Wolverine and x 23 relationship quotes

How would you describe Wolverine and X’s relationship in the comic.

wolverine and x 23 relationship quotes

Meet Laura Kinney, Wolverine's daughter, formerly known as X relationship between Logan and Charles Xavier, X still manages to be the .. a quote that is likely in reference to an earlier statement made by Charles. This page contains a listing of all notable quotes by or about Laura Kinney (Earth ). I'm not X I'm not .. Laura Kinney (Earth) · All-New X-Men Vol 1 41 · All-New Wolverine Vol 1 4 · All-New Wolverine Vol 1 27 · All-New Wolverine . Wolverine quotes Wolverine , Logan Wolverine, X Men Quotes, Fierce Quotes, Marvel. Wolverine .. Laura and Logan, Father Daughter relationship. Wolverine and X-Men .. Here's my second poster for Logan, featuring X # Logan #.

Laura is miles ahead of her peers when she first comes to the school, having been trained as a Living Weapon and spent years as an assassin-for-hire. Notably, when Nimrod gauges the kids for threat assessment, he ascribes Laura the highest threat level out of the entire team. Such as her embarrassed grin when Angel reminds her not to use her claws during a brawl in a club, or asking what he likes about her. When Laura takes up the Wolverine codename after the conclusion of Secret Wars, a woman taking up the mantle of a man.

Laura Kinney (Earth-616)/Quotes

She's pretty, with long, dark hair, and comes off as aloof and distant. Like most Marvel Universe characters, she has several: She was originally introduced in X-Men: Evolution, an alternate universe from Marvel's main universe, A villain from the future uses historical data to kill all the well known heroes in the world.

Only a handful of heroes who weren't in the historical records making them "losers" survive. X was one of those heroes. A near future version of the character. Strangely, she not only appears to have an adamantium skeleton, but her muscle tissue appear robotic or techno-organic. In a temporary alternate reality created by Amazon Queen Artume where women rule the world, X is known as Wolverine, and is one of the main members of the Avengers.

Sinister's lab in a container labeled "X". Another from All-New Wolverine 30 is a version in which the heroes won an all-out war against the villains, and ushered in a utopia.

Although in the comics X is unambiguously and canonically Caucasian with some occasional Depending on the Artistin Evolution she has a much darker complection, with features that have been interpreted as anything from Latina to First Nations. Word of God states that her features were based on those of the girl who modeled for the reference shoot as a thank you. After taking up the Wolverine name for herself.

However while she does have as vicious a temper, she's much more in control of it than Logan was. Her cooler head doesn't make her any less fierce or determined a fighter, though. Kimura, her former handler and the one who dealt her abuse from an early age. Kimura has Density Control, giving her immunity to X's adamantium claws since she can make her skin denser than the metal itself. While Logan has three claws in each hand, Laura has only two.

The third claw is instead located in each of her feet, making her kicks potentially lethal. Her fighting style thus incorporates Combat Parkour in order to bring the foot claws into play. She's also known to not use them and rely more on the claws in her hands. This allows her to bring them out to get the drop on an opponent who assumes she shares Wolverine's claw arrangement as Task Master and Black Mamba discovered to their regret.

Laura is an engineered clone created by duplicating Logan's X chromosome due to damage to the Y making a direct clone impossible.

This makes her the parthenogenetic offspring of Logan's mother. Downplayed, but much of what Laura does is out of a desire to do be a better person after all of the horrible things the Facility made her do. She once notably asked Ghostrider to use his Penance Stare on her because she believed she deserved punishment.

wolverine and x 23 relationship quotes

Her claws make the same snikt sound as Wolverine's. Combined with Sherlock Scan below: Whenever Laura walks into a room, her brain immediately calculates the best means of killing everyone inside it.

Especially as a little girl. As a teenager she's a highly-skilled fighter, and one of the most lethal assassins in all of Marvel.

Not the same degree as some, but Laura is incredibly gifted intellectually and received an extensive albeit narrow education during her training. Her intellect at least for a seven year-old is described by Rice in Innocence Lost as being "off the charts.

Frequently, both in place of and in addition to Of Corsets Sexy. According to Mike Choi this dates entirely to his Top Cow variant for Target X 1, which he drew intending it to be a one-off design before her backstory and look had been completely finalized.

It immediately became popular, and quickly solidified itself as part of her aesthetic. Beauty Is Never Tarnished: Despite being a clone of the famously unattractive Logan it's clear from dialog and her character design that Laura is intended to be a very attractive young woman. And then over the course of her history, she's taken a good deal of punishment, but the only permanent mark on her body is the emblem associated with Captain Universe on the palm of her right hand.

