Shu and inori relationship help

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shu and inori relationship help

Inori was made by GHQ to "contain Mana's mind", and Gai was the one who woke her Later, Inori enters Shu's home with the help of Fyu-neru, to his dismay. Very early in the series, Shu gains feelings for Inori and falls in love with her. . they begin Shu's training sessions with Arugo, Tsugumi and Oogumo helping him . He runs after her only to misunderstand her relationship with Gai after he. Shu & Ayase--I really liked their relationship--I don't ship them but I think they could have made a cute Shu Inori Anime Inori Yuzuriha, Japanese Things, Mirai.

For his time with the Undertakers, he wore their standard uniform. Since he acted as the King of his school motivated after seeing Hare die in his armshe wore a green coat, a scarf, a white t-shirt, black pants, and a chain. In Episode 17he lost his right arm which was replaced with his Void in Episode 19 after injecting himself with the third Void Genome ampule.

Shu's hair greatly resembles his father, Kurosu's. Shu may have been blind in the epilogue, because if you look at his ears in the start of the series and the end you can see he has something in ears unlike all the other characters and in the middle of the series when he had the void his eyesight may have been fixed.

In Lost Christmas, he appears as a 7 years old child with the same features are the main story, except he doesn't have his blond streak and is a cowlick instead, which may hint that his streak is dyed. Personality Initially, Shu is a rather withdrawn person who usually keeps to himself, spending most of his time surfing the net and watching Egoist videos.

He is frequently rude and insensitive, largely because he never knows what to say to others. In fact, at the start of the series, he's only been able to forge "friendships" by going along with what other people say. Just about everyone calls him out for his inability to read between the lines, from Harehis friend at school, to Kenjia mass murderer responsible for an infamous terrorist bombing.

Shu also lacks empathy at times; when scolded for making a carelessly cold remark, he can only think about his own feelings that got hurt instead of feeling bad about what he said.

There are hints that he may have some kind of disorder, as he notes that his mind might be out of step with everyone else's, though nothing concrete is ever confirmed. Initially, Shu is rather cowardly and has a very low opinion of himself.

He is initially reluctant to join Funeral Parlor, despite having the very ability that could benefit them, and even gets into some conflicting loyalty between them and GHQ.

shu and inori relationship help

This is largely due to his resentment of Gai, whom he clashes with due to the latter's tendency to use others and "needs of the many" way of doing things. This, in turn, earns Shu contempt from people who would gladly risk their lives for Gai, particularly Argo. The two settle their differences after the Leukocyte incident, though they still disagree from time to time, particularly when it comes to anything involving Inori.

Inori Yuzuriha

Later, however, Shu is shown to actually look up to Gai, wanting to be more like him, but eventually realises he will never be him and decides to do things his own way. In later episodes, with his new allies and elevated responsibilities, Shu develops into a much more brave and sociable person, something noticed by Hare and others.

His new-found bravery solidifies when wielding Voids in battle, becoming a determined, powerful and expert fighter. Very early in the series, Shu gains feelings for Inori and falls in love with her. Many people easily see and frequently attempt to use this fact in their favour. He is disheartened when any male character gets too close to Inori, and is heartbroken when she has to leave during his breakdown, brought upon bu him mercy-killing Yahiro 's younger brother, Jun. Hare's death was a major, emotional blow, and changed him dramatically.

Misinformed by Yahiro over the details surrounding her death, Shu became a callous and emotionless person, implementing Yahiro's ranking system and taking control of the student body.

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Shu publicly assumes a tyrant-like persona with an iron fist, under the belief that extreme discipline will lead them to safety. However, in private conversations with Inori and Ayase, he realises his own actions are wrong and wonders if he'll ever be punished for them.

During this time, he becomes extremely reliant on his Void powers, referring to himself as a King. Subsequently, Shu enters a state of shock when the resurrected Gai arrives and steals his powers by severing his arm. After the loss of his right arm and Void powers, Shu enters a catatonic-like, unresponsive state, dwelling on his own mistakes, as well as dealing with the betrayal of people he believed to be his friends. During this time, in a reversal of roles, Inori takes guardianship of him, protecting him from the ongoing governmental hunt for her.

