Zelda and scott fitzgerald relationship problems

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zelda and scott fitzgerald relationship problems

With a much-heralded film of F Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby by alcoholism, jealousy and mental health problems – has been pored over by critics. some romantic redemption in Scott and Zelda's relationship as they. F Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda were the face of the Jazz Age. Our reporter looks at the story of their tumultuous marriage, and the infidelity, . (showers), child (detach), schedule (disorient to cause trouble), no typing. Zelda Fitzgerald was a writer, dancer, and Jazz Age celebrity who Zelda's marriage to F. Scott Fitzgerald was reportedly a toxic one, complete.

It has sold more than 25 million copies all over the world and each year sells more thanBut what does that have to do with great moments in medicine?

zelda and scott fitzgerald relationship problems

A badly recovering alcoholic, Fitzgerald drank and smoked himself into a terminal spiral of cardiomyopathy, coronary artery disease, angina, dyspnea, and syncopal spells. Bear with me as I provide a bit of context. On December 21,Scott Fitzgerald dropped dead after eating a chocolate bar and reading the Princeton Alumni Weekly magazine.

Soon after, he fell to the carpet with a thud. He was only The evening before he died, Scott went to the movies.

zelda and scott fitzgerald relationship problems

Before the closing credits, however, he felt crushing chest pain and needed help in getting out of the theater and home to bed. Zelda Sayre and F. Scott Fitzgerald in the Sayre home in Montgomery, Alabama, in The following year they would marry. Fitzgerald was already drinking to excess by the time he matriculated into Princeton in His problem only grew worse with each passing year. Throughout his life, Scott made a drunken fool out of himself at parties and public venues, spewing insults, throwing punches, and hurling ashtrays—behaviors followed by blackouts and memory loss.

Predictably, his excessive drinking sapped his health and creative energy. As he told his editor, Max Perkins, in It has become increasingly plain to me that the very excellent organization of a long book or the finest perceptions and judgment in time of revision do not go well with liquor.

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A short story can be written on a bottle, but for a novel you need the mental speed that enables you to keep the whole pattern in your head and ruthlessly sacrifice the sideshows. Between andScott was hospitalized for alcoholism 8 times and thrown in jail on many more occasions.

zelda and scott fitzgerald relationship problems

In February, March, and AprilScott confessed the details about his breakdown on the high-profile pages of Esquire magazine. He titled them The Crack-Up.

zelda and scott fitzgerald relationship problems

Chain smoking and stuffing himself with fudge, chocolate bars, and sugary soda pop, an alcohol-starved Scott simply could not master the art of screenwriting by committee.

His gorgeous prose just did not translate all that well to the staccato rhythm of the silver screen. He rebelled against the system by getting drunk.

zelda and scott fitzgerald relationship problems

Too many times, he did what chronic alcoholics often do: With a much-heralded film of F Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby due to be released this summer, four new fictional works explore the times of the intense and talented woman who influenced his work so much. Already out is Therese Anne Fowler's Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald, an imagined first-person account that follows Zelda from her first meeting, aged 17, with her future husband in Montgomery, Alabama, until his death in Zelda herself would perish eight years later in a hospital fire, locked in a room while awaiting electrotherapy.

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A fourth novel is also due in the autumn. The history of a dark and complex marriage — marred by alcoholism, jealousy and mental health problems — has been pored over by critics. Four years his junior, Zelda was a symbol of the jazz age who would spend long periods of her life in hospital for mental illness. The bitterness at the heart of the relationship was described by Zelda's biographer, Sally Cline, a decade ago.

'Call me Zelda': writers take on troubled life of F Scott Fitzgerald's muse

Her melodramatic life was in real terms the stuff of fiction. Cline points to an exchange between Scott and Zelda inwhile Zelda was being treated in hospital for mental illness, recorded by her doctor. The author apparently attempted to prevent his wife from writing about their marriage and her mental illness — subjects he was dealing with himself in his own novel, Tender is the Night.

He describes her writing efforts as "third rate", while she accuses him of relying on her "crumbs" for material for his writing.