Spike and faye relationship

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spike and faye relationship

One thing I've never been % sure of is Faye & Spike's relationship. Their chemistry is probably one of the highlights of the series because. If you were shipping Spike and Faye, then have we got some bad news for you. “It was great to start a relationship with her based on our friendship and mutual. I think the relationship between Spike and Faye in the Cowboy Bebop In other words, if Spike felt an attraction toward Faye, he would have to.

In return, he would clear Faye's debts. During the operation, she mistook Spike Spiegel for the agent and, in the process, was captured by him and Jet Black. The two bounty hunters were determined to cash in on the bounty on her head and sell the valuable chip to her boss, however, Gordon double-crossed them and Faye managed to escape, ruining the operation and stealing the money Gordon was supposed to trade.

She also was able to destroy his ship by reversing his missiles directed at her. Inside was a vial of Monkey Businessa virus that the Space Warriors are threatening Ganymede with. She was eventually picked up by the Bebop whose crew was in the area.

Initially held prisoner, after helping Jet and Spike defeat the Space Warriors, she invites herself on the Bebop for future bounty hunting. Both men initially do not agree on having a woman on board, especially an opportunist like Faye, but are unable to force her off. Tracking his location to an opera, she pretended to be his date.

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Unfortunately, he had been killed by Viciousand his men had staged Mao's presence at the opera to trap anyone after him. She was forced to sit in the booth next to Mao's corpse, and met Vicious face-to-face.

spike and faye relationship

He then took her to a cathedral where he had her contact the Bebop, drawing Spike to the location. She watched Spike arrive and kill her captor and a few others.

She saw her chance and escaped, still bound at the hands. She was able to talk to him about herself, which oddly didn't scare her. However, she soon found out about his relationship with Vicious. Gren told her everything about meeting Julia and his plan to confront Vicious. She took offense at his action of befriending her before going off and risking his life, and tried to stop him.

He managed to handcuff her instead, and left to fulfill his plan. Jet found her later in Gren's apartment and returned her to the Bebop. She tells him the story of her awakening from cryogenic sleep.

spike and faye relationship

Spike, hidden in the bathroom, had listened to the whole story and urged Faye to forget the past and live the present. Embarrassed that he overheard her, she dismissed him.

However, Jet soon returned to the Bebop with Whitney as a prisoner. Shocked, Faye discovers she was deceived by Whitney in cahoots with the doctor and the nurse to inherit his debts. Enraged, Faye abducts him to interrogate him about what was really real about his story, however, neither him nor Bacchus had the real information. She then personally put him in prison and received his bounty.

Jet was forced to pay the delivery fee and eventually found out it was a Betamax tape. The ship also eventually gets another passage of a cassette player.

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Faye returned to the ship and, rather than pay Jet the delivery fee, she walked away but still sneaked a look from around the corner. It was a tape she herself recorded in her youth. She rigs the ship to go to Earth, straps Ed to her ship, and takes off. They finally find it and, once there, Faye is approached by an elderly woman who turns out to be an ex-classmate, Sally Yung.

She starts to explain some details about Faye but she runs away instead, back to the Bebop. Later, during a shower, her memory resurfaces and she decides she has to leave for good, to where she belongs.

However, when she finally finds the area of her home, she only finds a pile of rubble where her home used to be. Resigned, Faye tracks the perimeter of what once was her bed on the ground and lies down in the light of the sunset.

She became more empathetic, caring and vulnerable. She encouraged Ed to find where she belonged. The driver is Julia, and Faye immediately shoots out the tires of her attacker, saving her.

Sorry, Faye Fans! ‘Cowboy Bebop’s’ Spike and Julia Are Engaged IRL

She gets in the car and they escape for a while. Actually all of the episodes that contain Vicious that come out in "Cowboy Bebop" are directly related to the ending. Even before I made the first episode, I already had the ending in mind. Even though I had the ending in mind by myself, I was opposed by my staff. They were upset because they were saying that we wouldn't be able to make a continuation.

So I told them I'd think about it a little more, but ultimately I decided to go with my original idea. Have you received any negative feedback for Spike's death?

I've never officially said that he's died. At this point, I can tell you that I'm not sure if he's alive or dead. I think probably rather than being yelled at for killing Spike, I think I'm sure you've heard the next question a thousand times, and I apologize for asking again. When are we going to get to see more "Bebop"?

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How was working on a movie different from the series? One thing is that with a TV series, you only have 20 minutes, so you can't convey a long story. I feel like I was able to convey a longer story in the movie. For example, in the movie there is a minute mecha scene. It's common to hear animators remark about how long it takes them to be offered a solo directing opportunity.

How were you able to do this so quickly? The animation industry is one that doesn't really rely on age or educational background. Rather, it depends more on a person's skill and on luck. So for myself, the first TV series I directed, "Cowboy Bebop," was a hit, and as a result of its success, I was offered the opportunity to direct a film. It doesn't really matter have much skill you have, if you don't have a hit work, a popular piece, you won't get any offers to make a film.

In that respect, I consider myself lucky.

spike and faye relationship

Want to share your thoughts on this interview? Because of this, it can be difficult to understand why Spike is still so completely in love with Julia. Some might say Julia was just a "ghost," more symbolic to him than a real love. Some might say they were classic star-crossed lovers. Julia is described as "quite a woman," and she obviously was, considering she inspired men like Spike, Vicious, and Gren.

The audience knows Faye is a remarkable woman, and comparing Faye and Julia by having them share similar situations gives us a better idea of what it was about Julia that made such animpression on Spike, Vicious, and Gren.

But if he can feel, he can be hurt and he can hurt others. Or is there a wonderful person next to me? Spike sees them in very much the same way—and yet his reaction is totally different. He fell in love with Julia after she cared for him, but pissed-off Faye and distanced her.

Faye getting frisky cowboybebop

In all fairness to Spike, when he awoke to the sound of humming he was probably hoping he was waking up from a bad dream and everything would be alright, so I understand his response. There are other instances where Faye functions as a "stand in" for Julia. As mentioned earlier, Faye hangs out in the same bar that Julia did several years earlier, and even sat on the same barstool while listening to Gren play.