Uhura and kirk relationship test

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uhura and kirk relationship test

When Uhura reminded Kirk that the Romulans had already broken code 2, to transport Elaan, Dohlman of Elas to the planet Troyius for her arranged marriage. Everyone knows about Captain Kirk, but there are a ton of things even it was Uhura someone he never flirted with in the Original Series. . The relationship between Kirk and Spock is downright legendary. Kirk ended up reprogramming the test so he could win, leading many to think that he cheated. This is a community for the pairing of James Kirk and Nyota Uhura in the Kirk and Uhura are in a very different place in their relationship. Set against the backdrop of a theft and several kidnappings, these two are tested in different ways.

Set against the backdrop of a theft and several kidnappings, these two are tested in different ways, battling to find their way home. You don't need to have read 'Brainwashed' to follow this story, but some underlying themes might make more sense if you do. Without the cleansing scapegoat of alcohol, pain, loss, triumph. There is just Uhura and Kirk and angry whispers inside his cabin. Once they become friends, the argument becomes more of a conversation.

With time, maybe more of a declaration. Turquoise Grandiflora contains non-consensual sex and child abuse. I figured, what if Jim had a shot at happiness with Uhura? This is the end-result. What do you get when you take an Arrogant Prince and an Ice Princess and arrange for them to marry?

uhura and kirk relationship test

Is this a match made in heaven or hell? Please fave if you enjoyed. Kirk messed up big. Tonight Jim picked the wrong girl to help. Jim had pushed the shot away from a wasted girl and before he could even blink she sloppily crushed her lips to his. Unfortunately his new fiancee was only a stool away. The only way he could think of making it up to her was a strip tease.

He's the youngest Admiral in Starfleet history at the age of only thirty-six. The two of them sit in a meeting since she is now a Captain herself.

But being pregnant, Nyota has to pee. They all sit down to dinner, Jim, Nyota, his brother Sam, and Winona. Winona makes her son's favorite and can't be happier to have him home. Jim's mom and brother share all over dinner, will he be able to survive his embarrassment? Kirk is obsessed with his girlfriend, Nyota's hair. Jim always runs his fingers through Nyota's hair when they kiss and braids it when she's asleep, him restless. And it felt like a very fresh way to seeing all of us.

I hope it makes sense. I think it will once you guys see the move. I think we kinda need a break. So how can they be challenged this time? I mean somebody can quit and then they just put you on a ship and you just go through warp speed and you are home. You are no longer inexperienced.

uhura and kirk relationship test

You are getting really good at what you are doing. You are a little older. You are a little wiser. Why are we doing this? Why are we representing Star Fleet away from home? Is it even worth it? Image via Paramount Pictures J. But Justin is kind of known for sort of being the defining director of action ensemble casts. Can you talk a little bit about that, about the difference in their styles?

Can you comment on that?

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But Justin is amazing. So I speak Justin. I admire just his confidence.

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Would you say that still follows through? How does that relationship change in Beyond? Every relationship in this movie will be tested on a very, very high scale. Spock and Uhura are going to be tested as well.


But I mean they made it in the show. They were old in the show. I think I needed that rest. However, Uhura has a very dynamic storyline.

I am being physically challenged just like the rest of the cast, but not as before. Are you on this scene with the rotating set? Can you talk a bit about that set and how you are working with that? These people are being tossed everywhere. But it looked amazing. Could you talk about your first day filming on the bridge set and everyone is there, and what it was like just behind the scenes?

A lot of dub smashing. We are very grateful. We are very happy and excited to be on the bridge. We also have an opportunity as individuals to make right or add whatever layer we wish we would have added to our characters in the installments before.

We did take tons of pictures. And this one moved. You always have that one camera guy: So they went all out to kind of give us that experience, and it was cool.

So all the sets. There is one set that rotates and there are two sets that shake a lot. Image via Paramount Pictures Did you have a scene with Idris?

uhura and kirk relationship test

Our dynamic is a little hot.