Justifiedsince she has a Healing Factor. Early on Laura is outwardly The Stoic bordering on an outright Emotionless Girland many characters even people who are ostensibly her friends treated her like she was nothing but a cold, unfeeling killing machine.

Underneath her cold facade, however, she was a confused and suicidally depressed jumble of loneliness, heartbreak, and rage. This has changed as Character Development taught her how to better process her emotions. Because of her experiences as an abused prostitute she's developed into something of a Wife-Basher Basher.

She first came to the X-Men's attention when she killed a few pimps and Wolverine was accidentally implicated in Uncanny X-Men.

During her own solo one-shot, Laura unceremoniously beheaded another pimp she caught smacking a girl around, and in the Liu ongoing she killed another man after he murdered a girl she believed was a prostitute sent to try recruiting her she wasn't, and it turned out the truth was a lot worse.

The above extends to an outright hatred of human trafficking in general, and on several occasions she has gone out of her way to shut down their operations: During the Liu ongoing she runs across one of her pimp's former gang members and friends while on a night out with Jubilee.

Not only does she make a point of ensuring he can never personally have another woman ever againbut she subsequently leads Jubes on a two-woman Roaring Rampage of Rescue to free the girls they're moving. Learning Ash was trafficking children costs the pirate a hand and gets her thrown overboard. She follows this up by beginning the next arc personally hunting down Ash's supplier and tearing his organization apart.

In Evolution, she gets very pissed if someone calls her a child or a kid, as it reminds her of the childhood she didn't have.

The "Trigger Scent" is a very literal but olfactory version of this. It's also a more traditional button, as she really doesn't like what it does to her. As of All-New Wolverine 17 the trigger scent no longer affects her. Demonstrates this with her cousin Megan, even though Megan is established as older.

She's also this much more literally to her actual younger sister, Gabby, in All-New Wolverine. Her claw arrangement was intended to be this according to Word of Godwith her foot claws specifically designed to be a trait of females with the same mutation as Logan.

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As described by Craig Kyle, the concept was that of a lioness; front claws for hunting prey, rear claws for self-defense. Her extensive training has given her Sherlock Scan and Awesomeness by Analysis that allows her to immediately size up a threat upon entering a room, planning multiple plans of attack, and choosing the best course of action.

This is certainly useful when walking into a Bad-Guy Bar or other hostile situation. Less so when she's around her friends, because she can't turn it off. She also has pretty much every Blessed with Suck trait as Wolverine: Her heightened senses mean she's enduring a constant barrage of sensory overload in a crowded room, and because of her Healing Factorevery time she extends her claws it tears up her skin again.

Laura's not bothered as severely by the adamantium since it only covers her claws, but she does note in her solo series it still makes swimming a bit harder than it would be otherwise. Also, even though her claws are laced with adamantium, the bones of her hands and feet are not reinforced, meaning the vibration of striking something with her claws with sufficient force could conceivably shatter the bones in her hands, wrists, ankles and feet.

Even though she heals much faster than Wolverine, she can be hurt in ways far worse than he can since this is because she lacks the adamantium on her bones. The Scent is its own bit of this, as well: She's already a highly-trained and deadly fighter, and the Trigger Scent turns her into a virtually unstoppable ball of whirling, adamantium-bladed death that will not stop until everything in reach is dead.

Unfortunately, that means everything: The trigger sends Laura into an Unstoppable Rage in which she is incapable of distinguishing friend from foe. And yes, this has led to her hurting people she cared about.

However the trigger scent has been rendered useless. Her claws were forcibly removed from her body without any attempt at anesthesia so they could be coated in adamantium.

Because only her claws have been bonded she's also been horribly mangled in the past. Including getting hit by a train. Started as a Canon Foreigner for a mostly forgotten animated seriesquickly ported to the comics due to positive reception, and her popularity has only grown from there.

She was arguably the main character of New X-Men, has had a number of miniseries and now an ongoing series, was included in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 despite having only existed for less than a decade then, and is now almost always included in Team images.

She's easily the most popular post X-Men character. Although miles ahead of her peers in terms of her maturity, skills, and experience, Laura is a very broken, damaged and withdrawn girl prone to bouts of severe if not suicidal depression. Her preparedness to sacrifice herself for others without hesitation stems from a poor sense of self-worth, and she habitually cuts herself when severely stressed or upset because she doesn't know how to deal with her feelings such as her jealousy when she sees Surge kiss Hellion.

