Unhappy relationship and weight gain

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unhappy relationship and weight gain

The stress of being stuck in an unhappy relationship seems to we gain weight and our guilt mounts, thus perpetuating the obesity cycle. And weight gain doesn't just happen in new relationships; married women fall . to maintain a healthy weight in a relationship or what do if you're unhappy with. We all know a friend — or ten — who gained an apparent amount of weight throughout the duration of a relationship. In fact, I gained a good


By Will Aguila, M. In my experience, toxic relationship is one of the leading causes of chronic anxiety that can lead to overeating in men. The stress of being stuck in an unhappy relationship seems to amplify on a daily basis. One study in the Journal of Family Issues found that "men who gained weight were more likely to report marital problems than men who lost weight. This guilt builds up and adds to the anxiety that you already have.

unhappy relationship and weight gain

Eventually you find an escape, which for many of us is food. As we make the wrong food choices in ever increasing quantities, we gain weight and our guilt mounts, thus perpetuating the obesity cycle. Toxic relationships exist in many forms. Perhaps you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend that is just not compatible with you.

Is Relationship Weight a Real Thing?

Perhaps you are married to someone that is not your ideal match. You may have a difficult relationship with your son or daughter where neither of you understand each other. You may even be in an abusive relationship.

unhappy relationship and weight gain

Whether it is verbally, mentally or even physically abusive, they all set the stage for a downward spiral. Generally these toxic relationships that I see in my practice pose a significant impediment to losing weight and keeping it off.

unhappy relationship and weight gain

Despite all efforts to change eating habits and increase exercise, it just isn't that simple. The key to getting healthy when you're in a bad relationship is to resolve the stressor by either breaking off the relationship or coming to some common ground with your partner. However, if you are not aware that this is root of your weight problem, then you will never completely conquer your weight issues. I have consistently observed in my practice a different type of toxic relationship; one where one of my gay patients is involved in a heterosexual marriage or relationship because they are unable to "come out" and disclose their true feelings.

This situation leads to deep resentment and tension with their heterosexual partner. Guilt and anxiety soon follow, as well as a long-term addiction to highly palatable and calorie-dense foods; for many, this is their release. I have noticed that this situation happens mostly to gay men; since the underlying caveat is that the affected individual is unable to disclose his gender preferences for fear of reprisal from family, friends and employers.

7 Easy Ways to Avoid Gaining ‘Relationship Weight’

Find out why women in love gain weight and how you can keep that girlish figure you began with. And you probably put a lot of effort into your looks when you first started dating. A study conducted by Cornell University found that newlyweds gain more weight on average than single people or widowers or divorcees, usually within the first two years of getting married.

So what does this all tell us?

Unhappy Marriage Increases Ghrelin and Causes Emotional Eating | Shape Magazine

In order to avoid packing on the relationship weight, you have to know why this seemingly unexplained weight gain can be explained — so let us count the ways: You may cook healthy meals at home for yourself and you have more time and interest in running or going to the gym.

You love him, you want him, you have to have him — every single moment of the day. New couples tend to spend a lot of time together, forgoing the activities they did when they were single. Your alone time becomes your couple time, especially if you have a busy schedule with work or other priorities. Visits to the gym and those solo after-work walks around the neighborhood get put on the back burner in favor of spending time with your partner.

unhappy relationship and weight gain

Good, stress, known as eustress, can actually fuel your relationship weight gain. Even happy, euphoric feelings can make you turn to the fridge in almost a celebration mentality. If you want to avoid getting fat in your relationship, practice these tips, starting from the very first moment you lay eyes on each other: Go On Fitness Dates When your honey suggests a Sunday matinee and early dinner, counter offer with an outdoor hike and a picnic packed with fresh fruits, hummus and other low-fat foods.