Shop Aver HVC HD Multipoint Video Conferencing System. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. The AVer HVC high definition conferencing system is designed to be installed either in a small to medium sized conference room or as part of a Roll- about. AVer Information Inc. All rights reserved. trademark owned by AVer Information Inc. Other trademarks used herein for description AVer HVC

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HVC provides organizations with a high performance, low cost 4-site MCU vaer conferencing system that’s perfect for any budget. The speed of each site connection is dependent on the number of sites in the MCU conference and the connection bandwidth.

When not in a call the system may be set to auto power off after a user-definable period of 30 minutes, 1,2,3,4 hours or never. The desk microphones, infrared remote control and external power supply completed the basic package. Supports single and dual monitor display Multiple layout styles User-friendly OSD supports 21 languages: Main Menu Hc330 in a Call. Aver microphone up to four microphones in a daisy-chainauxiliary microphone, 3.

Vásárlás: AVer HVC Internet telefon árak összehasonlítása, HVC boltok

Remote system access Access the camera and codec from a remote site using WebTool, AVer’s web-based management platform. Lip synchronisation using the system microphones was consistently very poor in calls between AVer HVC systems with video delays of around one second. This effect was not evident on the H.

Optimum results were obtained by manually aveer the exposure and white balance to match the room lighting. Full layout control is available when playing back from either source. To establish a connection each new location will need the local network information re-entered into the configuration menu.

If the main camera is selected on the main channel and the VGA input is selected on the H. The Statistics menu displays call status data including uvc330, connection speed Call Qualitycompression protocols, gvc330 loss and frame rate for the main video and H. Skip jvc330 main content. When a grey scale test signal was transmitted on the main video channel, locally it appeared correct, however, at the remote end the white and first grey scale step merged into one, illustrated below.

As background noise increased the conference audio progressively degraded until it disappeared altogether. For wireless connections however the PC must be on the same network domain as the VC system.


When the layout button is used to display multiple images, such as Picture Outside Picture POPimages are displayed with a 4×3 aspect ratio, this causes an inconsistency between the image viewed locally and that transmitted to the far end this can cause cropping of the images and is explained in more detail in System Operation.

Dedicated user buttons include: This “All-in-One” solution comes with everything you need to start video conferencing right out of the box, so there are no costly upgrades or installation fees.

Hence if music was played via the system frequencies above 6.

The AVer HVC high definition conferencing system is designed to be installed either in a small to medium sized conference room or as part of a Roll-about unit. By implementing the HVC in the classroom as a distance learning tool, teachers can break free of the physical boundaries of the traditional classroom.

Instant access to value-added features and services. With single monitor and dual monitor displays a 4×3 image of the local camera is displayed in multi-image layout mode with additional image areas at the top and bottom of the image as seen on the right, whereas the image on the left shows the actual 16×9 hv330 image. The quality of the conference is dependent upon the capability of the remote CODEC and the connection speed.

Limited configuration is available via WebTool, a web browser with password protection, including: Low levels of background noise within the conference room significantly affected the audio quality received from the CODEC to such an extent that the conference audio became completely unintelligible.

This effect was also experienced when the system was uvc330 in a call, suggesting a problem in encoding the audio.

The call connection bandwidth determines the upper image resolution. View active tab What links here. Alloy’s website requires JavaScript to be enabled.

AverComm HVC | Jisc community

Standard audio frequency response tests were unable to be completed due to the system performance. Thus the main camera video and a second vision source may be transmitted simultaneously and displayed on two monitors at the remote site. This time all the steps in the grey scale were reproduced accurately. A four site onboard Multipoint Conference Unit MCU is included together with a memory stick interface to facilitate conference hv330. The HDMI interface also carries the main audio output signal.


Snapshots from Android phones and live video from iPhone and iPad devices can then be shared. Remote site signal measures: Ten camera pre-set positions may be recalled from the remote control. Seamless integration Hook up your HVC fast and simply to existing audio-visual equipment and universal controllers through the RS port, incorporating HD quality video conferencing into auditoriums, lecture halls and large conference rooms with ease.

Images transmitted on the main channel and displayed using either the HDMI or VGA outputs appeared to be over exposed and highly saturated in colour. Both auto white balance and auto exposure could be inaccurate depending on image content.

Without a rack mounting option the CODEC unit may be conveniently mounted on a shelf in an under-monitor cabinet. This product has been discontinued by Alloy. It is therefore received as a reduced height image. The HVC’s free software add-ons and 5M snapshot features help teachers to enhance the quality and depth of their lessons, not to mention afer ease with which teachers can connect an AVerVision visualizer document camera hv330 show live, detailed images of anything from a book to a bug.

Enter the number of the additional site into the call menu or select the site from the Directory or the Call History list. Meeting recording function – Store meeting recordings on a USB drive – Supports playback layout function as in live meetings Mobile Device Connectivity -Live video and snapshot images transmitted from mobile devices.

WebTool also enables remote monitoring of conferences by providing low frame rate web snapshots of the main monitor images. A PC may be interfaced jvc330 to the system hbc330 the VGA connector, the following resolutions are supported for local monitoring:. Even low level noise from a keyboard being aer was enough to significantly impact on the audio quality received in that room resulting in very poor doubletalk and intelligibility.

AVer HVC330

The on-board MCU offers up to four-site H. The system takes approximately 90 seconds to boot up from cold and on restart qver defaults to single monitor mode. Insert increasing amplitude 1 KHz tone at local site, monitor for overload distortion at remote site.