What was john and abigail adams relationship like

what was john and abigail adams relationship like

An original letter, from John Adams to his future wife Abigail begins, "Miss Adorable. 1, letters over the course of their relationship and, according to Ellis, Like most successful pastors, he was accustomed to being the. Like Bill, John was charismatic, charming, and destined for greatness. Abigail was opinionated, well-read, and ready to take on any challenge. John and Abigail Adams: A Revolutionary Marriage It's that marriage, at its core , is about a profound relationship of mutual support and.

The Relationship Between John & Abigail Adams During the American Revolution

Portrait of a Marriage. He was 10 years older than she, so he was But as she grew older, John began noticing her as a possible romantic figure. She became attracted to him as well.

what was john and abigail adams relationship like

John was in Europe while Abigail remained in Massachusetts, raising their children. As Gelles explains, they had to conduct their relationship through letters, which were one of the most important sources she relied on to help her portray their marriage.

Their letters reflected probably the way they talked to each other. What's remarkable about that relationship is that when they did get together again, it was as if there had been no break in their marriage.

Abigail, John Adams: America's Original 'Power Couple'

She was loyal to him. She became his closest confidant and, probably, advisor. I think he was a very strong president. He made decisions on his own, but he didn't have political allies with him in the capital who could advise him.

She probably was the best-informed and most reliable advisor to a president until Eleanor Roosevelt in the 20th century. And he accompanied his then best friend, Richard Cranch, who was courting and eventually married Mary Smith, Abigail's older sister.

what was john and abigail adams relationship like

This, too, prompted interactions. And his flirtatious relationship with Hannah Quincy ended in a mutually declared romantic truce, which made John, once again, eligible. Time was also a factor. The difference between a fifteen-year-old girl and a twenty-four-year-old man seemed a chasm; the difference between eighteen and twenty-seven was much more negotiable.

Though it seems too easy to say, chance and circumstance provided them with the opportunity to talk with each other, to move past the awkwardness of a stuffy Weymouth parlor, thereby initiating a conversation that lasted for almost sixty years.

Abigail, John Adams: America's Original 'Power Couple'

But talk by itself was not sufficient to explain their mutual attraction. The letters that began to flow back and forth between them late in contain some explicit expressions of powerful physical and sexual urges, so that the picture that emerges depicts two young lovers conversing about Shakespeare's sonnets or Moliere's plays in between long and multiple kisses, passionate embraces, and mutual caresses.

Their grandson Charles Francis Adams, who published the first comprehensive edition of their correspondence nearly a century later, was either too embarrassed or too much a prisoner of Victorian mores to include any of their courtship correspondence.

Here is a sample of what he chose to censor.

Dear John, Dear Abigail: A Love Story Through Letters : NPR

John to Abigail, addressed to "Miss Adorable": For every experimental philosopher knows, that the steel and the magnet, or the glass and the feather will not fly together with more celerity But the fact that they were strongly tempted is beyond question, and a crucial indication that their affinity was not solely cerebral. For both of them, love entailed a level of intimacy that no conversation could completely capture and required a physical attraction.

And they both felt it.