Wordgirl and tobey relationship with god

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wordgirl and tobey relationship with god

Becky is having trouble going against Tobey, so she makes up a lie, claiming Wordgirl .. doesn't really sympathize or have a kinder relationship with Wordgirl. . Oh god the horror of Eileen has returned in a worser format!. I set Tobey and Huggy down a clearing somewhere in the forest and looked curiously up at the clouds. . a fanfic dealing with WordGirl's past connection to Lexicon and I have never seen the God likes to tease me that way. WordGirl -Tobey's Tricks and Treats See, this is edutainment and by god we're going to learn something today. which instantly makes his relationship with the main character pretty creepy if you dwell too long on it.

Cue the sudden arrival of Mrs. McCallister, complete with ominous lightning flashes. Not to the extent of Two-Brains and cheese, but he is very fond of ice cream. From season two onward, the word "robot" is pronounced "robit". Tobey rather obviously has a thing for WordGirl, though she continually rebuffs his affections.

Fred Stoller A big guy with a sandwich for a head and a general obsession with sandwiches. He's mainly soft-spoken and friendly to WordGirl, but he's still a villain. He does go out of his way to make sure WordGirl doesn't get hurt, such as asking her if she's allergic to peanut butter before shooting her with it.

Apologizes a Lot Atrocious Alias: He tried to move out once, but got homesick when he realized his mother wasn't there to kiss his booboos or tuck him in. Sleeps in a bunkbed with tons of stuffed animals and has pin-ups of sandwiches on the walls. Has a few; mainly people mocking sandwiches or simply saying they don't like them, and it is shown many small things cause him to go berserk and try to crush something.

What about imbeciles, blockheads, morons, boneheads, dimwits?

wordgirl and tobey relationship with god

Are you scared that I have a wider vocabulary than you? On top of a robot's shoulder no less! You treat everyone like they're below you! I don't even know why I'm even talking with you. It was time for her to go and she didn't want to exchange bullets with Tobey anymore. If Becky was actually acting charitable today, was she telling the truth about Wordgirl not liking him simply because he blatantly displayed his intelligence?

Disbelief swam into his consciousness; the thought that he failed to date that witty girl all those years because he couldn't say please or act polite disgusted him. If that was the case—his not acting like a gentleman—then why didn't she tell him earlier? Scuffing his shoes against the dirt, he began to mutter angrily.

wordgirl and tobey relationship with god

Although he knew was lying to himself, he tried his hardest to convince himself that Miss Botsford was the villain in this case. The vigor that he had brought with him because of the prospect of making himself a car had disappeared.

He was going to show her that he was going to get the most wanted girl in the city. He was going to create a car and Becky won't be able to look him in the eyes because she would know that he was going to win the next round.

And so, he began to create. An association of men who will not quarrel with one another is a thing which has never yet existed, from the greatest confederacy of nations down to a town meeting or a vestry. It was nearly a year since he last encountered the plucky heroine for some destruction and an invitation for a date.

It took only one month for boredom to chain him down. The reason for this sudden influx of idleness and wanting to just go out? He had encountered Wordgirl as usual a year before—like I told you—and he had an army of fifty robots.

wordgirl and tobey relationship with god

Wanting to cast a lasting impression on his ability to create this army, he also held a bouquet of roses to Wordgirl. These roses, he made sure, were the exact color of the hero's cape and suit. Although flattered, the brunette gave him back the roses and offered to let him go if he disabled his robots. Heart crushed, Tobey had unleashed a slew of his creations upon the city. Unknown to Wordgirl, he had lied and had installed hundreds of his inventions underneath the city. However, he had forgotten to take into account that while he had improved into the durability of his machines, his nemesis had also become even stronger than ever before—and prettier.

When the battle was over, he placed into house arrest—he was seventeen then and was not old enough to be imprisoned. During that time, he had thought over the years of heartbreak, disappointment, and how amazing it was that his ears still remained intact after all this time.

During his just incarceration by the hands of his mother and District Attorney Botsford he was allowed to interact with a few select individuals; mom, the DA, the DA's kids, and his psychiatrist.

That last person on the list was probably for his mother's benefit, not his. It probably gave her piece of mind to see that her only son was not going to end up like some crazed murderer who was hell-bent on destruction.

It wasn't as if he wanted to kill countless innocent lives, all he wanted was a date! That problem could have been solved if she agreed to it a long time ago, but no! She had to act all stubborn and get him into this mess. His hands that were on the steering wheel that he had modified back when he was still creating his car, were now gripping it like it was his last lifeline. His knuckles that were already pale from not going out into the sunlight that often turned whiter; the bone seemed to show through.

As he concentrated on letting go of his anger, he happened to glance up from his ministrations and look out his passenger window. There was a girl, a young lady who wore a casual outfit consisting of green t-shirt, a red flowing skirt, and black flats.