Inori eventually decides to let herself be captured so that Shu can remain safe, as they no longer see Shu as a threat. After Inori's capture, Shu comes to terms with his mistakes, assuming a calmer, more decisive persona, willing to go to any lengths to undo his wrongdoings even at great personal cost. He holds Arisa at gunpoint to lead him to Inori, injects himself with a second Void Genome, despite the great death risk and even kills Segai in cold blood, saying he will willingly soil his hands to save everyone.

shu and inori relationship help

He also breaks from his former demeanor, manifesting his Void and sheding his closed emotional atittude. Shu was also planning on sacrificing himself to cure the Apocalypse Virus with a peace of mind. Episodes Shu Ouma is seen watching a video of Inori singing before going to school with Hare the next day.

She asks him about what he was doing last night, since he looked tired but he just shakes it off. She tells him that there was a terrorist attack yesterday in Ward 24, explaining why so much of the GHQ were out guarding the area.

Shu doesn't respond and just looks up at GHQ's base. After meeting with some of his classmates, Shu decides to eat his lunch at the back of his school in an abandoned building, only to find Inori, who he instantly recognizes, and Fyu-neru, who mistakes him for an enemy. However, after the whole misunderstanding is over, Shu tries to talk with her, while she tries to play cat's cradle with him instead.

At this moment, members of the GHQ come to take Inori away and before Shu can defend her, they threaten with charging him as her accomplice, causing Shu to duck in fear. After they take Inori away, Shu starts to blame himself for what happened but is stopped by Fyu-neru who shows him a map to where Gai is.

They reach the location, only to be ganged up on by a bunch of thugs. One of them hits Shu in the face before Gai shows up and scares them away with an impressive show of martial arts. They are interrupted by an explosion and it is announced that GHQ is attacking. Soon after, Shu is thrown back by an explosion caused by Ayase and she yells at him to get out of her way.

Gai shouts at Shu to protect the 'key' revealed to be the Void Genome and he runs away to find Inori, which he eventually does. Shu, in a moment of strength, rushes to save her, resulting in the Void Genome's capsule being destroyed, precipitating Shu's new power, the "Power of Kings". After a brief flash of visions involving Inori, himself, fires and other currently unknown characters, Shu's power awakens, and he pulls a large sword out of Inori, sending a bright light, to the shock of all watching.

Shu is fired upon by various missiles, all of which he diverts with the sword. He then destroys one of the GHQ's mecha with the sword and walks out of the explosion. As he's walking away, he's attacked by another GHQ member who fires missiles at him which he dodges by accidentally activating a new power that let's him stand on platforms that send him into the air.

However, the missiles follow him and he is sent crashing into the ground. He gets up and is saved by Oogumo, who crushes the GHQ member's mecha using a special device. Shu then runs to Inori to see if she was okay and notices that Inori's Void goes back inside of her and is confused about what it was. He then receives a message from Gai through Fyu-neru to get Inori out of there in fifteen seconds. He later meets with Gai. They are interrupted by an awakened Inori who asks Gai if she completed the job.

Gai retorts that he was very disappointed in her. Shu interjects by saying he was being mean and that she worked really hard. Gai with the view that results were everything - therefore, she failed, since the Void Genome Shu had used was meant for Gai's own use. Gai explains that it was one of only three Void Genomes that Sephirah Genomics managed to create. It bestows "The Kings Power" onto its user.

shu and inori relationship help

Gai explains "The Power of Kings" is using Inori's Void as an example, stating that Shu is no longer allowed to powerlessly stand at the sidelines anymore. Before Shu can protest, Gai tells him that he can either sit quietly and be selected out of this world or he can adapt and change. Later, it is revealed that hostages were taken by the Anti Bodies aka 'whitecoats' so Gai meets up with the rest of Undertaker and reveals his plan to the group as Shu and Inori stand by watching. Shu goes along with the plan and passes through a vent with Inori to arrive at their planned location, witnessing the extensive and cruel abuse of the Anti Bodies such as Daryl repeatedly kicking a woman in the face on the way.

