ending the flashback and chapter with the words: There is a voice calling out.

Your voice sounds fine regardless; like fragments of shattered melody Go and conquer, Seras. In the end, Seras is the only one who has undying faith of his return. In both versions of Hellsing, Alucard and Integra share a complex but strict "master and servant" relationship.

Integra has been connected to him since her father's death.

seras and alucard relationship quiz

Arthur Hellsing named her the new head of the Hellsing Organization, a decision that drove his jealous brother to try and kill her. Using the air ducts, Integra snuck into the dungeons of the Hellsing estate's sub-levels recalling that her father said that she would find her "salvation" there, should she find herself in the face of death at the hands of her enemies and found Alucard's corpse Hellsing's "greatest legacy" according to Arthur in one of the rooms.

Shortly upon discovering him, Richard finds her and shoots her.

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The bullet grazed her arm and the blood from her injury fell onto the corpse, awakening Alucard. He kills all the men in the room and severs Richard's arm before pledging his allegiance to his new master.

The series is basically rated MA for language, violence to graphic violence, nudity, adult content and strong sexual content. NOT for readers under the age of 18! Partners Rated MA for language, violence, adult content and strong sexual content First in a series of stories: But she gets more than she bargained for when she learns that her new partner is none other than Hellsing's top vampire slayer Homecoming Rated MA for language, violence and graphic violence, torture, adult content and strong sexual content Second in the series: So he and Seras, now his fledgling, must travel to his homeland to take care of the problem.

Twisted Shadows Rated MA for language, violence and graphic violence, torture, occult themes, adult content and strong sexual content Third in the series: Two newcomers to a club called Dark Oasis suddenly go missing.

seras and alucard relationship quiz

When their bodies are later discovered it is learned they are the victims of vampires Hellsing is charged with taking care of the problem. But the vampire known as Demir and his mate Aiesha have a dark evil on their side giving them the power to avoid being detected by other vampires, even Alucard.

seras and alucard relationship quiz

Their goal, to ressurect the dark mistress of all demons, Lilith.