Laura has endured horrible amounts of abuse and suffering in her life, and a major recurring theme is her efforts to recover from the emotional damage done to her. She's Innocently Insensitive and has difficulties with lying, even to spare others' feelings. The Abel to Daken 's Cain. Also to Raze, the time-traveling shape-shifter son of Logan and Mystique. Cannot Tell a Lie: Laura is very well-known for her Brutal Honesty and being Innocently Insensitive.

Because she was created as a Living Weapon covert operative and assassin, she certainly has the capability to lie in order to maintain her cover on missions, but outside of this context she consistently shows an inability to do so.

Originally created for X-Men: Evolution, but found her way into the comics universe in NYX. Although willing and able to kill if she has to, Laura has increasingly leaned in this direction, resorting to lethal force only as a last resort. She also possesses a strong willingness to sacrifice herself for others, and a growing sense of idealism leaving her desperately hoping for something better to aspire to.

She rarely smiles, has never been shown truly laughing, and her sense of humor is very subdued, generally black, and trends towards the Deadpan Snarker emphasis on "deadpan". Much humor is derived at her expense as she reacts to the insanity that surrounds the X-Men with complete, stoic seriousness.

She even views a potential racquetball game with the same intensity as she would wading into combat. She shares a connection to the Enigma Forceand has even been designated the chosen heir to its power. Although Laura has had a few more traditional costumes a variation of Wolverine's Shi'ar "wild" suit, her New X-Men, X-Force, and All-New X-Men uniforms, and now the Wolverine costumeshe's spent almost as much time in civvies as she has in an actual costume: It becomes almost literal in the costume Mike Choi designed for Volume II, as he based it heavily on athletic wear after surveying women in their late-teens and earlys about what they would wear as a superhero.

Clones Are People, Too: It tends to vary depending on her self-esteem. When she first appeared she thought very little of herself, and for a time she viewed herself as expendable in part because she was a clone.

wolverine and x 23 relationship quotes

However after Character Development greatly improved her sense of self worth, she's now come to believe that clones are just as "real" as normal people. However it's quite common for people seeking to put her down to call her "clone" as an insult, and much of the torture inflicted on her by the Facility was because Rice did not differentiate her from Wolverine.

Because Laura actually had to be implanted in a womb, carried to term, and raised from birth, she's a bit more realistic than the typical comic book clone and generally averts the "Am I Real?

Hellverine was able to get under her skin by telling her that as a clone she doesn't have a soul, and Blackheart once managed to distract her by telling her he can confirm whether or not she does.

She even asked Ghost Rider to use his Penance Stare on her just to find out for sure. Laura's entire life at the Facility. Training from Hellher claws surgically removed one by one without anesthesia, punished severely even when she completes missions successfully, constant physical and emotional abuse. Target X reveals that even her conditioning to the trigger scent involved outright torture when Laura is shown being electrocuted and nearly drowned. Unlike her genetic father, WolverineX's fighting style is much more acrobatic and in many of her fight scenes she can be seen using flips and handstands to bring her foot claws into play, and because her body is much less durable since only her claws are bonded with adamantium.

Laura has shown a fondness for spicy foods in her own series after being raised in the Facility with no choice but the nutritionist's bland fare for her. Played with in that she eats things she didn't get to have; eating more familiar things would probably bring back bad memories. As noted on the trope page, a non-film example that's played with. It's initially inverted since Laura wasn't given a real name until she was thirteen years old, when Sarah names her as she's dying.

Until then she was either referred to by her Facility codename, X, or various insults particularly Rice calling her "animal" to dehumanize her. Most of her friends, loved ones and teammates just call her Laura, and occasionally they'll use "X" as a sort of nickname. She's addressed much less frequently as "X" in-universe usually by people such as Kimura who intentionally use it to dehumanize herthough it is the name she's usually marketed under.

She doesn't begin using a codename with regularity until she takes up the Wolverine mantle. In her movie debut itself, the only appearances of "X" are in her dossiers and more specifically, Laura is X, the 23rd subject of the project to create mutant clones.

The bad guys refuse to use any name with her, but her nurse calls her Laura, leading Xavier and Logan to do so as well. Was one to her cousin Megan, even though the timeline in Innocence Lost suggests Megan is actually somewhat older and now Gabby. Jubilee is one to her.

Started out as this, especially during her tenure in the New X-Men. Part of her Character Development is her transformation from this into The Cape. Laura's icy stoicism makes her off-putting to almost everyone she meets. An alternate cover for All-New Wolverine 20 shows Laura and Gabby napping on a couch while reading MacBethwhile her mother read to her from The Art of War when she was a child, and she's a polyglot who speaks at least English, French, Japanese, and Russian. Laura is also known to play chessand during the Liu series suggests she's quite good.