Funeral Parlor begins their attack, and Shu starts to fear letting everyone down. Inori encourages him, and says that she belongs to him now before he activates his power.

As Guin counts down from 10 upon which he will fire several lasers aimed at GaiShu rushes to Daryl's trailer, where Daryl is mentally inside his mecha, and pulls out Daryl's Void called the Kaleidoscope.

Running to be right under Gai, he activates the Void, reflecting the lasers meant for Gai back onto the enemy, ultimately killing Guin and most of the other GHQ members in the process. Shu stands in shock at his success before being offered by a now friendly Gai to join Funeral Parlor, which he ultimately refuses. The next day, in the middle of class, Shu stands up in shock, as Inori has just been announced as the newest member of his class. E Shu agrees with another classmate that Inori looks like a doll in real life, but is called a moron by Souta, who warns him not to say that to her face.

Shu arrives home to find Inori and Fyu-neru there and Fyu-neru threatens Shu to not look because Inori was changing though it didn't speak, you could tell.

Inori seems to have done some background information on Shu's family, which he is impressed about. Shu opens the door after the doorbell rings and Yahiro appears. He says he came because he thought Shu was acting weird and brought a movie to cheer him up. However, Inori interrupts saying she got a call to go and meet someone and they leave. Shu tells Yahiro that he'll call him if anything happens. They meet with Gai and Shu says he had figured out that Gai knew what people's Voids were, since he knew that Daryl's was the Kaleidoscope.

Gai is impressed by this saying Shu was sharp. He then tells Shu that someone from his school witnessed the events that happened with Daryl and orders Shu to remove the persons Void to erase their memory. After 1 failed attempt to do so, Inori teaches him how to look someone in the eyes since making eye contact was vital. They succeed in finding the culprit, who is indeed Yahiro and after Shu pulls out his Void, they make a promise to each other.

However, Yahiro betrays Shu by getting him arrested. Shu is taken to prison and on the way there, calls himself an idiot repeatedly, completely ignoring Segai. In prison, he is asked a variety of questions but remains silent. While trying to open a pack of ramen, Segai calls for him and carries Shu to see the reason why Yahiro betrayed him. It is revealed that Yahiro's brother Jun is infected with the Apocalypse Virus and he needed the money. He carries him into a room and tells Shu that he can't forgive the Undertaker because they disrupt the peace.

Shu gets angry at this, asking Segai what kind of order that was, because people were killed right in front of him by the GHQ. However, Segai challenges this, asking Shu why the Undertaker wanted to rescue a mas-murderer, this left Shu shocked.

Segai then gives Shu a pen, saying that anytime Shu is with Gai he should press the buttons and they'll put the proper punishment on all of them. Shu is later called to meet with his 'lawyer' who is indeed Gai. They are interrupted by the GHQ callling an all out war because the Undertaker were attacking. Shu is shocked to learn that Inori came to save him and he manages to escape only to be picked up roughly by Ayase's Endlave, when she got angry at him, saying he did something to her because she disobeyed Gai's orders.

Later, Shu pulls out Kido's Void and uses it to stop Inori from falling to the ground. He asks her if he can trust him.

She smiles and he pulls out her Void, using it to destroy all the Endlaves in the area. After, Shu meets with Gai and he finally decides to join the Undertaker. Gai introduces Shu to the undertakers and he wonders what the Leukocyte is when he hears Gai talk about it. When Gai puts Ayase in charge of making sure he gets the training he needs, Shu gets knocked out by Ayase after he says he doesn't want to cause trouble to a girl in a wheelchair.

During this time, he has a flashback about two young boys talking about if it was ok to jump across a bridge that was apparently missing parts of it.