The blonde sighed as he realized that Becky Botsford never changed when it came to fashion. What really caught his attention—because it wasn't the clothing—was the fact that she was crying.

Not the world-is-so-beautiful crying—which Tobey saw Violet do on many occasions—but some full out sobbing on a bench. Her tears, which spiraled down her face like attended watercolors, darkened her green shirt, causing her to look like she had thrown up on it.

Now, Tobey had two options; go away and forget what happened, or he could actually act like a gentleman for once and give her a tissue. He thought for a moment as he contemplated on his future actions. As usual, that impudent woman forced his hand into her problems when she abruptly stopped crying when she realized that he was impolitely gawking at her. Wiping her tears and all those germs that collected on her face and onto her arms, she glared at him for a few seconds before stalking away from the scene of the crime.

As per usual, Tobey mistook that for a sign of defiance, so he decided to get out of his car and follow her. What was unexpected was that she began to run away from him, faster to be concerned with whether or not she was going to bump into something. Usually, she wasn't a physical person when it came to confrontations; she would have stopped and talked with him—insulted more like it—in order to make him go away. The tears and anger that was evident in her eyes was more than enough information to let Tobey know that he was treading on eggshells—a territory that he rather not face.

Summoning the strength to remain patient with his newfound trial, he followed after the hysteric girl. Twists and turns later—how the heck did he keep up with her? Guessing that he was probably red in the face from chasing after her, he allowed himself a slight reprieve from their crazed antics. Leaning over and clasping his hands over his knees he breathed in and out in order to relieve himself of the carbon buildup within himself and allowing oxygen back in. Nevertheless, despite the invitation, Tobey declined.

Aren't you supposed to be at home? He hated showing weakness in front of other people, especially in front of his enemies. For once, as Tobey glanced over in surprise, she seemed happy for him.

WordGirl - Tobey Or Not Tobey

A hint of pride at his accomplishment at becoming a model citizen shined through. Oddly, he felt a sense of warmth overcome him when her deep chocolate eyes met his. Well then, it was time to satiate his hunger for knowledge by reverting to drastic measures; reverse psychology. Seeing that one of Becky's flaws was that she prided herself on not burdening grief to her friends, Tobey struck her vulnerable side.

I-it's just that…" she faltered as she caught Tobey's cobalt eyes with her own. If Tobey were renowned for his rudeness, he would slap himself on the face and laughed at her VERY obvious lie.

wordgirl and tobey relationship with god

With a sigh that showed he was really annoyed by her ability to act like a child when he was for once trying to be a good guy.

The irony of the situation called to him, so he decided to do something that would astound him forever; he invited her to ride with him in his car.

wordgirl and tobey relationship with god

Isn't that a little low, even for you? Granted, it wasn't really much a of a looker, seeing that it did come from a junkyard, but it made Tobey proud that he owned such a convenience. While most hormonal teenage boys would swoon over installed speakers and what kind of engine the hood housed, the blonde had the advantage of installing some useful items.

A Symbol of Hope Chapter 3: Blur the Lines, a wordgirl fanfic | FanFiction

He handcrafted items such as rockets that could be activated by a button, jetpacks for an even quicker getaway, and an ice cream maker. The last item on the list was not exactly villainous, per se, but its not like anyone knew that he made it. As the two adversaries sat in the small space of the car, they sat in relatively uncomfortable silence when the car roared to life and carried them away from the park.

From experience, Tobey knew that Becky's pride was going to hold out for an immeasurable amount of time. He knew that it would much be better to make her a little more contented before going in for the juicy details of her situation.

A bewildered expression, bordering on murderous, graced her features as she stared at Tobey dead in the eye. What do you take me for? Part 2" both when the handy-man had a dictionary and when it turns out Mr. Big already got his casserole dish back. Big's Mini-Golf" when Mr. Big finds out that Guy Rich wasn't really a villain.

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How many emergency plans does she have? It quickly becomes clear that he knows pretty much nothing about "real" panthers, such as the fact that they're nocturnal. Possibly even Bootsy The Cat in "Mousezilla". Cut Lex Luthor a Check: Two-Brains' henchmen ask him why he doesn't just use the gold he steals to buy things, instead of turning it into potato salad and then into cheese. Two-Brains instantly rejects this idea because it doesn't fit his cheese theme. The Butcher could've been rich if he just sold the meat at an affordable price.

Chuck tries to make a legit life but only to return a life of crime over a small slight. Subverted in "Don't Mess with the Best. Two-Brains tells Victoria Best that if she 'really' wants to get rid of WordGirl and prove she's the best villain, she should push that red button on the back of his cheese ray.

Turns out it just sprays Victoria in the face with gunk, causing her to drop it, and allowing Dr.