Laura's ability to heal makes her very tough to kill, and she may be an even more dangerous fighter than Logan. She's also a very attractive young girl with a fondness for corsets and Stripperific outfits.

Basically what the Facility turned her into. She usually dresses in dark colors, is often emotionally standoffish, and is willing to kill and torture to achieve her goals, even after joining the X-Men and attempting to turn her life around. However it's been increasingly downplayed over time, and while she's still able to kill if she has to, thanks to Character Development it's more and more her last resort. Dark and Troubled Past: Tortured, abused, trained from childhood to be a living weapon, treated as if she weren't even human by those who created her, forced to kill the only two people who showed her kindness and compassion during her training one of whom was her motherand gave up her only other family to protect them from Kimura after she finally escaped.

And this isn't even getting into her time as a Street Walker. And unlike Logan for most of his history, she remembers every moment.

As badly as X suffered in Evolution, her better-known comics version endured even worse. To the point that when she made her bow in the comics, it was as a virtually mute and catatonic child prostitute. Dark Is Not Evil: Gradually evolves into this. In particular, she reassures Jubilee that being a vampire does not automatically make her a predatory monster. Laura's Brutal Honesty often manifests as this. As her social skills have improved she's developed a distinctly dry sense of humor. Downplayed in recent years, but much more evident in her past, when she was willing to sacrifice herself for others without hesitation, and took many actions that were potentially suicidal.

She is struggling to find an identity other than "living weapon," and strongly dislikes being used in that manner. This makes the trigger scent particularly upsetting for her, because it allows someone to make her kill against her will.

Being a very strategic fighter, Laura is not above taking advantage of her Healing Factor if she can turn it to her advantage. Depending on the Artist: She's sometimes drawn with dark skin like her original design in Evolution. Although she's canonically only modestly to a bit above averagely endowed, Paco Medina and Humberto Ramos gave her a positively massive rack during New X-Men. Big as this dragon might be, he's still no match for the Wolverine.

She leaps right into the dragon's mouth, plunges down his throat, rescues Old Man Logan, and then cuts and hacks her way out. Probably not the lightest or healthiest meal that this dragon has eaten, to put it lightly. But now, while these moments so far have mostly been from the comics, the arrival of Logan has finally brought Laura to the mainstream The Moment Where the Claws First Came Out Laura is introduced early on in Logan, and initially, there's a great deal of mystery about who or what she is.

Why are these Reaver guys and this shady corporation tracking her down? It's unclear, and Logan himself doesn't want to be involved with it, but when Laura stows away in the trunk of his car, her captors track her down.

Dozens of cars filled with heavily-armed soldiers arrive at Logan and Charles's sanctuary, guns pointed, all ready to start their guns blazing at what, up until this point, seems to be nothing more than a quiet little girl. A handful of mercenaries go into the building, Laura watches them as she eats cereal Laura emerges, and she's carrying a mercenary's severed head.

There's really no way to overemphasize just how awesome this scene really is. This one moment instantly transformed Laura into a fan-favorite character amidst the general public, one who is going to be remembered for a long time to come.

Though Logan is still fresh and new, we're willing to bet that someday, years down the line, this scene will be seen as one of the most iconic in the entire X-Men franchise. But one of the most notable sequences takes place soon after Laura's killing rampage in the Mexican desert. After she, Logan, and Charles escape through the clever use of a speeding train, they make a pit stop at a convenience store.

Right after that, Laura goes into the convenience store and begins stealing snacks. This sort of action is right in line with the comic book version, who has done things like steal her high school principal's car.

Rather, it's simply that since she's grown up in a white-walled box her whole life, never even seeing the sun before she escaped, she doesn't understand the problem with simply taking things that she wants.

The founder of the X-Men has been such an important figure for so many, his actions saving countless lives, and helping countless more. To watch him die that way, full of regret, is just as painful for the audience as it is for Logan himself.

This event crushes whatever hope was left in Logan, and it shows. But he can't get any words out, other than the meager mention that there is water nearby, only reminding him further of their now-destroyed dream to take a boat called the Sunseeker out into the ocean together, leaving society behind.

Then, Laura walks over and holds his hand. Though she also suffered the same sorts of experiments he did, and at a much younger age, she shows an ability to reach out to others emotionally, much more than he was ever able to. She looks to cling onto loved ones, instead of running away from them. Laura's love for Logan is beautiful, but it's also what makes the film's final moments so devastating The Ending In the final moments of Logan, after Wolverine has saved the mutant children, his healing factor is at its all-time weakest point.