One of them then tells to the other, "Come on, just get over here! At this moment Shu wakes up with his clothes removed and a towel covering his lower body. He gets up to look for the 'pen' Segai gave him but he can't find it.

At this moment, Ayase comes on at the exact same time that Shu's towel falls to the ground. Shu picks it up for him and tells him that he'll help and Gai calls him an idiot. They carry out the plan to destroy the Leukocyte by using Kido's Void, before they are interrupted by Daryl who wants revenge because Gai humiliated him.

Gai defeats him quite easily even though Daryl was in his Endlave, which Shu is amazed about. Gai is revealed to have known that Shu had the 'pen' that Segai gave him, and uses it to let the Leukocyte target him. However, Shu shows up with a new Void which was given to him by the girl that resembles Inori but Gai refuses to tell Shu who the owner of the Void was.

They succeed and Shu tells Gai that they were both accomplices and Shu helps Gai up. After some days Shibungi informs Gai that they are running out of supplies,although they had still some savings they have no route to transport new supplies, Gai apparently knows someone who will help them.

shu and inori relationship help

The next night Gai and Shu disguise themselves as Butler and attend a party on cruise ship to make a deal with the Head of the Kuhouin group also known as Arisa's grandfather. Accidentally, Shu runs into Arisa, in which he tries to run away from her.

He tells Gai to take care of the rest and flees. Gai stops Arisa before she could chase after Shu, and he tells her that she is like his armadillo pet that he had when he was young, which makes Arisa furious. She tries to slap Gai but he stops her by holding her hand. After Gai makes his proposal to Arisa's grandfather, Shu tells Gai that Tsugumi informed him about a attack on the ship from the anti-bodies.

When Shu asks him what they should do in order to save the passengers, Gai tells him to meet him at the upper deck. Gai takes Arisa there and tells that he is about to cast a spell on her, and tells her to close her eyes. When she opens them, Shu draws out her void and they together successful defend the ship.

Gai mentions to Arisa that she is actually very shy despite the tough image she gives out. Gai goes to stop Mana from coming back to life and from Lost Christmas happening again, and helps Shu regains his memories.

He finds out that Gai was his best friend when they were young, but went by the name of Triton. After helping Shu rescue Inori, Gai goes to free Mana's soul from the pod containing it. However, the crystals protecting the pod end up mortally wounding him. Close to death and pinned to Mana's pod, Gai requests Shu to stab him through the heart at the same time, in order to break the pod and free Mana's soul. He dies embracing Mana, finally reunited with his lost love.

It is later revealed that Haruka Ouma and the Anti-bodies have resurrected Gai. After Shu successfully destroyed the controller for the Ghost Unit, his allies turn against him, Shu falls down a hillside and soon after Gai appears in front of him and cuts his right arm to gain the King's Power.

He also mentions to Shu that he was never a King to begin with, but only a usurper. Gai says that he always has been the King. Gai was a part of human trafficking when Shuichiro Keido took him in as his own son and experimented on him, along with other abandoned boys in a facility where they were given enhanced Apocalypse injections in hopes of creating another "Adam" - potential mates for Mana Ouma since Kurosu Ouma refused to have his children be a part of Yuu and the Da'at Society's plans.

Fearing that he would eventually become a victim to the Apocalypse treatments, the young Gai fled from his imprisonment, chased by security dogs before falling off of a cliff and down to sea.

In Episode 22, he uses Mana's void to kill Shu for hurting her feelings once again only to let Shu use Inori's void from the flower that contained her spirit and defeated Gai. After the battle concludes, Shu starts to hallucinate and sees Gai standing in the middle of the utopia of Da'at memories inside the crystalsGai tells him about the role of natural selection and evolution, and that Da'at can simply reanimate Mana. Even if she dies, she will just come back; never free from the Apocalypse Virus, and the only way to only stop it is to fulfill her role of The Fourth Apocalypse.

Gai then takes Shu to the church moments before the advent of Lost Christmas happened but this time, Gai hugs Mana and they crystallise together, thus freeing Mana from her role and fulfilling Gai's dream to take Mana in his arms.

Gai then tells Shu to save Inori as he breaks down along with Mana. Abilities Overall, Gai is one of the most dangerous characters in the series, both prior and after his acquisition of the Void Genome. His natural intelligence and charisma coupled with his combat skills, makes him a highly versatile and deadly individual.

The effects of his resurrection together with his forced acquisition of the Power of the Kings, made him extremely powerful and even more dangerous, enough to single handedly destroy a large naval UN fleet with minimal effort.

Due to his advanced stage infection of the Apocalypse Virus as a result of serving as a guinea pig for the virus experimentation, Gai gained the ability to perceive other people's Voids, a skill he would later use extensively in his plans against the GHQ forces.

Intelligence As the leader of the "Funeral Parlor", Gai is a highly intelligent individual and a skilled tactician, as most of the attacks made by the Undertakers are made under his command. One example is when he and Shu crashed the Kuhouin Group's cruise ship party to rally influential supporters against the GHQ forces; Gai had previously tipped off the GHQ to have them launch an attack while having Shu use Arisa's Void to successfully stop the attack, thus making a demonstration of the Funeral Parlor's power and gaining the Kuhouin Group's support.

Due to his ability perceive other individuals Voids, Gai used this skill to great effect in the Funeral Parlor's missions by directing Shu on the most useful Voids to use to deal with each situation. Aside from this Gai is a master manipulator, who due to his natural charisma and leadership skills is capable of inspiring unwavering loyalty and devotion onto the Funeral Parlor members such as Argo and Ayase among others or play Shu to his desires by using his attraction to Inori.

He also deceived Daath into believing he had become an ally in Mana's revival, while in reality he only did so that he could have Shu kill them both so that the Daath couldn't use her anymore. Combat Prowess While initially not possessing any supernatural abilities like the Void Genome, Gai was well-versed in a variety of combat forms and has an extensive military training since childhood, where he served as child soldier in an African battlefield.

shu and inori relationship help

Shibungi, one of people he was meant to kill and latter becoming his right-hand man, noted that Gai had a natural talent. His skillset includes extensive strategic and tactical planning being the overall planner for the Funeral Parlor's attacksinfiltration and stealth mascarading as a lawyer to enter a GHQ facility to save Shufirearms and marksmanship capable of using several weapons such as pistols, rifles and RPG's with precisionand hand-to-hand combat using a variety of moves such as swift kicks, open-handed strikes, throws and body locks.

Gai possess great physical abilities such as strength, speed, reflexes and endurance. His physical prowess appears as near-superhuman on some occasions; As a young boy, he was able to survive a brutal attack by a pack of dogs and falling from a large cliff into the ocean and in his older years he was somehow the only survivor from the blast of the Leukocyte satellite with only minor injuries.

Gai is also very fast and nimble, at one point being capable of outmaneuvering an Endlave in a one-on-one situation. After his resurrection, it appears as his raw physical strength grew as he was able to effortlessly wield Inori's large Void with one hand to slice off Shu's arm, before he or anyone else could react or even understand what happened.

Void Genome In episode 17, Gai gains the Power of the Kings after cutting off Shu's right arm, causing the Void Genome to bind itself in Gai's right arm instead and giving Gai the power to draw out a Void: In order to draw out a Void, Gai is required to make both physical and eye contact much like Yuu and Shu. However an individual still collapses due to this action, implying he hasn't fully mastered his powers. However he was able to bypass most of these shortcomings by using his own Void, the Leader's Rifle: He has also shown the ability to combine Voids to create more powerful ones, which he uses to extremely deadly results, such as creating a missile that could not only destroy a stealth aircraft but also produce energy shields strong enough to block a flurry of bombs dropped by it or a large bow and arrow with enough power to nearly destroy an entire U.

N fleet with one shot. His overall prowess with the Power of the Kings was on an equal footing to that of Shu and Yuu who arguably had much greater experience in Void use.